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  1. Chartreuse and orange are to of my summer jerk bait and top water go tos.
  2. Fixed mine. There are way too few decent spots down that way to give that place away.
  3. That picture shows wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much ...
  4. The greenheads are usually/almost always gone by September. I keep my boat up the bay a little further and I don't even bother to start crabbing until early/mid August because of the little bastards. They are day ruiners for sure. Long pants and long sleeves only slow them down a little. Fish the rocks out front in September and you should find at least small bass. If there is a decent mullet run you could have a day to remember. But that hasn't happened since about 2014 or 2015.
  5. You will be very happy with either. Get both Based on what you wrote above, I think the 108 1L fits what you are looking to do a little better than the 1086. Reel size, the guide layout you are looking to use, and the weight range all lean more 108 1L. If price is a factor, that also leans the way of the 108 1L also.
  6. I'll second Mikes recommendation of the 1086. And you won't go wrong with the 108 1L either. The 1086 will give you a little better top end range and the ability to really put the screws to a fish in current while the 1081L may give you a little better bottom end range. I've fished both and would rate the 1086 3/4 to 3 and the 108 1/2 to 2.
  7. I looked back and couldn't find it, what was your cheesesteak vote? For a different, but good chicken wing - Dagwoods Pub in their special sauce.
  8. Sausage - Roccos
  9. Cheesesteak - Tony Lukes Roast Pork - Johns Roast Pork Roast Beef - Nicks Roast Beef
  10. That was my first thought. Those fish were being sold to be resold.
  11. This weekend a local resident posted a bunch of pictures to social media and some of the community FBook groups. My guess is you were seeing the fallout of that. And people wonder why we lose access ...
  12. Wardens truck.
  13. What is regular about a 1 ounce wood Super Strike still in the package?
  14. Rapala puts them on some lures. They are VMCs I believe.
  15. Well than they are in more than one place lol but that vicinity.