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  1. Watch Rosenstein closely, every time he starts to tell a lie he bounces in his seat. It is a big tell.
  2. I always liked the bacon fat smeared on a nice roll, more flavor than butter.
  3. anybody fish Earle's landing?
  4. Both, one appetizer and the other main course.
  5. You want to get the warm air out of the folks, get them singing, sing loudly, like church. That will do more than anything else.
  6. Eliminate all but one Halleluja should do it.
  7. This Russia crap takes up space so China can't be talked about. China money might be behind it all. China is dangerous to our republic.
  8. A few days at Avon Pier;
  9. Will it be about the red crosses or white sheets?
  10. Or advise her which bag was the best deal.
  11. driving to close to the ledge edge. The sand colapsed.
  12. 40 some odd fish yesterday and a poo-ton of Sea Mullet Today at noon 20 big Drum had been caught and another shi* ton of Sea Mullet were also caught.
  13. Penn 525 Mag 3 Breakaway LDX 16 lb line tapered leader 18-70 lb Avon Pier 11 30 17;
  14. OK