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  1. I'm sure you'd be able to catch fish, but playing fish on light gear in the canal is a great way to make enemies. These generally aren't very friendly people we're talking about.
  2. I wouldn't mind some extra time.
  3. I've seen it a few times, but never that good. I would sure love to get into a big blitz like that.
  4. I use 20 pound. It would probably take about a mile and a half, the spool on the 302 is huge. I have 300 yards on mine backed with whatever braid I could piece together to fill the void.
  5. You afraid of catching country cooties?
  6. rubberized bail

    For the record, that's not the bail. But to answer the question: backing is only needed if you dont have enough braid to fill the spool. Wrap your line around that rubber about 10 times, making overlaps, then tie a uni knot in it and cinch it down tight. You'll never have the line slip if you do that right.
  7. They arent the best reels seats in the world but they arent going to immediately explode on you either. For what it's worth I've been using Mojos pretty much since they came out and never had a reel seat spin.
  8. A 302 with a bailless kit, a spool full of fireline, and some HT-100 drag washers is a great reel.
  9. The 302 was probably the closest, and definitely my favorite.
  10. I've never found anything that casts farther than a Roberts' Whistler.
  11. The last time I went to test one I got bit off above the leader
  12. Losing them in the ocean. Between bluefish, wind knots, and rocks I cant seem to keep them for more than a half hour.
  13. Why not just tie to the swivel with a uni if you're more confident in that knot?
  14. Have you tried just not cutting it back? That bit of finger wear has never been a problem for me.