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  1. Indeed... And I just read the shocking and sad news when I stumbled into the memorial forum... I am going to go crawl back into my hole for another few months... be well.
  2. That's child's play by magish's standards.
  3. nope, both... They wernt together when I gottem' Very nice!
  4. From the album tavern fishing reports

  5. Threw these little lads back- but they're here!
  6. Not really- but we didn't get it in until August. I'll check- thanks...
  7. Thanks Wayne, I was about to go with the anti-fouling paint... Do you think it is necessary? In the Navesink and used every weekend...?
  8. Couple...
  9. My Gosh, 4 years ago! seems like last year ... wher does the time go?
  10. A little bit of very shallow pitting. Much of it looks like high speed scrapes... (Guy says the farm instrument enamel has held up nice)
  11. From the album Outdrive Painting

  12. From the album Outdrive Painting

  13. From the album Outdrive Painting

  14. Anyone provide some advice on this? I really only need to touch up the skeg. I don't feel like laying out the cash for Interlux based on the many negative reviews. I saw on youtube a guy who used tractor paint? Boat is in salt water all summer. Any pointers on a Zinc Phosphate Primer as well - will any do? Going to clean it up today and I'll take some more pics... Thank you