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  1. Fishing is a game of chess... perhaps you should move some pieces around your board? When and what are you trying to catch? If what you are doing isn't working, try doing some things differently. Spots / times / tides / baits... The middle basin in full of life right now and we have fish on both sides of us. There are fish to be caught from both boat and shore this whole month. I get stuck in the successful patterns from seasons past on occasion and try to remind myself that each year is different. You mentioned not fishing at night, what about concentrating on the productive low light hours around dawn and dusk?
  2. Macks... no idea... but for bunker it is 1 fish per gallon and you should be fine. I would assume it to be higher for macks. With 55 gallons you should have the room for all the bait you need for a day of fishing.
  3. Not that hard to avoid banging your shins... In small boats, I would be more concerned with banging your feet when you're in a boat built using two-piece construction.
  4. I ran into one at Silver Sands, stopped to chat with him and he seemed annoyed I interrupted him while he had his face buried in his cell phone. Oh well, better to have him there than not.
  5. Gulp 4" curly tail or swimming mullet on whatever size jig head you need to stay in the lower part of the water column.
  6. Check out On The Waters YouTube channel, they are posting old and new full episodes of the TV series and CT is heavily featured. Great show.
  7. Would you do $18 pp?
  8. LOLOTB... (Laughing Out Loud On The Boat).
  9. Call your state representatives and voice your opinion!!! Even if its a waste of time, at least let then here it for a min. I love living in CT, but every conversation I have about living here is around people saying they are leaving the state. The guy that runs my office is talking about our whole team moving to NY so he can avoid the tolls. Maybe the government thinks that people are not going to leave cause of a .50 or .80 cent toll, but it's clear that people are fed up and enough is enough. This might end up being the straw that broke the camels back.
  10. I mentioned it a couple posts earlier, but if anyone would like to learn more about the environmental history of the LIS, I would recommend reading "This Fine Piece of Water: An Environmental History of Long Island Sound" by Tom Andersen. It is a well-researched history with lots of great info.
  11. You are correct, edited.
  12. As of last month, State Rep's Kim Rose, Charles Ferraro, and Pam Staneski were all still trying to stop (not happening) or scale back this project... I guess I still have hope. I am not sure where their efforts stand now. They are/were purposing keeping the bathrooms and building for lifeguards but trying to stop the 4,710 sq ft for DEEP commercial space from happening.
  13. Well, I will admit I am pretty surprised to read that is your take on this matter... I signed the petition for Roaring Brook which you posted about last week. I would say both these issues center around the same overdevelopment and environmental concerns. I chose my words carefully, and used the word "disturb"... I don't see how that could be a laughable statement? Perhaps I should have said, "disturb WHAT IS LEFT of the natural coastline". I would bet you have read "This fine piece of water: An environmental history of the Long Island Sound"? I don't care about parking, I do care about the health of the LIS. I understand the site does currently have a landfill, which we are about to... disturb. Are you saying that the state needs a 4,700 sq ft building, 1,700 sq ft garage, a 1,500 sq ft working area and garage, 1,500 staff space, to maintain just the park? I agree with the bathrooms as noted in my post and you want a new building for lifeguards, I am fine with that too. I also have two daughters, we all like to use the bathroom, I try to do it multiple times a day.
  14. That project as Silver Sands is a total nightmare... overdevelopment at its worst... nobody wanted it. It is an eyesore. It disturbs the natural coastline... All that construction right by the water of what was previously such a beautiful spot. All the stories are about the bathrooms... yea ok great, I like to use the bathrooms too... but they are also doing a new maintenance building... straight from the DEEP's website... "This building (4710 SF) will include a garage (1660 SF), a workshop and storage area (1537 SF) and staff space (1527 SF). Parking will be provided around the building for staff at this location". Can't wait until we get all that pollution, take away the lands own ability to filter runoff before it drains into the sound, and the gift of a bunch of metal storage buildings for state trucks and equipment. This type of garbage is why people are leaving CT in masses.
  15. Still looking for any Lordship's that are new and or in the packaging? Maybe a nice Lordship A40?