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  2. I agree with this. I don't consider using this rod when the surf is big or if i'm consistently throwing 1.5oz or more . I really like to use it this time of year when I'm walking up and down the beach with a 3/4oz BT chasing small bass and fluke.
  3. I use athletic tape and duct tape. The duct tape does not curl when wet and you can easily tear the stuff in half. Truthfully, I dont use it unless i am using heavier lures. I have never had an issue with my finger if I'm throwing sp's, bombers, two oz or less bucktails etc.
  4. I built a 11' rod geeks with the 30/10. For an amateur builder, the guide layout is easy. This rod is super light. I think it works very well, but to sudsy's point, my GSB1321m with cone of flight works great too.
  5. All the dacron bags mentioned work well. For what its worth, I have no use for the clips. Just give me a healthy amount of velcro. My personal choice was to go with a custom MAK
  6. I like this recommendation.
  7. I fish a couple S glass lamiglas rods. The 3wt is about 6' and the 5wt is 8'. Both are great. Modern fast rods are great for stripers but modern fast rods for trout are very over rated. Just my opinion.
  8. Looking to see if anyone has a spare spool
  9. I use a 10wt. The water depth is 3'-12' depending on tide and area I cover in the back. The 7'-10' leader with floating line allows the fly to get down in most spots. I've been catching mostly schoolies and sea robbins as of late. I'm sure I could use a 6wt but I like to use big flies and the 10wt line is great for the bigger stuff. As for your current, I think an intermediate line would be helpful
  10. Sorry for the poor explanation. I mean that I throw plugs along the shore line on a rocky coastal bay area. There are a lot of rocks that hold fish.
  11. MOCO been consistently getting bass in the back up to 36". Fishing lures left to right. Sunrise has been generating big blues on long casts using a pencil (last few days). I suggest having a "bluefish" pencil with no barbs. Makes life easier when all three hooks on a treble are keeping the bluefish from opening its mouth.
  12. Don't even bother with the pic. There is no one left to impress.
  13. I'm a fan of moving unless i'm on a particular piece of structure waiting for a certain tide. Waiting for the fish to come to me is not the scenario I want. I improved my success rate when I started moving more. This is more work and requires discipline. It doesn't mean you need to get in your car and and cover the whole county but fishing different points on the beach or bay is not a bad idea.
  14. A quality blank of either material can be great.
  15. This is the correct advise. Start up amps with a house that has two fridge's and a separate freezer is much different that just running a hot water pump and one fridge