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  1. Albies show up whenever they want to show up... and leave whenever they want to leave. They can pretty much swim from one end of the sound to the other in a day. Bait and weather are probably the biggest factors in moving them to or keeping them in a particular area.
  2. If you want to do more then one lure, do you have any other Lordships you would want to package together?
  3. Looks like I am #2 in line, but if you split I will take the Lordship for $27 shipped. Interested in any other Lordships you might be willing to part with. Prompt Pay Pal.
  4. Yes... great read!
  5. If you want to talk just the past few years I would say, sea bass, weakfish, and false albies... stretch the timeline out a couple decades and you could make the argument for stripers too. Thats just looking at the sound. The last few weeks saw some of the best canyon fishing anyone has ever heard of, guys coming back with Big Eye's in multiples of 10. The point of my post was more about focusing on what we can control. There are fish to be caught though.
  6. For the guys throwing it back 40 and 50 years... are you talking about fishing for blues while there was a moratorium on catching stripers? My grandfather fished his whole life in the same waters I fish and I don't have a single picture of him holding a striped bass. I bet he wouldn't have known what a false albacore was if he managed to catch one. Some things are cyclical... Some things are in decline... and some things are getting better... It is important for us to all be good stewards of the sport and fish responsibly. That is the only thing we can control.
  7. I would say the 115hp is plenty. I have hit just under 40pmh and the boat has got some pep. It also sips fuel. I usually have it around 30pmh when cruizing. with the 150hp you will get some more speed but I didn't think it was worth the extra $8500.
  8. CGG I believe drooled over some of your Instagram posts while I was making the decision to buy mine. Nice 1801! Whalers have their place, sadly for the smaller boats that place is no longer in their production line. $50K for a 17" skiff, I asked about a 210 MTK and the guy quoted me a $90K. There is some good value left in the older ones though, if you can find a nice one with life left. The Parker is a better platform for sure. I have been very impressed!!! I am a big fan of the modified V and the stability that comes with it. I am about 250lbs and I can lean over the side and the boat barely moves, its a pleasure to drift on as well.
  9. The reason I bought the boat (same reason I bought my last whaler) is that the boat itself could take much worse sea's then the person in it ever could... the Parker is overbuilt and a great platform. That being said, its an 18' boat... you cannot compare it to a 28' with twins. I have plenty of opportunities to get out on the water in relatively nice conditions. I fish in the LIS, I look for the forecast to be in the 10-15 knt winds and 1-2' seas or better range. Also, have to pay attention to wind direction and the tide, wind against tide always makes things worse than the forecast. In any 18'er, you will have to watch the weather and pick your days.
  10. Have you looked at prices yet, you might be surprised to learn that it's $10K more for the Whaler... add to that the Parker is a complete package with boat, trailer, and electronics. The Whaler will not have a trailer or electronics. Fit and finish on a Whaler will be top notch, but it's still a smaller and lighter boat. I have an 1801, really happy with it. My last boat was a 21' Whaler.
  11. Are you looking for a skiff specifically?
  12. Last month, mornings were impossible, it wasn't until the nighttime darkness set in that they would be schooled up, once that happened you could snag and net them easily. Usually they were getting pushed by fish. This month they have been more cooperative.
  13. Your options with that weight restriction might be more in the 18' range then 20'. Id look at Parker, Jones Bros ($$$), Northcoast, Maycraft. An 18' is not going to get you close to 10 people. Max capacity on my Parker 1801 is 6 people.
  14. There have been some odd patterns this year that's for sure, but they are def around in big numbers.
  15. uhhhhhh... What? White buckets are not the problem. Def do not "get in their faces". Guys getting into arguments and fights, along with trespassing, littering and being a$$holes is going to result in even more loss of fishable real estate.