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  1. I was whining to my wife about this last week. I used to be able to go and catch 2 25# or better fish a night without much trouble or hunting. Go hit a spot at the right tide with the right wind and sling an eel because there were fish to be had. And I guess I'm still trying to do the same thing without the same results, monkeys learn faster... Guess I'd better re-think my strategy
  2. Big dirty water in soco Moved east Had a few fish on topwater up to 25"
  3. Had good outing with LJShroe Sunday night-no keepers put plenty of action-verrry selective fish Skunked last night at a different locale-very weedy- no draggers working the area so I don't know where the weed was coming from
  4. nice!! love dem bones
  5. slow weekend zigged when I shoulda zagged...
  6. I've probably drug up one or two a season a mile and a half off LI beaches-mostly pups under 6'.
  7. I have a 4000 on my 1083 and i love the combo.
  8. Fished the last few hours of the drop last night at two outlets 15 miles apart from 12-3 Managed one rat
  9. OK I'd like to fish the sunrise. What time would u like to meet up.
  10. I'm working 6pm saturday till 6am sunday so would you rather meet up early saturday morning or mid afternoon sunday?
  11. Would you be willing to meet up at the canal next weekend?
  12. Nice!
  13. Got into some big blues last night
  14. I'm interested I have to be in Attleboro tomorrow evening. Would you be willing to meet up around there?