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  1. Call Paul Adams at North Riding Point Club (Google it). He can explain the license situation, which is something I understand that you can run afoul of. Think about where you're going. Can you say "martinet"? Also, sometimes Paul has an unbooked guide/boat available. If you use a guide you're about a million times more likely to get nice fish.
  2. Look at the Galvan Tournament series. I'm using a Tournament 14 with a 10wt line for tarpon. Lots of backing, a very fast retreive, and a flawless drag.
  3. Oh, that one. Well, yeah....
  4. Mr. Ford experienced an engine failure after takeoff and put the aircraft onto a golf course. The NTSB concluded that the probable cause of Harrison Ford's plane crash was that the carburetor's main metering jet had become dislodged and rotated 90 degrees, which resulted in the fuel-air mixture being too rich for the engine to operate. I don't see what the two incidents have in common.
  5. I've used Hardy Proaxis rods for some time and feel no inclination to change. The 6 is fast to the point where I line it up. In fact, on my last trip to FL, I used an 8wt Cortland line on it and found it very comfortable banging the mangroves from 40 feet. With a 6wt line you can fire little needles at bonefish. The Zephrus has a somewhat softer tip and is more forgiving of errors in timing. Also, FWIW, I've had good warranty service from Hardy.
  6. Brian, I don't think that the cleats and studs are meant to be installed, then removed, then re-installed - over and over. I loaded up a pair of Simms boots once and had several cleats pull out during a trip with tough wading conditions. Long story short....the boots got replaced but, in the process of talking with Simms about the failure and replacement, I got the impression that the intention was to install the cleats and leave them be until it's time for replacement. Forget about fishing for a moment - just look at it from a materials point of view. You're screwing into a couple layers of flexible polymer - I find it hard enough to know when to quit tightening them on the first installation, much less on the seventh. Why do you want to remove them, anyway?
  7. If you're just going to clean it then I would go with Dick's recommendation of the Magic Eraser.
  8. I wonder if the tendency of your line to coil might be related to having 20 year old technology wound tightly on a spool for 20 years. Call me kooky, but I've always thought that stiff lines cast and shoot very nicely. I've used a Rio Bonefish in Labrador to good effect.
  9. I have worked in places far more unappealing than that. Places which didn't even have fish!
  10. They want meat. Try the mouse.
  11. Don't fall in - true dat! Hooking one of those sharks is a great way to blow half an hour and then have trouble breaking it off.
  12. I fished behind those shrimp boats with Brian. We got albies, sharks and birds. Get any birds or sharks?
  13. I love to see pictures of fish other people have caught, but I find it hard to warm up to pictures of a fish on the deck. The figurative deck, that is.
  14. If I drive all the way down there again can I get a tour of the caves?
  15. I gave myself the pleasure of going to Harkers Island to fish with Brian Horsley. This is what comes of doing that: