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  1. I don't fish the ponds as much as I once did but I have settled on a 9 ft 5 wt Mystic reaper or a 9 ft 5 wt Sage Fli. These are the same two rods I use when Stream fishing. I also have a 8 1/2 ft 3 wt Sage Vantage that I will fish in small stream and on the ponds when conditions are right. For the 5's I have the usual floating, a 15 ft sink tip and a 20 ft clear intermediate sink yip with floating running line. For 3 wt just a floating line.
  2. I wish I could help out but I have never fished that area. The only thing I can say about fishing the east Coast that time of the year is the wind can be an issue. Knowing what I know now if I were going to do a charter I think I would look at trying to find a guide to do some Peacocks.
  3. I try never to use the point of one fly to clean the eye of another fly. Rumor has it a needle sharp hook point is the way to go.
  4. I have never had any issues I can think of with regards to a glue/resin causing an issue with it wearing through the leader while fishing a fish. I think for most people the biggest aggravation is caused at the time the fly is about to be tied on. The UV Glues and epoxy's are so hard just unplugging an eye can be a pain in the butt. A simple remedy to this problem is sticking a toothpick in the eye before gluing. This process works great, especially on larger salt water flies.
  5. I find that I have a lot of good luck with my SF Hot Orange Bead Chain Clouser.
  6. One of the things I always have a hard time doing when I take a picture of my Betsy is to get the Chartreuse to actually look like Chartreuse. In many of my shots the fly looks like it is all Yellow in many of the shots. I started playing with my camera using the Micro setting and a small tripod with the timer and I think this picture shows to color combination very well.
  7. One of my favorites, " another release"
  8. I can see how that would be annoying, My Orvis Mirage is sort of like that but not nearly as bad, once I get it set to a point before I start to fish it does not require a lot to fine tune it when I need it on a fish that's talking dirty to me.
  9. I can't speak for the Sci Angler Sonar Cold Water but I will say that I did use the Sci Angler Sonar Tropical version that had a 30 ft clear sink tip with the intermediate running line and for what it's worth I used it about 6 months combined time over a 1 1/2 year period and the running line did develop a number of cracks as well as some in the head. The Cold Water withe the floating running line may well be a different animal for all I know. I will say this much, I have no found a big difference in how a intermediate 30 head that has a floating running line fishes much differently than one with 30 ft head and an intermediate running line. I think your biggest issue is Beans doesn't have may other brands to choose from and the card locks you in. The fact that it's a gift card if there is nothing else you need might make it worth a shot. I will say his much I also mailed my line back to Sci Angler and after two months I got a new one in the mail. You also have that option to fall back on.
  10. I use the boxes in the pictures from shore, they fit very nicely in my my sling packs, the yellow box is sort of a master box to supply the other two when needed I have a number of master boxes. Just to confuse matters I also use one of these. They come in various sizes with bags that seal to keep the flies dry. These are relatively compact and very good for flies like deceivers an clousers.
  11. The boxes with clear covers will allow you to see whats in them and they will be thinner, that is their big advantage. I don't need a clear cover to know what's in the box. One two sided box well stocked for the day should be all you really need for a day on the water. Two clear sided boxes will take up more room also. We all started out as newbies and as we gain more experience we find what works best for each of us. It is a process.
  12. It was a very good show as usual, met lots of friends that I have not seen until last year on the water. It was good to see that all the folks were in a very talkative mood. I think that was because it was a very pleasant day out side and that made everyone feel like they could see the light at the end of the tunnel of this winter.
  13. The name "Sliders" suggest how they should be fished. They are designed to be fished on or just below the surface depending on how fast they are stripped. Not sure they would fish better at night than they would during the day. During a Blitz it doesn't matter, if it's moving, most likely it going to get whacked.
  14. All flies will fall apart, if they are that old they may be brittle and not handle being cast very well. I would save them as suggested as a remembrance.
  15. I think you will get a number of suggestions that will all be good, it really depends on what type of water that you will be fishing. If you are going to be fishing mostly beaches and wading my choice would be the Air-Flo Clear Blue Poly Fuse Intermediate. It is a great line lasts a long time and casts extremely well. I have been this same intermediate since it came on the market many years ago. I get 4 to 5 years out of one line