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  1. I'm even cheaper. I started making them. I can make a plug easily for less than $5.
  2. If you want 2 rods, I would buy one of the 10'6" Mojos and buy a replacement tip section for the other one. The lighter and heavier ones use the same bottom section so you get 2 rods for the price of one, plus $30 for the replacement tip from their website. That BG would be perfect on it too.
  3. I got half of my reels for less than $100...
  4. How limited is the space? Throw in a pencil and a metal lip and I could make that work for a whole weekend if I didn't break off.
  5. Nope not directed toward you. Personally, I just bought a .280 for deer. Is it November yet?
  6. I also fail to see how a 30 caliber bullet is pretty much the same as a 22 caliber bullet...
  7. The .260 is for all intents and purposes the same as the 6.5mm Creedmoor, the new boutique caliber for range and deer.
  8. He told me we can trade used ones, you just can't make a plug with the intent to sell it here. If someone wanted to trade, for example a reel, you could offer a few used ones out of your bag. That way it's trading some plugs you had and not a commercial operation.
  9. I made a pencil out of foam once. Lasted 4 casts.
  10. I usually don't even bother fishing the incoming
  11. Why not just fish them the way they are instead of swapping the insides?
  12. I have a can of Universal in pearl mist. Most of my plugs get a quick spray with it.
  13. I think the Kalin's Ultimate and Mustad Elite are about the best you can do in that weight range.
  14. For spring gimme a cocahoe on a 3/8 head, a bone sp, and a popper. If I'm going out front I'll throw in a bucktail.