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  1. that's not funny. That's not even a good insult unless you're a white guy.
  2. Not sure if it's been posted, but my favorite recipe for chicken stock is a simple roasted chicken made for dinner (however you choose to cook it) and boom* you have all the bones necessary for a stock. 2 Roasters will make plenty and provide you with enough meat for a chicken pot pie and a few salads for the family. For all seafood chowders, whatever the last seafood fish I've caught and gutted (fresh) becomes the base of my chowder. Most recently it was limit of blackfish and striped bass. Getting ready for the winter season Good luck.
  3. need people like me
  4. The lv shooting was 10/1/17. Where are are the headlines and articles from 10/1/17 yes I see 10/2/17 from your postings All im saying is I wish they'd call a spade a spade. I like to see guys read into things emotionally charged not respond to what the topic is BUT what they believe the topic should be. Not trollling, any lost life is a disappointment. if you work with a schizophrenic, he's not a master planner, he's the exact opposite, extremely disorganized -- mental health in this country is ignored until it can be used to sideline a major concern.
  5. Closet racist
  6. To the 2 biggest responders, please show a non liberal media source that labels him a terrorist --- that's all I'm asking for
  7. But you introduced that. ive been clear to say that they're both terrorists. My my question is why the media isn't
  8. I know, hard to believe I learned how to read
  9. Point out where I said opposite.....I'm talking media bias not saying the same thing youre talking about being butthurt
  10. Wrong. I work public sector and private sector (my own business) good thing some some of us black dudes don't settle
  11. America hates thinking that someone named billy bob and looks like them can be just as guilty of hating America........... yet everyone one else is the sheep thats sad
  12. Who said let's not rush to judgment?????????????? You added that on your own!!!!! Not me
  13. See it's not about race. You won't answer because you don't know and that's true ignorance
  14. How? Terrorism is, in the broadest sense, the use of intentionally indiscriminate violence as a means to create terror, or fear, to achieve a political, religious or ideological aim. thats a wiki definition but covers bases
  15. Enlighten me..... whats the difference......