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  1. I stayed home and planed a trip to ware
  2. Joe g was in Korean war, he was on a ship, he had something to do with intelligence, doing that he met some powerful people, and when he came back, he got a judge's job in Boston in a lower court, and worked his way up, if you ever watch the roast the they have in Boston with the lawmakers I think it's st. Patrick day, Joe g is to the left, first row in the front, he told me he has had that seat since day one
  3. Agent 6 7/8
  4. I talked to Joe g today, and he said he was an undercover agent during the Korean war, he got captured and the US did not want him back, so he took a midnight train to Georgia and then to Boston
  5. Joe g, your from North Korea
  6. Of course they pain, you put your hand in boiling hot water
  7. Growing up in a porugees neighborhood in New bedford,ma. Hot porugees bun with butter, does not get anybetter
  8. First, being a non Boston sports fan, its hard to lesion to Boston sport radio, because most of them are homers, I'm old school also, and I just cannot lesion to a women reporter of sports, most if 9 out of 10 do not belong there, and there only there because they look good and depending what sport there covering there race comes into play and there are men also that do not belong, when WEEI has I'll say Jackie on she is good, I don't like basketball anymore its garbage ball, i dont lesion to a lot of sports radio, its the same thing over and over all day long
  9. I tyed a empire golden spinner for a friend last year and its a go to fly, last week he went out and did not get a thing he put a empie on and bamm, the one he had just tyed was a tequila booby fly
  10. Ware does Bware live, that's a good question, some Ware in Massachusetts, Ware a lot of people have issues
  11. Ditch Jigger, I grew up lest than a mile, from one of the most active spots in new Bedford, Welds square, and I don't hear of the lady's in buzzard bay getting arrested, how many would you say got arrested in Welds square, over the years, and the John's
  12. He has no hair on top, that why he's not listed
  13. Seaing there is no fish in the canal, I have a question, who's hair is better, I'll give you 4 people's name, her we go, president Trump, Korea's, Kim jong um, john tibb president of the Stan gibb tournament, toddman TV commercial personally and canal legend, I say, 1 Kim Hong um, 2 toddman, 3 Trump, 4 John tibb
  14. It wasn't changed last week it was changed on the 8-28, and it's 20 dollars a year not a day pass