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  1. most times its a missing the new owner has a complete set....maybe one of the few around....128. was cheap if this was the case to complete plug,box,insert.
  2. A box or paper work can be worth more then the plug most of both got thrown away....o for a crystal ball.
  3. Have a picture ?
  4. there's a reverse atom in orange...reverse squid ?
  5. its shipped all the time in flat rate....for making bullets.
  6. I like an use a 6-8 inch pink grinding stone..these stones ware somewhat fast and are made that way as not to heat up the metal...but the motor itself needs to be a low 1750....not a screamer that's 3400...I also use a belt sander but belts made for metal which are green in color...only time I use flat stones are for reg. flat chisels.
  7. learn to sharpen your chisels...most important trade your gloss paints in for flat...your top coat will make them bright.....and your top coat will stick better on flat. drill find which bit for which they come in many sizes.
  8. old school ? your only 42 a spring chicken...add another 25 years on top then your talking ...just kidding really...we used to fish bass with hand lines hung off the side of the boat just drifting....yep!..the good old days.
  9. If your still around to read this there's many collectors who know values...but like everything else values can be all over the place depending on who you ask.....condition is everything in a collectors world..that in itself puts a value on the item...Far to many times folks come here only looking for "what's it worth"..this turns a collector right off...nothing is asked of it's history...where or maybe when or even who built it...they are only interested in the buck....folks get lazy....go to the search...learn something...go to completed items....see the going prices the item is selling for today...tomorrow it may bottom out...the blue wave gibbs popper you have just happens to be there now..a mint earlier one with a nice fuzzy eye for buy it now for with box...25.00.
  10. rusted/corroded hardware......bad hook pointers...used....not good collectors but fishers.
  11. already tried staples...they printed some pages up..came out perfect...except the yellow was transparent..guy said they didn't have the right copier to get the dark yellow...then who was going to sit there and cut out eyes with scissors all night
  12. I gave you know who a sheet of real ones to copy...who ever did the job boofed them up big time...I'd say over half of them on a sheet are no good...cook eyed as they used to say.
  13. no problem with glue or size....they make the same ones in red as's why they said no problem changing the color to yellow...but they are a big co. an didn't want to change the outside dia...because it would cost them time and money to do so...unless you want to pay them to do it...then you'd have to put in an order of thousands to make it worth it for them.
  14. yes..8"....but you barely need to slide it to make the cut....I like cherry for my darters....of course some get messed up and I save those for the fire pit....plugs are a disposable item....not everyone will work or just don't make the cut....make more.
  15. last step. taking the blank head to your v block to drill the belly holes....remember the little screw holes?...can't miss them...drill holes for your grommets...