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  1. “Ms. Lanzetta’s hope is to start the farm with either striped bass or steelhead trout, explaining that the temperature profile near the preferred site would lend itself well to the rearing of those species.” just read the 27 East article - stealhead trout? Huh wha? Wouldn’t that be introducing a non native species? What could possibly go wrong? What are they planning on feeding these fish? There nothing i can can think of that is good about this venture.
  2. I hope that that whole project sinks to the bottom. The brain trust that is out local commercial fishing community are wetting their panties over the proposed wind farm but gave little pushback on this pending disaster. If these clowns can actually get this “farm” up and running say hello to $0.50/ pound for striped bass. Could also destroy the wild striped bass population, no big deal.
  3. no clue, but you continue to sound like a complete douche .
  4. Thanks Dr. Phil lol
  5. I'm not the only one, but since you want to belabor this point please enlighten me.
  6. Gotta love when an unattributed remark by some random kid is used to paint an entire generation. Humans - teenagers included - have been mad for social exposure and desperate for attention since the dawn of time (a fine example would be the current 71 year old President of the United States). 15 Year old males have been saying stupid things who people who know better since cavemen started throwing rocks at fish. He does seem a bit jealous.
  7. killing me - I hate the office - great report! what was your leader on the early morning bluefish? - sometimes they get reel leader shy
  8. I dunno man - I don't think really much has changed - Jerry Mckinnis, Roland Martin, Jose Wejebe - the guys I grew up on, probably you did too, all kept fish out of water for too long , burned spots and whored for sponsors (Roland Martin defined that genre lol). Those guys fished for ratings, the new generation fishes for likes - virtually the same thing in my book. Hemingway fished for glory too. That dude makes a Youtube vids for 15 year olds and if these kids that are growing up in a very f'd up generation get excited about fishing and not watching the garbage other 15 year olds watch, i'm ok with that. A spot gets burned? so what, you know plenty of spots and have caught plenty of fish. He doesn't measure up to your standard of what makes a quality fisherman - who cares. 60% of the internet is porn (I just made up that statistic) so guys now have ability to get very specific about their taste in porn (or near porn). If you get worked up ogling some aging florida skank holding a half dead fish - google Darcizzle don't forget the tissues. Sex sells.
  9. If this is the concern, I would much rather have a Personal Locator Beacon. Handhold VHF's are notoriously short range and prone to battery issues (not to mention likely buried in your junk and hard to retrieve if you flip over in your kayak) If you have a PLB, a call for help that will be received is virtually guaranteed. Many of the serious kayakers I know don't go anywhere without a PLB in their pocket. if it were me, I would rather have a cellphone in a waterproof bag and PLB than a VHF.
  10. Ok you seem pretty agitated at this guy, clearly there is another issue involved. Experienced guys can easily spot these things when others can't. Anyway, all good happy fishing.
  11. Somebody got their Wheaties pissed in this morning? Id be plenty happy to be considered “clueless” and a “googan” by randoms on the internet while making a very comfortable living making fishing videos. I dont know what you do for a living but what he does sounds like a lot more fun than my job.
  12. I've always found their service to be good (or generous) but S L O W........
  13. Don't listen to anybody telling you not to start in 4 Low. Start your beach driving in the most capable set up possible and that's 4 low and lowering air pressure. As you get used to your vehicle on the beach you can adjust. Also most modern vehicle's computer turns the traction control off when you switch to 4 low, so don't worry if you feel like it is not going off, because it's probably already off.
  14. Very nice!
  15. Never.....but the 50lbs are a pain. They are tiny. If your hands are cold, wet or slimy they can be a real pain. On the other hand, aesthetically I find the 125lbs are too big - fish don't seem to care though.