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  1. lol where we be going lol
  2. I heard reports of squid in canal .......that be about the right color ?
  3. i was looking for pictures of nuts
  4. there was some good size scup we got like was windy lol heard it was really good yesterday story lol
  5. Ed - I made an offer that was approved by yourself in conjunction w/fishdocs’ family and several SOL regulars congratulated you for doing so.


    And now I wonder where are these going, you should have lowered my offer after double checking their condition - not fully pulling out of the deal we had.


    Sort of seems you got a better offer out side of SOL’s aegis & unless I can get a fuller explanation from you or the family, I might consider a complaint to SOL re your withdrawal, in spite of you returned PP dollars. 

  6. in tbyrd photo....i would fish from the point where you can work the middle with topwater poppers/pencils for distance then shorter casting plugs like shads sb minnows magic swimmers and work the rip or seam the bait moves along the canal and if theres bass to push them they'll end up in the eddys where the bass will come in and smash them ....don't forget jigs...thats a great photo tbyrd posted thats what you need to look for........theres no bad questions
  7. oldman and myself, maybe woody, maybe chuck. couple guys i work with .......we'll be on the left side out somewhat close to the point
  8. dave, I'm still useing your scale
  9. Going 95 south the first exit in ri is Newport ave pawt rt 1 the last exit in mass is rt1 north Attleboro I can meet you there just give me a 1/2 hr notice because of traffic it’s easy on and off 95..........give me a tex about what time or if you can’t make it thanks ed
  10. its good to know where the lobster pots are too, or spots that are loaded with weeds that messes up your jigging , don't just fish the mainland have a game plan for both sides
  11. wright down where the rips are on those days and current ....we started fishing east breaking tides like alot of people and when they turned west we were kinda lost (no game plan) I still know east currents much better. if you pick 5 rips in a couple miles of your parking spot west current and 5 east current you got a game plan....we also look where the rip(current) come closes to the sides so if you can cast 100 yards and theres 80 yards of current your better off ,than casting 100 yards with 30 yards of current at the end of your cast...look for bait
  12. helping each other is what makes the trolls great .......i need help with the fish gods lol I'm still 0-3 lol
  13. I'll pick it up in the mourning 9:30-10am, and PM you my cell now