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  1. Don't forget the "AWESOME" when you're wrong and don't have a reply.
  2. As soon as I read the title of this thread I knew you posted it.
  3. NOPE, we're just making fun of her for her fine taste in clothing.
  4. One of the few times I agree with you Frank. A bitch is a female dog, what proof is there that she's female?
  5. I'm against a 28 gauge for pheasant hunting. I hunted with a 28 ga. Browning Superimposed sk/sk over a pointing dog for ~3 years and way too many pheasants came down alive and running. Switched to a 20ga Winchester 101 sk/sk over the same dog and the pheasants came down dead. I loved that .28 but a .20 is a much better choice for upland game and deer too.
  6. AWESOME Frank.
  7. Tell that to a child that's trying to converse with you.
  8. The G syndrome hard at work.
  9. It is complaining when it happens week after week, month after month.
  10. If there is something you feel is worth iphish or others to read why don't you just post it so all can read it?
  11. I was thinking of him when I wrote my post. He was arrested a bunch of times for posession of a gun and released. More gun laws would have stopped him.
  12. So if some black, white, blue, green or orange "bad guy" with a rap sheet 5" thick breaks into my house and I shoot him dead dead dead and the "man in blue" says it's justified I should just happily hand over my house and life savings to the "bad guys" family? Sounds fare to me.