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  1. Tom it is that time of the year as you say when one fish can make the day. I always found that in most cases the 22" inch mark is the magic mark between a good fight and quality fight.
  2. I would not waste my time going to Wiggins Pass since the fishing is restricted to very little beach and that area is full of bait people. Not much wading area left. The three areas I would look at is Barefoot Beach in Naples, it is just the other side of Wiggins Pass but you have about 2 miles of beach to fish before you reach Wiggins. Other two areas I have heard of is called Doctors Pass, I have not fished it however, The last one I have fished is Lovers Key State Park with lots of wadeable water. If you goggle it you will get a good idea of where to park and the channel that goes out to the beach. The parking is an honor system. This can be a very good place if the wind is right. I think Barefoot or Lovers Key would be a much better choice than Wiggins.
  3. I have been building my leaders wiilth bimini twists for a good number of years now and the only noticible difference I ever encountered was when I used mono as opposed to flouro. I found that flouro seemed to be a bit more harder to use because the surface was not as slick and would grab. I think early on I was using Vanish and that was the worse. I am also convinced that cheap mono may at times cause issues. My question is does it only happen a certain times when you use the same material, if it does then I think it simply comes down to the tension being wrong on that knot and if that is the case, I simply start over. I think anyone who a makes a bimini will run into this. On a side note, I can’t see how it would hurt to wet the knot during construction, there is nothing to loose by trying that
  4. I always found it special to go back to an area that I had not been back to in a long time, especially when you have some success.
  5. The Finssport is my car the best fly fly box/wallet I have found to carry a good number of flies in a minimal amount of space. Extremely durable and water proof.
  6. Capt. I think maybe fly lines could be a good example of the how the use of something should be measured in hours much like an outboard motor. I have some fly lines that just don’t get to go for a dip that often that are much older than 3 years and I am just as confident in that line today as the day I put in on the reel. Heavy use and wear and tear will take its toll and a simple good rule to follow is to try and inspect and clean any fly after use ASAP. I always believed that if I got what was a good product that lasted as long as my expectations I was a satisfied customer. The value of inspecting lines regularly can also prove to be a good investment in time to avoid a bad incident. One of the constant hazards of salt water fly fishing always involves at some point when walking on rocky beaches and that combined with studs on wading boots can trash a new fly line on day one. Daily inspections help to discover things like this on a new or seasoned lined that still has life left in it if compromised by a accident or wear.
  7. I think the only time I had an issue with a factory loop on the end of my fly line says going into my third season of heavy use of an intermediate fly line when the coating of the fly line cracked to the core. I was fortunate to notice it before disaster struck and I just cut it off and did a field repair using a small perfection loop to get me through the day. I made a permanent loop repair using three small nail knots spaced evenly with a nail knot tool with 14 lb mono and a coating of flexible head cement. That loop is still running strong. When line companies first started adding built in loops they were not made or designed well and it was not long before they were upgraded. I am also a firm believer in planned obsolescence and many products are built for a certain lifespan. Fly lines are one of those products and built more for the casual guy who might fish as many ten weekends on nice days as well as one or two weeks on a vacation which does not compare to what a hardcore fly guy does each season. I personally am like a few others that also mentioned they will use the factory loop right out of the box and up to now I have no reason to think I would ever change.
