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  1. Sounds good... sold for 215$
  2. Tough to get great pics... it’s is great shape, has the Ti tangle free guides. St. Croix has THE BEST cork available... I wouldn’t be selling this but I made an impulse buy on a really nice freshwater rod, so gotta fund that purchase lol.
  3. I’ll get some pics up here in a couple minutes... lure rating is 3/4 to 2, but it will very comfortably throw 3+ oz. the rating is quite conservative.
  4. Ok, sounds good... I’ll do 275$ To nice of a reel to be collecting dust. Consider it sold. I’ll send PM to arrange payment
  5. Gonna bump this... willing to entertain reasonable offers
  6. I’m gonna go ahead and use one of my bumps... if you are interested, feel free to make an offer, I will consider... thanks!
  7. Ok it’s no worries... I am willing to ship, so if u want to make an offer I’ll consider
  8. Were u interested in meeting up?
  9. Awesome Inshore rod for big fish. This is the new Seafoam green model with the Ti guides... beautiful rod, in really great shape... Cork is pristine—basically like new, just fished a couple of times. if you need pics I will post later. the rod lists for 280$ new... I’ll sell for 230$ shipped. Save 50$ and get free shipping.
  10. For sale... bought here in Jan 2018, from Avet4life... Can’t seem to find the old thread, but paid $345 for it. Its about 8:10 cosmetically (some small scuffs here and there)... Seems 10:10 mechanically, but honestly I haven’t fished it. Feels great in hand, but reel has just been collecting dust. I believe it was serviced before I bought it here. For the life of me, I can find the damn box... I’ll ask 330$ shipped since I can’t find the box.
  11. Ha ha, I hear you though... it’s been Many years since I’ve eaten one, but they are pretty good... largemouth too! Way better than stocked trout that’s for sure.
  12. That’s crazy! Poor channel was T-boned lol... cool pic!
  13. Lol... they are actually pretty tasty for human as well as kitty’s :-)
  14. Hey great to see hpettus back in the house... nice flatheads!