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  1. No thanks on the $150. VR $480 Sustain $165
  2. Does the side plate say VSX?
  3. I didn’t want anyone confusIng the listing with the new Exsence that’s available here. They’d be disappointed I’m sure.
  4. I didn't want to say that in my listing, but you researched it ( it appears ) and my research before purchase led me to a similar conclusion.
  5. VS - $510 Sustain - $185 Exsence - $115
  6. I fished most last fall and all of this spring with what I would have considered a back bay outfit 10 years ago. A VS100 with a FSC 1028 and 20 pound braid. Keeps it fun but you are right on.
  7. Was english. And this doesn't belong here either. Got it bugs?
  8. Neither does this but hey, here you are ...
  9. Thank you!