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  1. I agree with this. I use a Battle 5000 on a 10'6". Penn puts giant reels on their combos because that's what new people gravitate toward. There's really no reason to go above a 6000 sized Penn for normal surf fishing.
  2. I love seeing stuff like that. I was fishing next to a guy last year who got all upset and gave me his plug because, and I quote, "this stupid popper won't stay on top of the water." It was a Gibbs danny.
  3. Good luck with them
  4. Put a 4 ounce bank sinker in it?
  5. I consider myself a bit of an expert on the subject. Not because I'm a rod builder, but because I break stuff. I've removed dozens of tips from rods with fire without any problems, except the Mojo Surfs which are wrapped on then glued over.
  6. 2 lb test, size 12 hook, super worm, no lead.
  7. If it doesn't, it'll definitely be operator error...
  8. Couldn't be any happier with my picks this time around. Now I just need to find some fish.
  9. Don't dunk these reels....
  10. Just a heads up, walmart's Ozark trail brand is just Yeti stuff with a different name on the side. Same coolers, same hoppers, same tumblers. Buy that for a fraction of the cost and spend the rest of your money beer and bait.
  11. Nevermind pissing in the gene pool. When you raise a few hundred thousand fish per year, you end up with a couple rejects. My favorites are the ones with the bendy spine (I name them all Bumpy) and the 2 headed fish that never really live more than a few hours. I'm not sure what went wrong in that trout's life, but I like him. Normal fish don't have as much characters as the mutants.
  12. If it's something simple like a slug-go you can make a mold out of plaster of Paris quickly
  13. I'll take a Lonellr this time. Your turn @Kphresh mmanolis-0 Seed420-0 Kima-1 Repeter_parker-0 Kryndam-1 Lonellr-0 MrScott-2 Kphresh-2 Antagonizer-1 Eddie 710-1 Round 2 Repeter_parker Kima Kphresh mmanolis MrScott eddieg710 Seed420 lonellr Kryndam Antagonizer
  14. I may be a simpleton, but I use one setup for roughly 80% of my freshwater fishing. 5 foot Daiwa Spinmatic with a Shimano Symetre 750. Reel has one spool of 4 pound mono and one of 6 pound braid. I've caught everything from tiny wild trout to 7 pound bass and 5 pound salmon with it. Why overthink stuff?
  15. I'll take the other glider!