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  1. Looking to buy the smallest Diawa BG, the 1500. The newest model. Or a 1000 size Shimano. As far as the BG goes, I can get a new one for $80 shipped to give ya an idea of what I'm looking to pay. The Shimano would be more up in the air but probably not looking to spend more than $100.
  2. This is 100% not true. Or not 100% true. Either way, it isn't true.
  3. New Egypt needs to right the ship. They basically have taken the same attitude as the Sportsmen Center lol Did away with big blocks, that hurt. Terrible fan experience. Didn't accept actual money on the concessions. Track prep was a disaster for a couple seasons. Pauch Sr left for Bridgeport. They lost both their National USAC date and WoO date to Bridgeport. They lost their Deyo STSS dates ( may have gotten one back? ). But hey, you can store your boat there in the off season. That being said, they are now gonna open up the rules allow both small blocks and big blocks to compete. The new people running the day to day business seem to want to listen to the fans and racers again. So hopefully they are headed in the right direction.
  4. Jeff Gural is on record multiple times claiming he is convinced he'll get a casino and sports betting which is why he agreed to invest in the Meadowlands originally. He claims to be losing 2 million a year keeping the Meadowlands open waiting on said casino. Will it happen? Who knows. Wasn't gonna happen under Christies watch. They certainly can't compete with Yonkers, Belmont, and Aqueduct right now. Add in Pocono, Parx, Chester, Delaware Park and they are swimming against a serious tide. All of those places are subsidized by slots/gaming. And all have left Atlantic City in the shape it is in now. When the politicians will realize that, or admit that, is anyones guess. No one from Philly, Central or North Jersey or New York is going to AC anymore. You might as well give the north Jersey tracks a chance to survive.
  5. lol No I hadn't. But they don't need stadiums for those teams. A few portable grandstands would be fine lol
  6. I still follow the sport pretty closely. Some of my family raced standardbreds for awhile. To have a place look Hollywood close to become a mall was a tough one to swallow.
  7. Look at what has happened since they lost slot subsidies. Monmouth, the Meadowlands harness have all tanked from a racing date and racing quality stand point. The Meadowlands thoroughbred meet is no more. 10 years ago the Meadowlands raced Wednesday to Sunday this time of the year and 5 years ago Monmouth had one of the premier meets in the country. The new governor appears to be the anti-Christie on horse racing, so we will see. Without sports bettings or casinos I don't see them surviving too much longer. That being said the operator of the Meadowlands has long contended they will get a casino. He claims to be losing 2 million a year to keep the place open until he gets one.
  8. It is a shame ETown closed. Went to the NHRA race 4 or 5 times as well as some of the big small tire/street car races they had. I'd imagine at some point we won't have any car racing in this state. It seems like Bridgeport is the only place moving forward right now but it hasn't exactly been smooth sailing for them the last 10 years either.
  9. I've literally being been going there since I was a kid. My dad was a member of one of the fishing groups that met there ( Delaware River Shad Association maybe? JB Kasper ran the meetings ). As I got a bit older, before I found land based salt water fishing, freshwater fishing was my main interest and they had the best selection that I knew of. When I started hunting, they had a very good archery department and the fishing department was still strong. About 6 to 8 years ago it seems they stopped caring. Service went in the toilet, product quality and inventory went down. Store looked disheveled. Now that they are officially closed I'll say the story of my two year old daughter being ignored and the staff acting like we were bothering them, both in the fishing section and at the counter took place there. And I already knew how I was going to be treated but the ignore a two year old girl when she's saying hello and being social is a bit ridiculous. So maybe this is how it was gonna end either way, but they didn't help their cause.
  10. If people knew they couldn't spin them right around for a profit they'd probably think about what they were buying ...
  11. Maybe it shouldn't, but I think the "who" matters also. When you have a guy who a year ago was looking to "pick up a few SP minnow" flipping plugs for profit a day after a show, it adds to the bad look. And it also clears up any questions of intent.
  12. The blatant bought today sell tomorrow with the only intent to profit is ugly. Especially when done in the manner and attitude shown above. Want to go to the fleamarkets and buy and resell old, used, tackle? Go for it. Want to resell lures you bought three to six months ago that you tried to trade, collect etc, go for it. But than you enter into another battle of determining intent and enforcement.