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  1. Whichever week has the nastiest weather
  2. Personally I would go with the heavier model. I have both 10.5' Mojos and I don't like the light one at all. It's too soft for my liking and I always end up dropping fish due to weak hook sets. If a slow action doesn't bother you, the 3/4-4 would probably work nicely for what you want.
  3. I wish I had a dollar for every time one of my knots hit a rock and just exploded. Only happens to me when I tie direct.
  4. I've been considering a 6000 for my Mojo 2-6 and this is the only thing holding me back. Anyone have experience with this combo?
  5. I just tie in a regular bench vice. Holds big hooks a lot better than the fly vice I had, so I stopped using that one.
  6. Told you guys it works
  7. Try it for a darter next
  8. Most fun way is to drop a piece of squid on to some structure with your largemouth bass gear.
  9. Lightweight? This is a 6 and bait set-up. Grab a 12 foot Ugly Stick and the Thunnus.
  10. Use whatever is laying around. Old braid, cheap mono, dacron, it doesn't matter. It's just taking up space anyway.
  11. By far the easiest way to find big seabass is to wait for the season to close then go fluke fishing.
  12. Right on the bottom, about a half inch or so up.
  13. It's extremely noticeable. They scrape all logos and words off the rod with a blade. There's no possible way to mistake one as new. Attached is a picture of one of them, my 9', a warranty return that I found on the auction site.