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  1. There is no need to wipe the sensor with a tissue, it's nothing more than a piece of metal held in porcelain. All it does is allow the current to ride through the flame back to the ignition control. In fact you won't find a manufacturer of the flame sensor that recommends using anything more aggressive that a dollar bill or apiece of tyvec to clean a flame sensor. You should get get rid of the gas flex in your furnace, it's not rated to pass though the cabinet opening like that. It's code that the black pipe exit the cabinet.
  2. You talk about Frank so much Jim it's obvious he owns a big spot in your head, its so obvious it creepy.
  3. I'm watching a replay of last nights game on the NFL network right now and the refs still suck.
  4. I think the video is quite accurate as to what the officials did to the birds last night. Im OK with it though as I had the over. If I had bet the under I'd be pissed. Half of the pAnthers points were off of penaltys that sustained drives. Those refs sucked ass.
  5. this is what the officials did to the eagles last night
  6. Gas tankless water heaters rarely if ever have a positive ROI. Lets say it costs a fam of 4 $25 a month for hot water (in my market that's accurate). A non high efficiency tankless is about 80 % efficient. A 40 gallon atmospheric tank is about 65% efficient so you only gain 15% going tankless. A high efficiency tankless is about 90% so you gain 25%. A efficiency gain of 15 to 25% on $25 isn't much. Lets exaggerate and say you save $10 a month. A tanked replacement is 1500 to 2K A tankless 80%er will cost 1000 more (actually more but this is just an example using round numbers). Add another 1000 for condensing technology. So 100 months at a minimum just to get your original investment back. But wait, there is required maintenance involved and that just wiped out any savings. The 10 bucks savings is as I said an exaggeration its actually closer to 6 in most cases. They have their place, but in the replacement market they are a Financial loser.
  7. Superheat is heat added to a vapor above saturation, subcooling is heat removed below saturation. Dew point is the temperature at which a substance is saturated. Dewpoint is is a much better description of the outdoor conditions than temp or humidity as it represents both with 1 temp.
  8. This thread has more comments directed at 1 participant that on the topic itself. You guys are owned by him, it's patedic. But I'm going to be looking for off topic insults and I'm going to start using my buttons.
  9. so you only pull the mod question when someone disagrees with you, got it.
  10. you ask J the same thing?
  11. Its 2 years old, no issues.
  12. I like the first amendment and boobs
  13. I'm with you, come on Bob!
  14. If you dig your own clams they might need to be purged but if you bought them in a market they most likely have been through the process. The process did not include freshwater and should never include freshwater. I can't think of any time rinsing a salt water xxxxxxx in freshwater would be beneficial. I agree with th cleaning of the outside as recommended above but I'd ignor your buddies advice.