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  1. I'll take the small black in the bag for 55.......O crap this is the collectors forum. :]
  2. Thanks for sharing.
  3. I can still see the writing on the box...$1.95 retail.....and fuzzy decal eyes...o lordy.
  4. simple...wire gets attached to the chain link....hook hanger is inserted into belly hole...wire is then slide into the tail from the jointed end..through the hanger an out the butt.. make your tail wrap.
  5. the second grommet serves two it does help with the heat...but its main purpose is so it swivels in the first grommet when your done....don't over don't want it connecting to the one below it.
  6. it requires two{2} grommets on that fits inside the other. 1/16" rosin core solder soldering gun brass cotter pin put the pin up through the the 2 grommets over the pin till they are in the body.....snip off excess HOT soldering gun on the grommets....touch the tip of the gun with the solder till it melts....making a blob....done.
  7. we grew up in an age before the try again till you found what works and doesn't learn by doing....our plates were made of clay...not silver...thank god for us old farts that are willing to still share...that will be 3 plugs've just been hoe'd.
  8. Think about the types of wood ..pine..cedars are soft..wouldn't these lend themselves to epoxy where as harder woods lend themselves to an oil bath...then you have ayc which really needs nothing.But you still can soak it if it makes you feel better.
  9. you have two pichney's sloped head conrads that not many were made in scale.
  10. Danny an Donny built plugs together for a time..I suspect like the pikes they were made by another spinner which these two painted and or Donny spun them and they shared bodies...someone needs to ask Donny for the real story before it's to late.
  11. she best stop swearing..none even look like danny's....even his very early ones...sorry.
  12. 99 % glass eyes...but then again I only make vintage repo plugs....yes eyes matter.