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  1. That's a hell of a comeback, who knew Pee Wee Herman had a brother?
  2. Didn't ask about Comey - asked about Mueller. Trying to figure out why Mueller, who was no fan of Clinton (after all, he helped submarine any chance she had of winning the election), and who was both appointed by a right leaning president and was to the right himself, would suddenly be hell bent on proving this so-called 'bogus' case. You also didn't answer why you're convinced Clinton should have done life in prison for compromising confidential data, but somehow don't have an explanation for Petraeus doing the same and receiving 2 years of probation and not a day of jail time. Is Petraeus also in this secret lefty club you guys are building? If a general and head of the CIA doesn't get imprisoned - someone who should have understood damn well what the implications of handing out confidential data to his civilian girlfriend for money - then why do you think the Secretary of State would get anything different? Trump went after McCabe days before he retires. You know why? Not to screw McCabe, in a court of law he's going to get every penny of his pension back and Trump knows that. It's to intimidate anyone left in the FBI and CIA from investigating the Russian ties further, because where there's smoke, there's fire. If not - Trump would have left him alone, with the Congressional panel wrapping up he could start to distance himself from the whole mess. He can't do that, because there's more to be uncovered. And it'll get there - at which point, the country will be split right down the middle, which is exactly what the Russians have been after all along with their Trump aided social media campaign. Unfortunately, they're not as collectively stupid and ignorant as the US.
  3. Guessing that NYS didn't have the death penalty back then, otherwise hard to believe he had any circumstances that would have spared him. Usually they only let guys out in cases like this when they're in really poor health or extremely old, would hope they have a good reason for this one because otherwise it sucks.
  4. He should have seen exactly the same amount of daylight as a free man as his victims did after he shot them.
  5. HFT is good for certain things - typically, either single use disposable tools or lighter weight tools and accessories that don't get much play. Simple items, like jackstands, etc. tend to be pretty good from there too. Just don't rely on anything electric that they make, because their electric motors are garbage. Is the parking lot sale really any good though? I went to one once, and didn't think the prices were anything special (especially considering the frequency of their 20% off coupons).
  6. Correct - which is why I was referring to the president who nominated him to lead the FBI - those were Bush Sr.'s credentials. As I also mentioned, Mueller was a Marine who fought in Vietnam.
  7. One of these guys is a former Marine, appointed FBI director by a Republican president, WW-II fighter pilot and former head of the CIA. The other was a reality TV star who ripped people off in various real estate and business deals. Figures that so many uneducated Americans would support the TV star. Can't wait to see what a sh*tshow this country is when Kanye West gets elected.
  8. Petraeus got 2 years probation. Unless they're locking people up for stupidity, I doubt you'd get that sentence.
  9. Really? How much jail time did Petreus get for basically the same offense, if not worse? And he was a general for f**k's sake. I've seen Stryzok's texts - care to point out which you feel is particularly damning? The worst anyone can say for now is that he didn't like Trump - guess what, FBI and CIA officials can do their jobs fairly even if they don't like someone. I'd like to hear more about Mueller though from you guys. I've actually met the man, having done some work for John O'Neill, who died during the 9/11 attacks. He's a former Marine, leans politically to the right, and has done more for this country than all of you will ever do collectively. While all of you run around in circles, he's trying to save this country at huge personal risk to himself.
  10. You mean like that mean ole lefty, Robert Mueller? You know, the guy who Bush Sr. made director of the FBI? The guy who publicized charges against Clinton shortly before the election? The same guy that Trump has been trying to get off the case for it's duration? These organizations are filled with thousands of individuals. He's deliberately picking off the top of the pack to cause dysfunction and confusion within a critical part of our nation's infrastructure, in order to assist his strongman buddy. America as a free democracy is disappearing before your eyes, not because of corrupt FBI agents but because morons elected a reality star and he's taking aim at anyone who tries to bring him to justice.
  11. I always knew American sheep went BAAAAAA. Apparently, Russian sheep run to SOL and cheer in glee as their Komrade in Chief dismantles the FBI and CIA. Congrats guys, you won that war for Russia after all!
  12. OK, if yemista backs out, I'll take 3rds!
  13. I'm surprised, based on what Seal's posted in the past, I just assumed the cops would've killed off the remaining witnesses and we'd never have heard of it.
  14. OK, it's clear you don't understand business or e-commerce or both. Setting up a website that advertises what you have is many, MANY times easier and cheaper than setting up a site that ties in real time inventory and online purchasing. Orders of magnitude higher, depending on the size of inventory. Harry's website is a handful of static pages with no mention of their actual inventory. Setting up that site cost them next to nothing. Setting up an e-commerce site would have run them tens of thousands of dollars, if not more. If the business was not very profitable or they had plans of retiring in a short timeframe, they'd never recoup that money. Comparing Saltwater's Edge? Much smaller store, smaller staff. No legacy costs. They operate in a lower cost location. They were in business for nearly 70 years. Hard to believe it's run by a bunch of morons.
  15. Apparently, no matter who the president in this country is, I'm extremely wealthy. Doesn't seem to pay off in any other way, no fancy boat, no expensive cars - until it's time to pay the taxman. And boy do I pay. Time to move to Bermuda.