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  1. The trash train and the new Cape train run there too.
  2. A kick in the nuts wouldn't affect an old goat,you should know that !
  3. Yes,you are correct,that's Huff,(Bob Langley),which means you probably know me as well,I grew up in H.P.also.
  4. 2 latter day Legends ? worth mentioning - "Huff",unofficial founder and leader of the Lepers and Brad "Hawg Hunter" Poehler,creator of Hawg Hunter lures and also a head Leper,both of whom I knew and fished with.
  5. Inshore Bonito and Albies,10 AM.,encore next Sat. nite 10 PM.
  6. A canvas fish creel at about 14 bucks from Dick's Sporting Goods makes a great plug bag,mines holds 12 pvc tubes and a slew of plugs,also my pliers and headlamp.Can't beat it !
  7. OTC = Over The Counter or Over The Computer ??
  8. Maybe the greatest "spotburners" of all time may have been the legendary canal fishermen of yesteryear,who gave some of the most famous spots their nicknames, (such as Pip's,Portugee Hole,Cribbin,etc.,etc.) ?
  9. In the grand scheme of things today,what difference does it really make if a spot or pole on the canal is mentioned,Whatever highly productive spots have been well known by many for years now and will be that way forever more.What happens at the canal is not because of posts on SOL or any other web site.It's because of the ease of fishing there,the high success rate of catching there,the availability of access there,etc.There's just no more unknown good spots anymore.
  10. Bob,I think you just answered your own question,why didn't anyone report it ? Cuz the ACOE would just ignore it anyway.
  11. Might it be somebody from the Pan Mass group that didn't know better ?
  12. I believe sailing is not allowed in the canal ?
  13. To become a Troll,you must dive into the canal and retrieve a long lost lure,jig, leader or sinker,bring it to any current member and you're in ! The canal being what it is,(Largest underwater tackle shop in the world),this should be simple !
  14. Katharine must be a snakehead,they walk on land,don't they ?
  15. Yup,they charged me the $5.10