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  1. Is he personally going to deliver and cook them for you?
  2. If you look at the first, early plugs for stripers, they didn't have eyes, and they caught plenty of fish. The early plugs that did have eyes were just painted tack eyes, a dot of color on a bump of a tack. Did stripers think that they were seeing eyes? I doubt it. Having said all of that, I do prefer realistic eyes on a plug. If only to have the confidence that the lure will be attractive to the one loony fish who needs to see eyes to decide if it's going to eat or not.
  3. I'm sure the malignant narcissist isn't too worried about Stormy. He knows the evangelicals and the rest of his trumpers could care less about her. He knows the First (gold digger) Lady isn't going anywhere. He knows all this is a great diversion from the Russia probe.
  4. OK, Deadwood spoiler Alert!! I absolutely loved Band Of Brothers, but of the two, Deadwood was my favorite. Not in terms of overall scale, or production values, Historical accuracy or acting, but I loved it for it's gritty view of western life that you have never seen in any other westerns. Here's the spoiler.....if you haven't seen Deadwood yet, you may or may not want to read this......Fair warning. The last season that it ran, they built the story line up to a huge cliff-hanger, where the town's people and local miners were in for a huge bloody confrontation with the Big Corp mining interests. The last episode set the stage for the big upcoming fight. You were led to assume it was to happen when the next season began. Well, everyone was left hanging when the next season never happened. That was it. It was over. Done. HBO's Contract & production negotiations for the next season dragged on and on, the main actors went on to other gigs, the whole thing was cancelled. What a freakin' disappointment. Still, I'm going to pull out the box set and watch it again.
  5. The B's down by 3 pull off a win by 2 goals, and nary a peep here?
  6. The B's down by 3 pull off a win by 2 goals, and nary a peep here?
  7. I'm unable to make it, and oddly enough something comes up every year that keeps me from going. Not that I really need any more gear. My question is, in that small shop how do you get 15 people in there at any one time?
  8. At times I'll fish 8 & bait on the bottom, usually when fishing with friends who like to fish that way during daylight tides. This year I might forget the weight and drift a chunck old school style. Oddly enough it's an old school style of fishing, but I've never really done it much over the years.
  9. Thanks!
  10. OK, now I know. Thanks. I somehow missed all of that.
  11. It is. It was a great fish catcher in it's day, and probably still is today, but there are options that are just as good. Soft plastics have changed that game for me. Sure....somebody out there is going to say "But Bluefish destroy soft plastics." Yeah, they do, so you put on another one. "But eelskins are really durable, and soft plastics cost money." Yeah, they are, but finding large enough eels isn't cheap or easy either.
  12. I have to admit to being a little slow with some things, what does "Marsh-mont" mean in reference to Marchand?
  13. Are pugs really qualified to be called dogs?
  14. Snow only makes them hungrier and more determined.