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  1. did this happen on the xact loop?
  2. Last week at an Orvis discount shop I purchased a 10 wt line with 4 interchangeable tips (floating to heavy grain sink) Brand new for a whopping $14 and it included the leader wallet.. It may not be the best system for a boat but from shore, this system works too .The heads are 15'. I have always been curious about those composite loop reels. I may have to pick one of those up.
  3. I think a fiberglass rod is the best rod to use on some small streams catching brookies on a dry fly. And a Medalist, along with some others, is a perfect reel to match. My Bauer (cork drag) is a great reel for fishing on the rocks chasing stripers and blues. I don't fish the suds, but if I did, I would get a sealed drag model. I have no problem with old or new
  4. It would be terrible on my gsb1081L but great on my BT1083m There is more to consider than length
  5. My 6' 3wt lami is awesome with the small flies and Brook trout. I got it for about $80 and my 7' 2pc "s" glass lami (spinning) has pulled in countless blues and bass from the shore. I got it at a swap for $25 and it was never used.
  6. I own both and have no issue with either reel in any condition i fish in. I do not "skish for what it's worth" I do use the VS a bit more than the VR because the VS is mounted on an 11'er and I like that better than the 9'er the VR is on. One benefit to the VR , for me, is the bail. As a back up for friends and family, it's great to have a capable bailed reel for those who are not used to fishing one regularly.
  7. Internal buck tail holders and pouch towards the back. No side pockets and No Plastic Clips! Lots of Velcro. 8 tubes. MAK made this custom for me a while back. It's not heavy if you keep it light (yogi-ism)
  8. i have a jointed gags that has done the same thing. I may strip, epoxy and then paint.
  9. i agree. top producer for me. two different weights allow for different situations. I fish it like a bucktail
  10. I feel that way about the SS stubby. I usually like the 2.5oz but when its really calm, the 1.5/8oz gets the nod
  11. I have cut hooks out of two different guys hands with the sargents. Good pliers. I also got rid of the lock.
  12. hopefully it killed some mosquito's
  13. I'm basically a two rod guy and there is no lure that i carry that I cant throw. I throw the redfin with my 1321m but it does cast better with 20lb test on my BT1083m. Since it floats on top when it swims, I am also working the rocky shoreline with this plug, not deeper water.
  14. 10" spook