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  1. Classic Philly my food just came out, but I'll have more later.
  2. Thanks Doug, she is. This is us with my dad. I carried his ashes around for thew last few minutes of the game. He was a big fan.
  3. my sister picked those up at 4:56. I'm pretty sure I'm wearing depends tomorrow
  4. The line in lindenwold
  5. i suggested that if we cant get train tix
  6. How could I say no?
  7. my sister just told me she was leaving work early to get us tix for PATCO as they are stopping tix sales at 7. I want to be on the fence about going but I told the kid 15 years ago if the bird or the flyers ever won we'd go, so I'm going.
  8. Bite your tongue !
  9. More years ago then I first thought but it's a good read.
  10. It's been a lot of years since I've been there but, find the hilton head prep school and fish the ponds behind it I did very well on November trips we took. Another thing i recall about the area was that they we very fishermen friendly, I remember seeing no parking signs that said "acsept fisherman" next to golf course ponds. Again that was more than a few years ago, but I'd be surprised if things had changed.
  11. You have to surround yourself with a better stock of people if that is all you see in young people. I've got a bunch of teens and 20somethings in my family that don't even come close to fitting that stereotype.