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  1. There is no comparison to what JC offers and what you bring when it come to providing meaningful contributions to both his posts and his replies to others. He wins hands down.
  2. I just liked this picture, I can't ever remember a Striper ever doing this to me before to this extent when I think about it.
  3. That was some awesome video, thanks for putting it up !
  4. This post was completely hi-jacked. I am beginning to think that Mr. O's agenda is to do that on every post he responds to with his long 10 letter words to illicit a response and so he can then continue to troll with more outrageous replies to keep things going. I suspect this is his own form of entertainment that is being conducted at the expense of all the legitimate posts and replies of those who try to comply with the true intentions that this forum was created for, to inform, educate and promote comradery.
  5. Adding people to the ignore list is doing us a favor, that means you don't get to reply to anything we post and for that I thank you. Here is my issue with your big long reply to my last fishing report post, you are ranting about everything this forum is all about and personally I resent that, not that it was about my post in particular, your reply violates every principle this forum tries to promote and it shows your true colors and if it were up to me you would get put on the ultimate ignore list, I would ban you in a heartbeat.
  6. That was a lot about nothing. Do us all a favor and shut up !
  7. Today was the first time this year that Stan, Mike and I were able to all fish together this year and once it was a good for all of us. I was the first on the water since I woke up earlier than I wanted and since I knew I would not get back to sleep I found myself walking into the water around 4:30 am. Mike was the second on scene at around 5:00 am and Stan showed at the scheduled time of 5:30 am. I looked at the weather yesterday and it was forecast for winds 11 to 12 mph for the whole day. When I got out of the car I knew instantly it was a lot more than that, it was very srtrong and seemed straight west which was actually a better wind direction. Low was at 3:23 am so it was incoming for a little bit more than a hour and that gave me a good idea of where to start and know I could ewade back safely without getting trapped on a bar as the water came in. With the water low it was a good walk across the flat to get into deeper fishable water and being a long distance from the beach exposed me to the strong wind at my back. This made for a tougher backcast but shooting line was a snap. I think it was about 10 minutes before I felt a slight bump and a few casts later I was into my first fish, it was rather small. Once again I started with the same fly I ended my last outing on, the Brown, Olive and While Clouser. I picked up another small fish a few minutes later, this bumped the fly twice before it finally committed. Shortly after releasing the fish when i looked over my shoulder I could see Mike walking onto the beach. It is always good to be able to give the second person on the scene a report of a few fish, I always found it discouraging to say or receive a report of "nothing yet". The sunrise was a bit colorful this morning and the wind kept the wave action flat, my concern with a strong offshore breeze is sometime it pushes everything, the bait and the fish way out. We did not see bait all day but the fish were around. It did not take Mike long for him to pick up his first fish of the day and he to started with the same fly he use on his last time fishing. He was fishing a deciever style fly since the water was still relatively low. Stan did not take long before he was on the board with his first fish, I know it was a clouser but I am not sure of the color, Iknow later in the day he tried a yellow & White and did well with that. I think one of the things that makes for a good outing is to know that everyone gets on the board. This was my best fish of the day. My first 8 fish came on the Brown, Olive and White and then I switched up to The Brown, PInk and White becsue that color combo was very good to me all of last year on the various Sandwich beaches. I think today it produced a dozen, The fish today would on occasion with some authority and others would tap it two or three times before they would take, When they did they always ate the fly well. Many times with Stripers it is one and done on hits but today they would follow and hit more than once so it was very important not to set but just keep the fly moving and contact. The three of us covered a lot off beach and we were very pleased to see how things looked when the water had come up enough to show us deeper holding pools that looked like the place to be as more fish will find their way to this beach as the summer progresses. It was more than a few hours before we saw any other people on the beach this morning, that is the way I like it, it was very cool with the strong breeze and normally what happens as it gets warmer is the wind picks up but today as it got warmer the wind laid down substantially. When it started to get real warm I got my last fish, it was not all that big but I think it was trying to tell me it time to make it a wrap for the day and head to Dunkins. I think it did it's own version a death spiral. This is what happens when all the line does not go into the stripping basket. The walk back to the car was a long slow one in the heat and when we got to Dunkins the line said forget it and get in the car and head home and dodge the traffic before it got bad. It was 10:30 am when we left the beach and 11:00 am when we all headed our separate ways. I did my local Dunkins.
  8. I used LL bean for a long time and finally gave up on them. I then bought a pair of the Orvis Silver Sonics and they lasted three years before i had issue. I extended their life for another year with repairs and then bought a second new pair; I did fix the first pair again and they don't leak now and they serve as my backup pair. What did was I filled the them inside out and had a Sharpy and circled all the spots that leaked or seeped. I them emptied the water out and turned them inside out to dry. I turned back right side out and covered all the circles with Aqua Seal. I have used them a few times to check the repairs an so far so good. This repair technique is hard to do when they are your only waders because of the time involved.
  9. I don't see any need to go with a different length, shorter rods mean you will work harder. I think that would be the resonse from the vast majority of people fishing back country.
  10. I second the Mangrove, it is to me perfect rod for fishing in Florida on the beach for all the fish you mention. I have a home on Sanibel and fish when I visit most every day and have taken Snook up 43 inches on the beach with this rod. I have mine, a 9 ft 8 wt matched up with a Lamson Guru HD 3. and a Rio Intermediate Tropical 10 ft clear sink tip. I think this is a great line for the beach, I don't like floating lines unless I am in a boat doing the backcountry. I am telling you what I use, the rod and line are pretty cut and dry for me, the reel I have is great but for you there are a lot of good reels on the market that won't break the bank, Don't go bargain basement on the reel, big Snook will make you regret it. A good drag is very important. Good luck on your new adventure.
  11. Mike I like Cumbie's also, they actually have good coffee and you sure can't beat the price, $1.00 for any size. You have to make it yourself but that's okay, at least you know it is made the right way if you don't drink it Black. I wish they had better Donuts however. The Dark Side does have it's advantage. I will be out and about and keep my eye open for Ya .
  12. There is no end in sight !
  13. jeez Oly you never said that about me but guess at my age I am what you might just call me a lost cause.
  14. I was wondering if it would be possible for you to petition the powers that be if you can request that you avatar designation be changed from "me" to "stuffed animal". I think that would be more fitting on so many levels.
  15. I agree that when it comes to tying clousers people do have different styles or ways of making them, I guess for simplification the two I would point out would be the traditional style compared to the Hi-Tie clouser. That may give a bit of a different profile but in a situation such as yesterday it would be hard to say why one person was catching and the other two could not. Two of the three were using virtually the same color and style and the third was a different color while the tie style was very close. I think when it comes to the clouser I believe it was made more so to perform in a certain fashion and my guess would be to work sort of in a jigging action and to ride upside down to be bounced along the bottom and not get hung up. That is just my guess. As I also said the three of us were in very close proximity of each other so it was easy for each of us to fish in the same location. I was also getting fish at the far end of the cast and any place in between as I stripped the fly in. It is possible that it could also be another situation of my watching the fly line and seeing the hit as opposed to feeling it.