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  1. Hi skitter,hope your feeling ok, I was up your way in March for my grandsons soccer tournament near epping
  2. This will be the 2nd time he has been pardoned, the first time was by the allmighty Tim s
  3. It looks like Trump is going to pardon the NE Patriots
  4. I've painted the numbers on one of my plates 3 years ago, and got to do the other and got a sticker last month
  5. 0-5 I would have to, just like I boo bware
  6. He's baldheaded and vertically challenged
  7. Bob g I know why, it's Greg at the hatchery, he tells the trout who not to go to, he has done this to me for years
  8. That's right Bernie from Ware is back tomorrow, so Bware will be riding the canal again
  9. That miscreant is someone I no, and he has issues, and he's going bald, and he has a little round belly
  10. I stayed home and planed a trip to ware
  11. Joe g was in Korean war, he was on a ship, he had something to do with intelligence, doing that he met some powerful people, and when he came back, he got a judge's job in Boston in a lower court, and worked his way up, if you ever watch the roast the they have in Boston with the lawmakers I think it's st. Patrick day, Joe g is to the left, first row in the front, he told me he has had that seat since day one
  12. Agent 6 7/8
  13. I talked to Joe g today, and he said he was an undercover agent during the Korean war, he got captured and the US did not want him back, so he took a midnight train to Georgia and then to Boston
  14. Joe g, your from North Korea