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  1. nice fish
  2. me and stew would stop at McDonalds every time we got skunked and we would get a fish sandwich they were 1.99 lol next thing i knew there like 4 bucks ....we were going broke had to stop going there lol
  3. tom is surfhunter online
  4. yes please
  5. a fluke's eyes are closer together
  6. yes Atlantic halibut kima's right
  7. Even thimber caught one kooky they swim under the ice everyone knows that
  8. We took a charter out of pt Jude got this one before it got to the river it’s on!
  9. 2nd the bug spray lol
  10. i'm staying away.sad, Narragansett looked so clean today
  11. loaded with brown/red algie piss me off , nasty didn't even fish
  12. Spooks are for may
  13. people love to tell the bad of the canal but as long as you work with people i've never had a problem.....guy next to you gets a fish you stop.........time your cast with the people around you.....alot of great people at the canal
  14. yes, we will miss john . RIP Bernzy