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  1. Still beats waking up in a cartel owned hotel bathtub missing a kidney.
  2. Yeah, like I said above I'd like to know what the general cost is not so much because I'm trying to build my own boat to save a few bucks, but because if I did do something like this, it'd be a project I'd be doing for fun. And sadly, my fun budget has a limit.
  3. I've been putzing around with 3d printed plugs for about 6 months now. I'm nowhere near having anything that would remotely resemble a BM or hold up to a bluefish attack, but the stuff I've printed swims nicely. As Dan mentions, the main objective would be to prototype. You can quickly/easily change one, measurable parameter any time you'd like, which I'm guessing would be a lot harder with wood. Results from one prototype to the next would be easily controlled, so you'd have a firm handle on the stages in your design phase. What I figured was once my prototype was set, I'd seal it in epoxy for durability, but so far that hasn't worked out so great. And I've had much better results with smaller jigs than plugs, but then again I'm no plugmaker (I basically copied a couple of designs in CAD software and started with trial and error).
  4. Man, the whiting fishery... When I was a kid, we were kind of broke and my mom worked for a wholesale fish operation that worked out of Brooklyn. I think I might have single handedly eaten whiting out of existence. All I remember about it was it had very few bones, and was absolutely tasteless.
  5. Thanks! I'm going to go track some down right now.
  6. If you haven't made stock out of sea robins yet, then you're losing out. The best fish stock you'll make. Just let it go low and slow, starting in cold water with cleaned robins (gutted, gilled and scaled). Add whatever aromatics you want based on the flavor you're going for. If you're handy with a knife and they're bigger birds, filet the tails to save the meat to add later. You'll get the best fish soup or stew you've ever had. Bonus points if you save the meat and make fish cakes, with a little instant mashed potatoes, some onion, peppers and garlic. Don't be part of the problem - grab a spoon and fork, and be part of the solution.
  7. That's really cool - I did something similar for my boat, but I didn't realize that Home Depot carried clear PVC tubing - was that in the plumbing section or somewhere else? I paid quite a bit more to get aluminum channeling that's not quite waterproof.
  8. I agree with the consensus - I spend too much on fishing crap already to toss 400+ yards of braid onto a reel when no more than 150 of it is ever going to hit the water. Even if you reverse them at the end of the season, you're still sitting with a patch of never used braid in the middle. I bought a billion yard (well, seems like it) reel of Sufix mono, 30 lb sometime back and I use that. Could just be me, but it seems like it lays better and holds the spool better with the mono underneath it as well (despite these being newer, 'braid ready' spools).
  9. I've spent most of my time in the bay thus far, but made a quick run around the end into the sound to see if anything was doing. Tons and tons of bunker (true of PB as well), but nothing really working them. Didn't bother trying for fluke or porgies because the bay is thick with them right now. I'm thinking the sound turns on next week with the moon tide and another bump in temps (if it ever decides to warm up this year).
  10. I don't know enough about this one, but was it sold as computer tech or nanotech? Because if there's another thing VCs love, it's nanotech. Apparently, nanotech is going to revolutionize the world any minute now, just like it has been for the past decade.
  11. The turtlenecks and the deep voice were both deliberate attempts to be more like her idol, Steve Jobs. She was obsessed with making these devices portable, what she called 'the iPod of blood analysis'. Still trying to understand why on Earth anyone would want a blood analysis machine at home, unless they were critically ill. You don't need it for more routine blood testing (for diabetics or hypoglycemics, for example). Who's going to need one of these things at home, let alone out on display where people would see it?
  12. Nature has some really nasty weapons at it's disposal, and since we keep messing with it, we keep discovering newer, nastier bugs. Not hard to understand why the funding's not there - there's a finite amount of money to go around, and there are much nastier diseases that have more severe symptoms and affect a greater percentage of the population. What's interesting is that a population of doctors have popped up and the CDC/govt has effectively been calling them scammers, for administering high levels of very strong antibiotics as an antidote/treatment to Lyme. The govt claims there's no proof that there's any benefit to the treatment, and that they're basically stealing people's money. I wonder if people who use these doctors do so out of desperation or if someone has actually had positive results.
  13. Remember guys, this is a CEO of a tech company in Silicon Valley. Anywhere else, she's your garden variety 4/5 - there, she's an 11. The impressive part is that she scammed a lot of very successful and very wealthy initial investors. Which is another lesson I learned in Silicon Valley, it's not what you know, it's who. She had a handful of the right connections and she played them like a fiddle.
  14. More than one person has said it, and I'm one of them. The fish stock you'll get out of sea robins is the best you can get. Then, just find yourself a good recipe online that needs fish stock, and you're halfway to a great chowder, stew or soup. The upside - this year's crop is so frikkin big, that you can get a nice big piece of meat off the tail without too much work. And if you're not up for soup - filet the tail, toss the rest, give it a quick poach, and make some fishcakes.
  15. Maybe, but if someone is chucking in my cabin it's going to be my problem soon enough.