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  1. First of all...welcome to SOL. You did kinda maybe start off on the wrong foot! Part of the issue is that it's too big a question. Any of the states you asked about can provide opportunity but you are going to need more info than that. And that's your first post or're probably not going to get a lot of love. Most guys will participate in discussion for a period of time. That being're going to have to just make a choice and do some homework. Fishing had been challenging from the shore almost everywhere so theres no magic location. You may get guys that PM (private message) you with some help but you need more posts to enable PM. Suggestions Look at Google earth. Use it to fi d likely spots and where you might be able to park and walk to spots. Form a game plan. Somwtimes spots are better than thry appear on GE....sometimes not as good. You usually can't see No Tresspassing signs on GE but if street view extends to the area....using that to look around can be very useful. Call tackle shops in area and ask fkr advice. Hit or miss. You'll have better luck with tackle shops once you're there and spending some money.
  2. Hahaha. My biggest LM a few nights ago was twice that!
  3. That's only the beginning.... Actually despite being manmade...its quite beautiful in its own way. Im sure there are cool fishermen there but the crowds of googans...fluorescent rods...complete googs catching and keeping 40s and 50s. Its sick. Wish i could put up underwater signs in striperese that say "Don't go in there! You'll be killed!"
  4. Me too. The rear flush mounts are just out-of-the-way rod storage for me. Rails are the way to go. So much flexibity...being able to change stuff around...add or subtract gear. Also easy to remove protruding gear when loading and off-loading during transport. The ********** series of products are much more impressive to me than Scotty. Id avoid hard-mounting gear except for maybe one forward-mount rod holder. But again...on the rails...its so easy to adjust placement...shift sides...etc.
  5. Haha. You could put a little camp stove under there and make steamers or fishermans soup on the fly!
  6. It's worth it if fishing is really good....especially if you're young. If fish are not around...its not fun or good.
  7. Obvious statement but from what ive the general MA and RI area...that is one place you do NOT have the usual trust and comraderie between fishermen. Seems like an early-release program for Walpole State Prison. No offense.
  8. Covered on homeowner's or renters insurance...but as usual...deductible applies. You probably have a $1000 deductible and so you'd get best....$500. And a "mark on your record" so that next time your rates go up. If it's $20,000 of gear...definitely! Ive even seen cases where the merchandise was later recovered and insurance company said easiest to just keep the payment AND keep the newly returned merchandise.
  9. Oh sorry. Jann's NETCRAFT hook sizing chart.
  10. Jon PM me your address. I figured this put a few years ago....adjusted tje size of the pdf.and printed to 1:1 close as i could. Ill send you a paper copy you can stick on the wall. Its Jann's Hook Sizing Chart. You can find it online. You calculate if theres a percentage difference from actual hooks you lay on the print...and adjust the copy machine for that percentage. Definitely gets you in the ballpark.
  11. Yup. I know that now. Went thru a rather large discussion here back when iit happened. There are situations like wetsuiting where this is going to happen and a properly serviced VS will do it.
  12. I'm sensing some sarcasm
  13. Why you! I oughta...!!