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  1. Bean has some fingerless "windstopper" fishing gloves on sale for $20
  2. Plugs: The bucktail is'll need about two or three hundred more. Plan on losing that one on the first cast. LOL. 3/4 , 1, 1 1/2 oz are your friends unless you are in the breachways...then you gen get where the current gets strong enough for 2, 3, 4, 5 ounces. The rest of that stuff...meh. Don't frustrate yourself. The antique Creek Chub popper will be fine in the spring on the backside, bays, salt ponds, rivers. Just because I'm such a know-it-all, I'll tell you a few things I wish someone told me... Get a hook file...I like the diamond-dust ones. Cheap. Learn how to sharpen hooks...needle sharp...and keep them sharp. Banging off the rocks for a couple hours will definitely mean touching up the point. Stripers have hard jaws...especially larger...and you'll need that penetration ability with a reasonable hook-set. Consider crushing barbs...especially on trebles. Easier on the fish...easier on your hand when you end up sinking a hook into it at 2 AM. Plugs you will want for RI: Daiwa Salt Pro (SM): Chicken scratch, blurple and bone. Replace the hooks and split rings. Hooks: VHS #9626 Perma Steel, 1/0. Split rings: Rosco 5.5H or so ) See other threads/search about rigging these "canal style"; easier and better for many reasons. YoZuri Mag Darter Sluggos or Hogies....several ways to rig these....Good way is weighted (like 3/8" ounce" ) Owner Beast hooks...rigged Texas style/weedless. Can be very effective and allow you to fish lower in the water column in very rocky zones without hanging up. Can also fish these weightless with simple hook. A few tins like Hopkins, Kastmaster, Charlie Graves (nice!) and Point Jude (nice) Maybe a coupel of super Strike stubby yellow eye (light) maybe bone, one red eye (heavy) in parrot (high visibility in rough clouded water). Cast a mile. Effective. A couple of poppers for the daytime/dawn. For out front, 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 ounce range depending on conditions and the rod you have. The RM Smith BDP (bathroom door popper) is a nice custom plug...the old classic Atom Striper Swiper in blue/white, Tsunami Talking popper in bone, Super Strike Little Neck Popper. Roberts Ranger, single hook, for bluefish. Really that will take care of you 90% of the time. Learn to tie good leaders in varying sizes/pound tests for various here for the topic. Make a few more posts so that you can get the ability to PM (Private Mail) Guys can send yoe info without telling the whole world. the way...there are no fish in RI. Just thought that fact should be stated.
  3. Welcome. After the joke...feel free to ask the guys on the RI Regional Forum where all the best spots are and where is the best parking! You'll get a few laughs from that too.
  4. Just got magic swimmer for the first time...saw the keeper screw. My guess is that a Gulp grub would be pretty good...add that scent,
  5. There's a long list of things that are more than distasteful about CCC...and one is the miniscule number of people there who understand conservation and practice C&R. Slaughter as many as you can....go home...throw the fridge fkr two weeks...then throw them in the garbage when they stink. Maybe im being unfair...just what ive observed in my limited time there.
  6. WHO is very good. They run a good business, but also take the time to be personable. Its also a tiny place packed to the gills which I like better than big spaces.Good bait too.
  8. And we're getting more stupider. There are fewer and fewer parents that actually can teach there kids useful things. Im not just talking about hunting and fishing... that's true.. but other stuff. What kid now knows anything like: #What's the difference between a two stroke and a four stroke engine and why is the fuel different? #whats the difference between voktage, wattage and amperage? #what is Romex....whats 12/3 mean? What's equipment ground? Here's a good one....ask a kid, or any adult, which way is north. And now, which way ia east and west? #what are the three basic elements that all plants need....found in fertilizer and in nature....? #Whats a nor easter? #Make a bowline, a half hitch and a tautline hitch #How do you sharpen an axe? #How many time zones are in the US? #Point to Europe on a map. Very few people know anything anymore. And thry dont teach kids anything. And the kids go to college not even knowing which way is north, can't fry an egg and cant point to the battery in a car. Its pathetic. So its surprising that they dont understand night vision? They hardly know when night is going to occur.
  9. You know what? Get one of those strong laser pointer things and shoot them with it...maybe they will take the hint...
  10. Do a search here....there are a LOT of threads with all the information and possiblities you could imagine.
  11. +1 Be super respectful. No noise, no changing waders and boots and underwear in the parking lot, no trash, etc. In moneyed areas like this, the natives usually have very little tolerance for fishermen, ( or anyone working-class for that matter) and any negative stuff can result in effectively being prevented from accessing the water. They control the town, and pay the police, so... Overall were lucky in RI compared to other states regarding pretty good access to good water. But there are a lot if people in towns like this who do not like that...and are looking for excuses to keep us away. Places where you were just another regular you're walking in waders past Muffy and Biff getting out of their Land Rover and the VanderWeezens with the white tennis sweaters over the shoulder and the lime green pants. Never a good sign. Sorry for the rant.
  12. First, I appreciate RWalter7's reply. That is some very good practical advice. Gully, I felt exactly as you did before moving to my current place ten years ago. In the thirty years ir so of mowing lawns at places before....i put gas in the mower and mowed the lawn.. that's it...i didn't care about perfection...the grass was green and that was good enough. At this place, the soil is crap sand. The contractor left maybe am inch of topsoil on top of the native crap sand. I tried just mowing...and every year thr lawn got worse and worse. Finally, jts all weeds and ants and grubs. Mowing was a miserable experience. So i had to do something. The yard looked like a crack house. It was awful. I tore out half the crap weeds and grass in the front yard and started a nice big perennial garden. I got plants on sale and bit by bit built up that perennial garden over the last five years. And...i started rebuilding sections of the lawn. It was hard work amd i could only do it in like twenty foot sections. Now lawn is well-established and i hope it will all be easier. Going to try and build up the soil with compost bit by bit every year...but in the meantime, with the crap soil i have, im going to have to fertilize. And im pulling weeds by hand to keep thrm at bay. Yeah...lots of time on my hands and knees. Especially the darned white clover. As the lawn gets stronger, the weeds should be less of a problem. I live near a major lake and im really against use of chemicals because the stuff dies end up in the lake and soil. I think you need to do what you need to do but hopefully plan on not using chemicals long term. I know that corn gluten is supposed to be a natural weed reducer, over the course of several years, bit ive read research that has determined that it has little effect.
  13. And please reel it underwater for a few minutes and see how much water got in and if it hits the IAR. Sorta kidding....
  14. I agree. I got the Spheros 8000 for a 10' rod and it was definitely too big and heavy. The 6000 may be a tad light but you could use it on a 7 or 9 foot back bay rod as well. I dunked and reeled it a little bit underwater and thr anti reverse started skipping. It can probably take the dunk fine but not the reeling.
  15. That's the thing... I don't want to take off my boots.... either going into store or to/from a spot