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  1. I alway use 30lb braid for my fishing, including for surf perch. I run a 10' shock leader that is 30lb, than tie 8lb leader for my hooks. I never felt that I had a problem of not catching surf perch.
  2. what about gripping the spool with one hand, while lightly tapping at the top of shaft with a rubber hammer.
  3. emblem pro 5000=22.6oz shimano albrid= 17oz At the end of the day is anybody going to notice roughtly 5-7oz lighter? After getting back to fishing from the winter I notice my arm being a little tired from casting my zb25(21.6oz). As the season goes on I don't notice it at all. At least the potential for you to achieve greater casting distances are there with that reel.
  4. suffix ghost(white in 20-30 pound.
  5. At least the shark didn't die of old age, and someone caught it so a lot of other people can see the picture of how big it is. Otherwise nobody would have seen it, right?
  6. Don't know the area you're fishing, but it all depends on current. Might try weights with wires in them to hold the bottom better.
  7. Welcome to the site onpoint.
  8. He doesn't want others asking for his secret bait/lure.
  9. For sealed reels you can't beat ZB or VS, but ZB is cooler looking, that's just IMHO.
  10. I have 30lb suffix 832 braid that is going on it's third year and so far so good. Can't wait till suffix 832 is available in 600 yard ghost.
  11. Ever try the search function, anyways I did it for you. I'm not a kayaker so hope this helps.
  12. Breakaway casting cannon does the trick for me, it's permanently on my rod.
  13. Thanks for the replies so it 's just a different type of perch than.
  14. This fish I caught off of Oregon coast, can someone tell me what it is. I suspect it's some kind of perch, but have never caught this one before. I caught it at a place that has very steep shoreline and it gets deep quick.
  15. The sheath to me just plain sucks for the looks... I would like a more slim design without the excess plastic if possible.