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  1. The intrinsic value of a fishing rod is virtually zero for St Croix. Their large scale allows for this. Whereas Blackhole's small scale does not allow for this. That's why St. Croix can "give" rods to existing customers with broken rods for $100. And BH cannot. That $100 is nearly all profit for St. Croix.. They love it when you break rods and use their Gold Star Plan. Customers think they are getting a fair deal and they are laughing all the way to the bank. Their expenses lie in Marketing, R&D, real estate, taxes, legal and payroll (not the rods themselves). They likely have already accounted for these expenses when you bought the rod initially for $400. Scale matters.
  2. You are utterly clueless dude, you are reading way to much into a straightforward question and being a jackass. You sound like you are 12 years old. Lots of guys hire a captain or mate to take them fishing on their own boat. He is not chartering a boat, he is hiring a captain. Part of the job of a captain is to go and catch fish on the "good grounds" (whatever the hell that is). He has clearly stated that he is an inexperienced boater and wants to bring his 9 year old fishing. It is perfectly reasonable and responsible to hire somebody with experience to show him the ropes - not to mention probably fun for the 9 year old. Since when are every set of numbers this state secret? If the captain shows a guy a few spots, so what. BTW, what kind of boat does your dad have?
  3. You say tomato, I say tomato. There is essential no difference in the two. The word warranty is being use to cover a lot of area that its legal definition does not cover. Lets face it, St Croix's manufacturing error rate is virtually zero. Thus making the true warranty on manufacturer's defects worth little. For every 10,000 rods they build, one might have a warranty defect...maybe. And for every 10,000 rods that are broken, one might be because of a manufacturing defect...maybe. They are building a fishing rod not the space shuttle.
  4. Perhaps warranty is the wrong word. But it's definitely why. And a big reason St Croix sells so may rods. It's nice knowing if you spend crazy money on a rod, it does not have to be babied and if the car door scenario happens you are not 100% buried. I have broken a bunch St Croix rods over the years (my nephew broke three of mine at once - ceiling fan) - never once was there a defect all user error lol. They also have an upgrade program so the "break the rod over your knee" issue is moot My guess is given the scale of their business, their major costs are in tooling and marketing - the cost of the actual rod is minimal - the rod is basically just a commoditized piece of cheap plastic. If the build a thousand or 10 thousand rods the cost of the actual rod to them is nearly the same. Must be good business in not having to fight every warranty claim and the customer loyalty it engenders.
  5. Agreed on the cuddy. Although they are easier to sell to the wife in many cases. I fish a friend's Parker cuddy sometimes . The 21 degree deadrise and all the weight of the cuddy will pound your teeth out. night and day to my Contender. For a 25 foot boat simple is better.
  6. St. Croix does - it's in black and white on their website. Stick your rod in a ceiling fan, Pay ~$100 and they send you a new rod. Slam it in you car door, Pay ~$100 and the send you a new rod. Break a rod over your knee, pay $100 and they send you a new rod no questions asked. It could not be any more clear on their website. A quote directly from St Croix's website: "Accidents happen. If your rod has been damaged, St. Croix’s Gold Star Service Plan provides quick repair or replacement without subjecting owners to a lengthy warranty claim process" Get off this guys back already with this high and mighty BS
  7. I f'ing hate golf.
  8. Clueless.
  9. I’d skip both of those - Grady’s and whalers. Both are overpriced and average quality. Drive out to Montauk - have a look around and see how few Grady’s and BW there are there. Ask yourself why. Are you getting and center console? If consider going the Contender/ Regulator route (again have a look around Montauk many there are) As important as what boat you buy, is who will service the Motors. Whitewater is close to you and they service Yamaha (with an average reputation) I don’t know who does mercury or Suzuki but it would be important to figure out before buying.
  10. Interesting.... gotta try that. Double surgeons is easier and faster to tie too.
  11. I think he was referring to St. Croix warranty program. Their warranty policy is written broadly enough to cover "accidents". It's not 100% coverage. From St Croix's website. "Accidents happen. If your rod has been damaged, St. Croix’s Gold Star Service Plan provides quick repair or replacement without subjecting owners to a lengthy warranty claim process."
  12. Lighter leader = improved clinch. Heavier leader (40lb +) leader = Palomar
  13. yeah makes sense...gotta go heavier, I think Skinner uses 30lb
  14. Improved clinch (palomar would be fine too) loop
  15. 7110 7-10lbs of drag bottom fishing with a 20lb leader? You are asking for trouble. I set my drag for fluke this way - bounce your sinker/ bucktail hard off the bottom hard - I want the drag just tight enough so that no line is pulled off the reel when I do a hard bounce and that's it. If I had to guess, I would be 2 or 3 pounds. 7lbs is nuts.