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  1. Last month this happened....they had zero information anywhere in the store to indicate the 25% sale...but if you ask for it at the counter, you get it.
  2. .+1 If you are walking a lot or working you can get pretty steamed up from the inside.
  3. If it's sporty out front and I'm alone...i wear one. Usually. Sometimes....
  4. If so, that's PFD.
  5. Sweet deal
  6. Rely on Mr. Witek for the cogent analysis. Thanks for that. As usual, all the juice is in the gray area...not the black or white extremes. Comms are a lot easier to gather data on and manage. They tend to follow rules because their livelihoods depend on it. Recs, both on boat and from shore, are a lot harder to gather accurate data on and manage.
  7. Greedy is human nature. Preservation (catch and release) is not. Anyone spend time at the CC Canal this summer? Enough to make me sick. Like most people were back in 1950 never having heard the terms "preservation", "conservation" or "catch and release". The easy way out of this is what happened in the 80s. The moratorium really resulted by a change in allowable PCB content, which prevented the meat from being sold due to health concerns. So you stop ALL sale and people think..."hmm, that fish has a lot of PCBs...maybe I wont' buy it for dinner (or maybe I won't bring home 89 fish this summer). Kill the supply AND kill the demand. If you just kill the supply and the demand stays there....then the market just goes black. What's always been hard to understand is why legislators cannot be persuaded to protect the species purely from economic perspective. OK, look at the commercial guys. What's the bottom line / net sales annually (sorry- couldn't resist)? What's the bottom line on striper-oriented boats, motors, fuel, equipment, ice, bait, rods, reels, lures, restaurants, bars, hotels. And then multiply by .07 = state revenue (well- rooms and meals would be in addition to that) I have no idea what that number is for RI or MA...but somebody should know! And one thing I know is it would shock the heck out of most legislators. It would be a very, very large number. And, when stripers are gone again, how many guys will still take a week of vacation to fish or buy an $80,000 boat....or buy another $1000 rod and reel for surfcasting?
  8. Drill bigger holes in the bottoms of they drain better. Stop worrying about stains...rinse your stuff after every trip and it wont rust in the first place. And don't spray wd40 on any of your gear. Its a very unnatural smell and sure ain't gonna help attract fish.
  9. +1 Wuhsthof. There are several grades/constructions and sizes. I'm not familiar with all of them. the 10" chef knife is a good general purpose size. Wood/ebony handles are nice but I avoid putting them in dishwasher and wash them by hand. Spend whatever you need to spend. It's not worth trying to save ten or twenty bucks. You'll have it for the rest of your life.
  10. Kayak dry tops and semi dry tops. 40% off everything plus the bonus of Canadian dollar conversion.
  11. 5% off drag knobs
  12. Business as usual for KTP
  13. I think that may have been a fluke. Especially in the early spring and the fall, it is wicked sleepy around there...seems really safe. It's unfortunate you had that experience though for sure.
  14. I got the blues.
  15. Anything under them?