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  1. No arguments from me Frank, stupid is what you do.
  2. Frank is right iphish, he is the master at it, none better. Just sit back and take lessons from him, he's good.
  3. Damn you J, I was just going to post the video for you.
  4. You would never understand Frank.
  5. Women Belong in the Kitchen Go Home Bitches
  6. Open carry with a CCL is legal in Connecticut, AR's aren't. Stooopid fluken state.
  7. Someone aught to teach President Trump how ti fish, then he could spend all his time BSing here with us.
  8. The United Kingdom has been on a nanny-state bender lately. Already this year, British authorities have cracked down on Nazi dog videos, pocket knives, and sectarian songs. And now the current Conservative government has announced plans to ban plastic straws and stirrers.
  9. Please say you're NOT in San FranpissCo.
  10. I didn't know what 420 day was so I googled it, why does anyone want to celebrate Hitlers birthday?
  11. Stay strong and hopes for a full and speedy recovery.