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  1. I am on the Outer Banks NC. What is real confusing is 1/2 NPT calling out a 14 pitch thread.. And the description of what I bought from Amazon saying the outlet is 5/8-18. How in the hell am I expected to get right what everyone else is wrong. Sheesh.
  2. Both of my Nitrogen bottles got knocked over breaking fittings on both gauges. The new gauges I got have different sized fittings than my old gauges. The new ones are 1/2'-18 male . The old ones are smaller. When I look online it is not clear if the 1/2' one shown are indeed an 18-thread. They say 1/2' FNPT, is that 1/2'-18? Will these new couplers handle my old hose male ends?new coupler? Will my hoses plug into the new coupler?
  3. Red sticks it is his ass dial first, that way anybody wanting to get a piece will be stabbed by the pointy end.
  4. 5 hours ago, Mokes said: Remington is coming out with a 10rd detachable mag 12ga. Guaranteed larger mags to follow, but 10 rounds of 00 buck in a mag fed pump? Yeah, AR15s won't be the bad gun for long. It's endless. There is one shotgun that holds 24 12 ga 2 3/4 shells or 40 of the little ones made in Mexico. Your ten ain't nothing.
  5. I am watching the Olympics delayed a day or so. Watching the Japanese women Curling one has to listen to them. I am thankful Cambodia and Laos don't participate in Curling. What a bunch of screeching.
  6. Outer Banks NC Sand for dirt
  7. HDPE HMWPE wire Are used for underground dog fence wire, they all but one come in black, one is yellow. I need about 125' rolls are 1,000'. No blue color at all. The way I understand; I put the wire in the trench with the pipe. I leave one end in the in-ground box where the street cutoff is. I will put a permanent tag on it. I also have an outside junction box where the pipe goes through the foundation. I will coil up some wire in that box also and label it. Is that it? Anything else I am missing? It will be 14 Ga black HMWPE.
  8. Thanks Dave. i read that the color of the wire jacket should be blue. I have never heard of the alphabet that they called out for jacket plastic. Size doesn't matter, neither does the method of laying it, (tape to pipe, lay it in trench, backfill 1/2 before laying, etc). I didn't understand; copper will rot in bare ground but copper coated steel doesn't? I want to put it with the rolled pipe, hopefully my plumber will do it. Anyone got more on this? As I am a moran on this.
  9. I have to replace my water main from the street valve to the house. I need to put a tracer wire of some sort so in the future we can locate the new pipe. What do I use for that?
  10. In Michigan a Doctor was just found guilty of doing such things to young girls, but they girls were under a sheet of blanket. The Doctor was not as brazen as the yoga helper.
  11. The Democrat public housing project is being shown off near where a Confederate statue used to be.
  12. What do those gang signs mean?
  13. That is a gay white perch.
  14. Is "Doing my best." the same as doing it right or correctly?