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  1. i.m in
  2. i like it!
  3. im in
  4. take a old soda or milk bottle, plastic of course, cut it to a flat piece using a heat gun shape the piece around you lure body (use a unpainted body) when formed trim the piece so you can apply and remove off the lure, then use a dremil tool or something to carve in your Mack stripes. when done apply to lure, paint let sit for a few then remove, repeat... make sure to give a light pass of paint or it will run, and let it sit for a bit or it will smudge...
  5. sent
  6. hey bud its me again... i am here to claim another one of your sweet hand mades to add to my Misodese collection...



    23 DAY ST. APT.#2

    FALL RIVE, MA. 02724


    Thanks Rene

  7. and so it ends.... looks to me like JigMan and I are splitting the 2 Misodese.. thanks to all for making some beautiful fish slayers rene
  8. im ready to do my final pick just waiting on Glasshouse dont want to snatch up one he may want... Chunkah got your pencil yesterday. sweet! for fellows who chose mine. I will get the in mail Saturday...
  9. i'll take wvbud22 for my second pick... This list of available plugs can be copied, pasted, and modified as we go along... Glasshouse (2) Kphresh (3) LiveFreeOD (0) wvbud22 (1) TKSurf (0) Chunkah (0) Antagonizer (1) lonellr (1) norcalkat (0) rayndogg19 (2) Seed420 (0) Jigman (0) JGH31 (3) Fishy Fisher (2) Micodese (3) SECOND ROUND wvbud22 (picked) Glasshouse (picked) LiveFreeOD (picked) Fishy Fisher (picked) JGH31 (picked) Seed420 (picked) norcalkat (picked) TKSurf (picked) Kphresh (picked) Antagonizer (picked) Chunkah (picked) rayndogg19 (picked) lonellr Micodese Jigman ..lonellr your up...
  10. thanks Chunkah PM sent...
  11. ok iM not trying to kut the line, but the way i see it im 4th pick and Chunkah is 2nd, and he cannot pick his own.... I choose: CHUNKAH for my first pick.... how could i not! you see that pencil? Its SICK! Let get this show on the road...
  12. oh ok! i have done one of these in the past... thanks
  13. i am so confused right now.... i is this the same where as if the first one with there three chosen they get half of whats left over and second and third each split the remainder... im ,lost lol
  14. here are mine... Rene
  15. i will have final picup later tonight or tommorrow...