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  1. Wow, did someone really threaten to call someone's employer ? If so, link me. That is the douche bag move of the year.
  2. Laminate is available that looks like tile.
  3. I don't know what Toyota will do. 10 or more years ago I had a gas tank strap replaced due to rusting through, 2 years later I received a recall. I sent a copy of my receipt from a local mechanic to Ford ($150ish) and about 3 or 4 months later I got a check from them. Local dealer gave me the info on who to contact.
  4. I can't stand Al, toss him in jail when he's convicted. So go on. Little, the victim did not put inappropriate touching pics on this website, you did.
  5. If what he is doing makes him a perv, what does it make the guy posting the photo on this website? Can't have it both ways, if he's out of line for doing something in that photo toss him in jail. If hes guilty your out of here. So you gonna remove the offending images and apologize or what?
  6. A 12 x 12 box with the 12 x 6 tapping in from the top or bottom typically.
  7. I was in pensville or pensgrove, don't recall. Pineys are way more sophisticated than the people that live in those parts.
  8. School football game couple weeks ago, take the snack size bag of Doritos smash them up. Take taco seasoned with meat, lettuce, tomatoes and put it in the bag of smashed up Doritos with a little bit of sour cream. They charged a dollar, they were yummy.
  9. What you had before was incorrect. The max velocity through a return duct is 800 feet per minute the max velocity through a return grill is 400 ft./m. Do you have to follow the rules listed above, no but can you expect proper performance I think you know the answer. Can you simply relocate the return to somewhere else in the house?
  10. The grill size should be larger than the duct. First off, and no offense intended but the counter guy isn't the guy you want doing a duct design, hell most of the guys that call themself hvac guys just make siht up when it comes to duct sizing. Based on what you have listed. 12 x 6 duct, it's good for +/- 300 to 400 CFM on the return side. If you are going to change that to round or flex, that is 10" metal or 12" flex. The flex has to be pulled taunt to move that kind of volume. Those sizes will keep you at velocitys under 800 FPM and that's what you're looking for on a return duct system. A return grill of adequate size will need to be 12 X 12 connected to the duct sizes listed above to keep the velocity across the face of the grill under 400 FPM. Can you put in ducts and grill(s) that are smaller? yes, will the combined ducts and grill allow for air movement that will make noise? Probably. Will it be enough for the systems needs, doubtful. Take a pic and feel free to ask more questions.
  11. I had some with my eggs this morning, it's quite good.
  12. I have a Lenovo yoga 2. No hiccups sept a windows 10 to the video card to projector conflict that has me in 8 forever. I'm connected to a different projector 3 or more times a week and all is well, battery life, speed etc. I'd prefer a backlit key board but I'm not sure you'll get there with your price cap.
  13. Meter or detector? If it's a meter and it's reading zero your meter is broken, or you didn't start it up outside and you are maintaining the same CO PPM count. If its a UL listed CO detector they won't sound till you hit PPM numbers 3 or 4 times greater that OSHA or EPA exposure limits. The combustion prosess produces CO, it's simply a mater of how much. Ventless heater are a re a bad idea.
  14. Handometer