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  1. Neato.... btw, that reel has proven itself the world over. Why should anybody have to prove anything to you? You want to see, go buy one.
  2. Uh oh, the Hatch fanboys are out again. Put on A River Runs Through It it will calm your menstraul pains.
  3. You guys are funny with this heavy stuff...the 9/10 Behemoth weights about an ounce more than an 9/10 top of the line $800-$1,000 Tibor or Abel and far less the the best all time Mako. And that's if Abel and Tibor are not BSing their numbers. If you are going to spend the extra money and are worried about weight get the Colton Terrapin - hands down over the Kraken.
  4. If you only have one rod - get the spare spool. 2 rods - 2 reels. Redington Behemoth is the best inexpensive reel out there IMO. Prettiest too.
  5. Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?
  6. no kidding? good to know - gotta try one...
  7. floater with a sink tip ideally...your bite needs to be heavier than 20 even for tiny snook IMO. between their gill rakers and course mouth even small snook can shred 40lb - id say minimum is 30lb. No toothless fish tears up leaders faster than a snook. You have to retie your fly a lot. Yes, then can be sensitive. I should also say, If you had to choose between a floater and an intermediate - I'd take the floater.
  8. Oh ok, just douchy...
  9. could you find anything less important to complain about? Millennials.
  10. Why would you have faith that islander will be around in 10 years or any fly reel company really? Your most important factor in selecting a new reel is whether the company will be in business in 10 years? It's just a fishing reel not an Insurance company or a bank LOL.
  11. Nobody "needs" a Mako - but in certain situations a 99.99999999% sealed reel with a bulletproof drag is demonstrably superior to a grease packed reel from 20+ years ago. Plenty of guys like to get nostalgic and fish with junky fiberglass rods, Medalist reels, etc and that's all well and good but to say that gear innovation has not surpassed grease packed reels simply a flight of fancy. It's akin to using a 20+ cellphone, I'm sure an 20+ year old cell phone works just fine but other than for the sake of nostalgia or irony why use one?
  12. You would? over a Mako? good luck with that LOL!
  13. I know a lot of guides that fish the J- Bay area and they say just the opposite. The complete opposite. Basically, the few and far between DEC guys have little interest in F'ing around with the Russian mobster types that are doing all poaching in that area. can you blame them. J-Bay is a poachers playground.
  14. Comes with a Kung Fu grip! How could you not love that!
  15. Looked and sounded like that guy had about a pound and half of drag on that reel. Crank the drag down and do a long sustained pull (like all the way through the backing) at 15-20 mph. That would be fun.