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  1. Tell Rob that the boss has approached you about he is going to promote Rob to a higher position. Tell Rob to talk to the boss.
  2. That is gonna leave a mark.
  3. Winners don't whine.
  4. Tim, when you smash one of us fools when we step way over the line, don't delete the post. When you zap a post we don't know you did it. Seeing a blank post with the "edited by TimS" is refreshing.
  5. A lot of us have bent over backwards trying to appease the the black delima. Whatever we do is never right or enough. So what is the use of doing it any more. Keep in mind we will never bend over forward.
  6. Nobody will like the person you become after doing that for 2 months.
  7. Commitment costs nothing. If you don't commit to trying to change, you will never change.
  8. Are you only going to use them on your buck-board? They would help keep the noise of the steel tires quiet on the cobblestones.
  9. Most small cameras only need a hole 3/16" hole, not 1/2 inch.
  10. The air in the tires is installed upside down. Drain and refill tires correctly.
  11. Patchyfog that is so wrong. You should be ashamed at your self. How dare you think that could in any way be a Trump Library. Trump puts gold on all his buildings, not the silver looking thing you have there.
  12. From listening to the gun-fire recorded by the body cameras, I don't think the guns didn't run right.He fired small bursts, 15-20 rounds, then nothing for a bit and then another gun (by the sound of it) with a couple short bursts. Then a pause before maybe back to the first gun or maybe a third gun for medium burst or two. There were lots of pauses in the shooting, thank God, it could have been much worse. I think this guy had a plan, but he did not practice enough to get all the efficiency out of his guns. Again, thank God he was not as good as he could have been. From what I have seen about making a gun bump fire does not lead one to look down the sights and aim the gun fire. Again, thank God. If this shooter had kept the rifles semi-auto and fired aimed shots at the people there would be many more casualties. I think we were very lucky he was not a better gunman.
  13. "surrounded by morons" and you come here! Let me show you what that looks like;
  14. I have a Rinnai for going on 12 years now. Not one problem. I installed it myself, had the propane run to it by the propane folks, got it inspected and have not had even one problem. There is over 100 feet of gas line from the buried tank to the water heater. From the 500 gallon tank there is one size flex line that goes to a set of joints, one for the 20KW generator, one water heater, 2 gas fired furnaces, a second rough in for a second water heater (the electric one is still working) and a rough in for a gas cooktop. It was all sized by the installer and passed code.
  15. Maybe not, but I expect it always.