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  1. I've never had a problem with J also. He has helped me out a few times with posting problems I have had. Tim I have had problems with, big problems. It was during the Garriga era when I got dragged down to a level I don't like being at. Tim straightened me out, I didn't like it but he was right. I got many warnings and a few vacations from the Sporta and I deserved them. It's the level you are at right now Frank. The derogatory names you have been calling me and others who don't think like you have put you in that level. You were never like that, you used to speak intelligently to make your point, not so any more.
  2. If a thread is light hearted and tone established then there is no reason to "squawk" unless it was railroaded to get it that way.
  3. Does "sounds good" mean we have a deal and you AND I will both stop derailing threads?
  4. Read post #8
  5. You're right, just a man to man deal between Frank and I, no need for outside interference. What say you Frank?
  6. I'll make a deal with you Frank, I'll stop derailing threads if you stop derailing threads. RiverRaider can be the one who makes the call.
  7. It's all about hats and no cattle.
  8. That is your opinion and you are entitled to it no matter how wrong you are.
  9. Then you must have also missed the part where TimS holds J to a higher order because he is a moderator. Posted Sunday at 05:32 PM · Report post Lol...I hold J to higher standards than most because he moderates the Boating Forum here. He was recently removed. "fishinmag" is not presently banned. It would be helpful if you gathered your facts before you start telling me how wrong I am, it goes a long way towards considering your complaints TimS
  10. Oh really? I'm still trying to find where you said "his own aids posted it". Posted 17 hours ago · Report post it was yesterdays story - along with his 8 hours of TV watching a day. which he denied within minutes of the story making the TV news yesterday he also eats two big macs and two filets o fish and a large shake most days for lunch - 2400 calories and 3500 mg of salt. its a miracle he hasn't had a stroke yet, oh wait......
  11. You GB are the one who started posting about it, or did you forget that.
  12. All while at work.