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  1. Why do you recommend the Prowler over the Tridents?
  2. I dont have any experience with it.
  3. Alright...since the thread is revived, let me pose some questions. Im looking at used kayaks. Does anyone have experience with Tridents being stored in a hot uninsulated garage? Im really getting concerned that the hull will soften and deform. Is there a preferred method of storing which eliminates this? Such as a wall rack with supports every 3 feet or so. It seems that generally speaking, the Trident (in this case, U4.3) has superior performance in surf and inshore conditions out front while the C14 performs better in salt marshes and rivers and lakes. Will the C14 do fine out front in 3-4' seas? I will likely be doing at least half of kayaking on ponds and lakes just because I don't live near ocean. But performance on saltwater is very important. Lastly, is the C12 going to be significantly less capable out front than the C14? Thanks
  4. I know this is an old post, bit its still applicable if considering used kayaks. Its a really nice review covering several boats and i really appreciated reading it. Thanks.
  5. Good one! How true. I would be far beyond rip**** if a pension was pulled or cut retroactively. A lot of those state jobs suck...and people put up.with it because they have that pension in a very unsecure world. Imagine working a jib like that and having a pension taken away? I cant imagine how pissed I'd be. We have plenty of money for increasing military and Pentagon spending...plenty of money for wars that never ever we "don't have enough money" to take care of fire and police and state and teacher pensions? Or health insurance? Now Ryan and the republicans , after increasing the national debt by trillions, want to take away social security as a means to rein in the debt. Steal from thr poor....give to the rich. Make america great.
  6. Or just get a sci anglers system two and a spare spool uaed for wicked cheap...but a couple of nice lines and a fly tying vise and kit. Research the Made in USA Colton stuff in their website (factory direct sales) and buy a primo reel next winter when he has the super sale. As Mike O said, the value is fantastic from what I have seen (I have not used them.myself however) (value being where you maximize performance and quality for a given dollar value.) Just my opinions.. I'm no expert.
  7. Wetzel couldn't catch a cold. Kidding Guy is a legend.
  8. Probably the Montauk
  9. If you can do a have more options. Check out kayaking tops... typically very well built, and less expensive than surf tops... although that's a pretty general statement. NRS, Stohlquist and Level Six are really good brands. You can get true dry tops and well as semi-dry tops ( spray tops) I believe there is a place for a good dry top or semi-dry top in the summer. First of all, there are plenty of times when getting wet and having water sneak down into your waders just plain sucks. Yeah, if you're out in a sky blue sunny day and temps are 70s or 80s...fine...getting wet is OK. Drizzle or rain all day, rain at night, surf spray and splashes at night when temps can get lower....then the wind picks up and since you're wet, and probably wearing cotton top and blue can get very uncomfortable. As rescue people is not difficult to get hypothermia in summer under the right (or wrong) conditions. Plus there's just the factor of staying nice and dry for four hours before you walk fifteen minutes back to the truck at 4 AM. You probably do not need neck gasket in summer. I'll return to the suggestion of the StormR Aero. It does not have neck gasket as it zips up or true wrist gaskets.... there's a band of latex inside the cuff...not tight like a normal gasket, just the inside of the cuff having latex sewed to it. Then on the outside of the sleeve, there's a velcro band to tighten down as much as you want. Its really a comfortable raincoat on steroids. Pretty breathable and waterproof. Lot of guys like the Guy Cotten surf tops... there's a slightly less waterproof one (the 800?) And the more robust one, the 1200. Plus their lightweight Montauk top which does not have a hood. After decades of having poor quality raincoats or windbreakers that leave you soaked when fishing (whether from rain, spray or internal sweating)...I really appreciate being able to spend the additional funds and getting high quality gear that is appropriate for the conditions.
  10. The zipup is going to put a crimp in your options. Most waterproof tops are pullovers. If you want a good all-around waterproof rain top, zipper, with hood, breathable, wrist gaskets but no neck gasket, check out StormR Aero. Their Surf Top is too warm for summer except for maybe cool nights.
  11. What i did is buy stainless steel screw-eyes for plug-making. (They way they used to attach hooks to plugs before thru-wiring was the norm). M&D Bait and division of Cape Cod Tackle in Wareham MA sells these very inexpensively in their "plug building supplies" department. The good part is that because the shanks are screw-threaded, the rings "hold onto" fibers a whole lot better than straight smooth shanks or plain wire. They have two sizes.
  12. Thanks Tom! The tails are great and thank you for the extras! Very kind. Seems like shipping was very high given the light weight... I'm sorry you took that hit but i certainly appreciate both your product and the speedy delivery. Are you preparing these yourself? PS...I just realized that I shorted you! I thought it was $40 when I sent PP! Additional PP coming. Sorry.
  13. Bring a tsunami rod in a tube and instead of paying another $50 to bring it home, give it to some deserving kid.
  14. I'll just throw in a comment. I picked up a couple of these from Marc. Not only pretty but they cast tremendously.
  15. I made one, custom fit for my rods, out of 3/8 AC ply. Two latches, luggage great. Just check airline regs on dimensional limitations. Length plus width plus height = X