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  1. That’s awesome... congratulations!
  2. Thanks guys! Been chomping at the bit to get back after them....
  3. they are super predators, esp once they get some size on them
  4. Thanks guys! That big girl got the ole heart pumpin’ that’s for sure
  5. Thanks guys! Hi Brian brook was on a jig and plastic... and bow on a small stick bait
  6. I got a new PB brookie this past weekend then things got a little crazy and this happened...
  7. Awesome brookies Bennie!
  8. Sweet build! I’m sure you’ll enjoy the heck out of that...
  9. Thanks Wheeler!
  10. Thanks Mike D.... Hey RR... Yupper... gotta love the bite! Definitely makes the long winter seem a little less long.... Some of the best fish of the year at this time also. Not seeing much egg weight on them yet though. Here are couple recents from the flood waters.
  11. I’m only teasing you FT... :-) for me, I’m not sure what fishing purist means... but I model my fishing pretty much exactly as Mike D states above.
  12. ^^^^^ says the guy posting online
  13. That super shadow has Esox written all over it.. nice
  14. Some great posts RR... love fishing this this time of the year and these conditions
  15. Zeno is a member here... great guy! I’ve enjoyed his books for sure.