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  1. Managed 2 keepers 2 weeks ago. 30 feet down. Will hit it again as soon as my new boat trailer arrives.
  2. Fished from mouth of Housatonic to new haven yesterday. Got 4 or 5 shorts. No keepers yet.
  3. My inlaws have been renting in Harpswell area for over 20 years, but are unable to find a house for this summer. Looking for July 28-August 4. If anyone has a lead, please PM me. Thanks!!!
  4. I talked to a buddy in Kingston, NY and he told me that they are still getting 20-30 pounders in the Hudson. Seems like everything is delayed this year. Also, the migration seems to b spread out.
  5. Went forum thirsday in new haven harbor. Only sea robins so far
  6. Long Island sound.
  7. Anyone seeing any flatties yet ? In Connecticut.
  8. Over taxed and regulations galore!!!
  9. Be careful what you wish for. I live in Connecticut. It’s one of the most taxed and regulated states in the county. Our brilliant government just instituted a trout and salmon stamp. Now fishermen that would normally release the trout are keeping them to get their money’s worth. one of the great things about Maine is the freedom that you enjoy. Don’t wish for the tags that will increase the expense of fishing. It really isn’t the answer anyways. Protecting the biomass that measures from 28” to 40” is the key. However, for this to work, we t must be done on the entire east coast. All of the states must agree. Good luck with that! Also, only protecting them during the spawning season is laughable. The fish spawn every year. A 30” striper caught and released in the Hudson River is fair game once it enters Connecticut waters. I think that fish should be free to spawn again next year. I release 95% of the stripers that I catch. I already spend thousands of dollars on fishing between tackle, boat maintenance , launching fees, licenses in 3 states, gasoline, lodging, and whatever else I forgot to list. Adding another fee for me to keep the two or three fish that would have died upon release is not a solution to the population decline. People need to look at the big picture. The photo of the deck of the boat loaded with breeders is clearly a bigger problem. Ask the people on board if they are really going to eat those fish. They will probably reply, “How do you clean them?”
  10. Yes, Charlie Moore is quite annoying and does not really know how to fish well. I like the episodes when his wife came fishing in Florida, wore a bikini, and caught a bigger fish than him. She is quite hot! Not only that, she is loaded.
  11. Not in yet, neither was anything else. Did see two guys catching and tagging blackfish on crabs at a will known spot in the mid sound area.
  12. It is VERY difficult to get a spot to hunt with a rifle in this area. Too many deer and you can’t even go into the woods without picking up ticks.
  13. Tax and regulate to DEATH. This state is the worst for sportsmen. Lived in ct all my life and can’t wait to get out. Most restrictive of all of our neighbors.
  14. I see them a lot in New Milford. There are far more coyotes though and they do prey on the bobcats. I found one that had been eaten by the coyotes.
  15. The bite should be on now. That’s why our state of restriction has it closed. Should probably spend $50,000 to train a dog to sniff out people using crabs for bait.