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  1. The second and most of the third day were in the high 40's / low 50 degrees. Love that temp
  2. Sorry for late response, been working out of town. We use 9.5 and 10 foot 7 and 8 weights. Mostly roll casting and mending various distances.
  3. great photos and report
  4. you have a guide?
  5. I recently returned from my annual trip to " squeeze the salt " out hunting sweet water for browns, steelhead and lake trout. I have been doing this trip for 6 years and always say that every year is different. Some things can't be controlled like water flow, clarity, air and water temps that impact migratory movement of the trout and how active they are. This year I learned that a heavy SW / W wind can stir up Lake Erie and make Niagra a tough place to do business. We had limited success with lakers the day we fished it so we went exploring and learned some new spots on new rivers. I feel like if we are learning and gaining experience then the slow fishing becomes less of an issue. Day two the air temps started to climb and the very late afternoon proved to be an indicator of what day three might bring and we did pretty well on an off the beaten stretch of a new river with not another angler in sight. Our spirits were lifted and we enjoyed a great dinner while we planned our day three tactics. It's always important to try to be in the right place at the right time, not knowing what other intrepid anglers might be on the same schedule. Air temps were 50 degrees at 2:00am and we had a great feeling about how this would make the trout active in the morning. We were heartened when we arrived at the parking location with no sign of anglers. In fact, we saw no other anglers the entire day. After a solid hike to location X we just felt it was going to be a special day. I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story. We did have a couple of stud steelhead in the mix but today the brown trout ruled the river. Got my personal best, over 30 inches and most certainly in excess of 15 pounds. The numbers hooked was tremendous and 80% landed. Always a great day when you and your buddy yell " fish on " as often as we did .... Lost a couple of other mules, as the water temps had them fighting with much spirit and there's only so much you can do with 6lb tippet.
  6. GREAT THREAD ... but to keep it real, if I had a choice between an epic morning with big topwater bass or a night with a porn star, I think I would choose the former ..... guess I love making my own fish porn !!
  7. Interesting thread. I must admit that there are times I envy my fishing friends with no kids, who can fish all day every weekend without regard to family obligations. I have to work hard to plan my fishing strategically. Maybe a picture tells a thousand words, but I have made hundreds of memories like the one pictured below.....
  8. My boss scheduled a meeting tomorrow mid morning scuttling plans for a guided trip. I am bringing a fly rod, any advice for me on spots / tips? Thanks All
  9. Saturday? Heard it was good. Where did u launch?
  10. thanks everyone, I am trying to get a line of sight on the situation down there as far as the quality of the fishing and the damage to the ecosystem. Have messages out to a couple of your recommendations.
  11. You catch that around a herring run?
  12. Good times on Cape Cod for sure. I've not seen this amount of peanut bunker in a long time, along with an infestation of albies that ranged across many locations.
  13. anyone have first hand experience with a snook / redfish guide that you highly recommend ( mid October timeframe )
  14. is he based in Montauk or CT?
  15. Well done. Perseverance pays ( sometimes ).