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  1. that ranger should have shaken the sand fleas out of his shorts before giving that cod on the cape anymore....but cape shark sounds good.
  2. I've come across them from time to time on fleabay in the folkart section...never paid close attention to them...their lips were straight out in bend .
  3. I'll 3'd that 02...Dannys first stuff was huge....and look much older then when he first started building.
  4. a ranger on the news tonight said they still don't know what kind of shark it was...I almost spit out my dinner an fell off my chair laughing.
  5. Just wondering who put a positive ID on these....I know of 3 other shapes from 3 different vintage builders that match those perfectly except for size...their larger...thanks
  6. I did that..perhaps the pair I had were to small...been using the tine to long I'll stick with it.
  7. Made a pair few years back...not enough pressure to pierce the pick works just need to sharpen a sharp point on it.
  8. dam knots
  9. when watching tv I sit there an chew the corner's off..fiber is good for old folks.
  10. we use to call them knee boot bass....stuff one in each boot an walk away so no one knew you had caught fish.
  11. I remember a show in hyannis...stan had a table full of them..40-45 dollars each and I walked right by still haunts me to this day I didn't buy one of each...who was to know.
  12. sounds like to much other junk in the lead...I'd get myself some better lead an not wheel weights....I've been pouring lead for almost 46 years...everything under the sun in jigs..oo buck to cannon balls and dive weights...what they call the new lead these days isn't lead at all...hit a junk yard for better OLD stuff.
  13. looks like your lead an mold are to cold. get yourself a single elect. burner hot plate and heat your mold while your melting your lead. while melting your lead flux it with either wax from a candle or pine wood shaving and light it on fire..this will help mix the tin or other junk into the lead. scrape off any junk that's floating on the melted lead before pouring. blacken the inside of you mold with a candle flame I think your pouring when everything is to cold...your lead should be as smooth as a baby's butt when done.
  14. top please
  15. depends on the type of sand your driving on...hard sand 20.....normal soft sand..15.....sugar/powder 9 or 10...don't care what your driving or the tire size...the higher the tire rides on top of the sand the easier it is on the vehicle and the less likely you'll bog down or get stuck.