  8. Nice job tk, happy 4th .
  9. Albacized, it feels good just to talk about Sanibel since I can’ be there to fish it. This is a kick in the pants because I would have been there the same time you are. We would have had some fun. Fly lines first, I like to use my 250 grain at Blind Pass at first light and carry my intermediate for later in the morning. Blind Pass is the only place I use my 250 and only if I know I will start there, other than that I only use my intermediate, I never fish a floating on the beach, as you know Blind Pass parking lot is small and you need to get there early to get a parking spot. As stated the bridge to the island is $6 and the parking is $5 an hour. They have kiosks at all the public lots and they take cash as well as debit or credit cards. I tell people to always do 4 hours minimum. I will usually fish close to the bridge first if I get there early enough or as close as I can at first light without crowding anyone, especially if it might be a local fly guy. The second place that I would recommend would be Bowman’s Beach. When I was there in the spring the beach structure was good either direction. My first time to Bowmans each year I always went to the right and fished my way down the beach for a mile or more. Going to the right first will keep the sun at you back so I would stay back a bit from the water. Going to the left you would walk into the sun and usually be fishing deeper water and once the sun is up a bit your sight fishing chances are better. It would also be less crowded, it seems like the shelters like to always go right. Going left you could walk miles of beach and it can all be good. I dont know know what you wade in, at Blind I wade barefoot because of the waves and small shells and they always gets in the wading boots and at Bowman’s I will wear boots. These are the only two beaches I would fish, lots of water for the amount of time your there. I don’t know much about the water conditions or Red Tide situation but from my last contact with my friend Pete who also works at Norms fly shop has been seeing and catching some nice fish, he just got a 42 1/2 inch the other day. I hope you get a chance to stop into Norms fly shop, Norm will not be there due to personal reasons but Pete might be if you lucky. Pete a short guy who looks like a beach fly fisher and can be a wealth of information if You approach him the right way. Keep it casual to start. If it is a real tall guy that would be Doug and he talks a good game but really doesn’t fish that much due to back issues now but still knows a lot, if it is a younger guy, that would be Norms son Travis, he doesn’t fish much. The place I go to for my coffee and donuts is Baileys General Store. Great iced coffee and all kinds of pastry. Baileys is at the very end of Periwinkle on tihe left in Baileys Plaza. Baileys hardware store has a fishing section and it is where I buy all my leader material if I need it, cheapest prices on the island. I think I covered everything and I hope this helps. Catch the first one for me and if you do go into Norms tell whoever is there Dick Perry said hello. Good Luck
  10. I tried to do this once but I have no idea where it ended up so I will try one more time. I did not bring my phone or anything to the hospital on my first day since I thought I was only going to be here one day. I got a new iPad for Father’s Day so I finally had my wife bring in to learn how to use it. I find it impossible to try and do this when I had her bring in my iPhone . Anyway, my one day stay has turned into 8 days and counting and I think my time here may last until Friday. It turns out I had a bad aspiration event and was rushed to the ICU at MASS GENERAL four days and then returned to Mass Eye & Ear for continued treatment and more tests. I will decide next week on what my final procedure be. Let’s hope this posts this time.
  11. I think like anything else you use the right tool for the job and that includes hooks. Over the years things change on the tool you feel is needed. Different size hooks for different patterns, species specific. For strippers I used 1/0 and 2/0 but the last 6 or 7 Year’s my hook choice has been a size 1 for over 90 % of my flies. Not going to get into hook makers. I think that we’re a fish is hooked that’s more important when combined with how the fish is fought than it is about the size the of the hook. When a hook gets straightened out it is because of a very big fish and a bad leverage angle on the fish that is caused by either angler error or just being stuck in a bad place that will not allow a propped angle or position.
  12. Even before tidewaterfly's reply after reading the question was my immediate answer would have been 6 inches as well. I think more often than not my flies, the majority of them run between 3 1/2 to 4 inches. To me a 6 inch fly seems big, to others that my be average. To take it a step further, I would say a beast fly would be in excess of 9 inches, at least for me.
  13. Hi thanks for the kind words, I will at some point reply to all the well wishes. I just want this tread to run it's coarse for awhile and not cause it to bump to the toop all the time. I think this forum for me is a special place and the part I find hard as strange as it may seem is not having anything to post. I will do as I always do and chime in from time to time on others. It"s just at times I seem get bored sitting around the house have and having discipline myself and not become a pain in the butt. As I said I am blessed with a strong family and when I need to get out even if it is to just to sit in the car at the canal, I have every intention of doing that, not only with family but friends as well. I also know there will be a period of time when I will feel much like a vegetable, I sort of remember that, that first time around especially when I used to play poker for money, it was penny poker and it was amazing how long $50 at a time would last. I think the name "Easy Money"was named after me because I would bet and then nod off and my hand would get folded. Thank God we have free poker theses days to keep me busy