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  1. The one thing you might want to do is wait until January and try to hit the Edison NJ fly Fishing show, formerly held in Somerset. I have never been to that particular show but my understanding is it is one one the best and biggest venues on the east coast and that would be your best chance to see, try and get advice on a set up and possibly a very good deal. You certainly have time on your side to make an informed decision.
  2. Let's be honest there is there is more than one type of crap, I for one know all three when I see it. One I try not to step in, the other two I can handle I think that this particular post at this point should be allowed to sort of fade away at this point, it has turned into something it was never intended to be other than a simple fishing report. If anything good is to come out of this post at this point in time I hope it is that people think about what it is they say and how they say it and that they try to respond in a way that is appropriate to the actual post. I will end with this, if someone has a point to make and I will say only as an example such as using different tippet sizes and why it should be done on a separate post and they can even elude to and refer to a different post they read. Then if their post gains traction, it's all good. The upside of that is the original doesn't get hijacked. If someone has a particular problem with me they can send me a PM and we can work it out, I'm an OLD big boy.
  3. These are the things that I picked up on in your reply, the first about crap, I am used to it, your reply is a good example of it. The crap I get is mostly about how I handle fish with gloves, news flash, that is not going to change, there is a reason I wear them and it's not because I think they are fashionable, I have had more than my share of skin cancer surgeries, all I can say is I wet the gloves before I handle the fish so that's all I am going to say about that. As far as recommending that someone go visit another forum instead of this site because there is serious fishing going there, well if it were up to me I would be telling you that I think you should follow your own advice and that you did you last post on this forum.
  4. I don't know if you made a final decision on a P&S yet. You have some good suggestion from some excellent photographers that I could not put myself in the same category. With that being said it doesn't mean I was not able to find a P&S that does everything I had hoped for and them some. I have used about 4 different brands of P&S and one that I really liked was my Olympus but it died when I drowned it. I then decided to to go the waterproof P&S route, not with the attention you using it for that purpose but more as an insurance policy just in case I drop it and it misses my stripping basket. That and I have read to many reviews by people who bought waterproof cameras only to have them get fried when they used it for underwater shots. I'm not poking that bear. I wanted a camera that would give me quality picture because I like taking pictures and enjoy posting them with reports. I read a lot of reviews and then I searched E bay and I think I stumbled on the bargain camera buy of my life. About 3 years ago I bought a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS4. It was on sale in Orange for $150 because nobody wanted Orange, the same camera back then in Silver was $450. Orange is one of may favorite colors so it was a no brainer, that and I thought if I ever dropped the camera the orange would be easier to see and find. This camera does everything I want for great quality pictures for a total amateur and all I use is my software in my computer, Windows Live Photo Gallery to edit them and Paint which also came on my PC for touch ups and resizing after editing. I don't know if you have seen any of my posts or not but if you look in the fly fishing section I have numerous posts with picture and they would give you a very good idea of what this camera will do. I know one thing, if I lost this camera I would do an extensive search to find another to replace it and if I could not find one I think I would look for a later similar model as a replacement. I like it that much. Good Luck on your search
  5. To answer the question, back when I was a kid so we are talking 60 years ago my Dad was the one who would cook the Trout. His was a very simple thing to do. He did the Corn Meal and Flour and would buy Salt Pork and melt it down and deep fry the Trout in it. Messy to do but so good. I think it has been over 50 years since I have taken any fish home however.
  6. Looks like he is practicing his double haul. Handsome boy and he is going to have great teacher.
  7. Hi Mike how's Florida, I hope you're having a good time.
  8. Thread, it's a midge and we fish it dry and wire would not help it float and so we will twitch it slowly on the surface from time to time just to try to get the fish to pay attention. The fish would cruise along the shore and many of the rises would be a slow porpoise and on occasion they would cartwheel out of the water. I think fish were hitting the emergers or the a fly that was skating across the surface. In many cases it was easy to see the direction they were headed so it was just a matter of getting the fly in front of them.
  9. her I find it amazing that you really don't know anything about me but yet somehow you feel you have a lot that you can teach me about all things fly fishing. Keep this in Mind, I am 71 , your going to be 28, I have been fly fishing for 35 years before you were born. Here is what I suggest that you do since you have only been on the forum less than a month, go back through this years posts or even the last six months and look at my posts and then when your done, if you really think there is anything you can teach me that I don't already know or if there is anything that I have not heard before then your free to chime in again, but only after you have done as I suggested. If you do that, I think you may learn something about me, if you don't want to take the time to do that then I do not want to hear from you again.
  10. I almost forgot, I can see you're new to the forum, almost a whole month now, so it''s only right for me to say "Welcome Aboard" and with that , I also agree it is never a good thing to poke any bear, it never usually ends well.
  11. Ftyer Thanks for you input, I don't expect you to agree and I did not think you would so you can just keep doing your thing and I will do mine just like I have been for over 60 years and all with a fly rod.. The only question I would ask is did the thought of a faulty knot ever cross your mind when I said I lost my tippet and fly and that it broke between the 5 x and 6 x. The fish was hooked solid and was on for a bit. Just an FYI, I know who George Harvey is and when It comes to fishing Chalk Streams, I have a son who lives in Boiling Springs PA with the Yellow Breeches at his doorstep and the Big Springs and Letort are not to far away either. I can also say those are not the only streams or rivers I have fished in PA. I visit my son often and he is one hell of a fly fisher, guess who taught him. Like I said , you should know your audience before you jump to conclusions. John We are fishing 11 to 12 ft leaders, I use 6 x, Stan has been using 7 x. Both of the fish Stan caught in my lasts two posts were on 7x. We are fishing a pond as you know so getting a drag free drift is not the issue and as you know Still Water fishing is a whole different ball game. The weather is going to be an issue the next three or four days but our plan is to try again on Tuesday, hopefully we will have more to report. These are a couple quick shots of the Midge fly we have been using. Tied on size 16. Poly wing material for the tail, body black thread, Peacock tied in at Thorax, Grizzly hackle tied before Peacock is wrapped. Wrap hackle behind the Peacock. Very simple fly.
  12. I'll give you a hint, maybe the reason you have not had a good conversation with a good fish is your fishing to heavy a tippet. I will only say one more thing, it always helps to know your audience.
  13. That is awesome, congratulations. The rest of your life now will covered under the category of "Continuing Education"