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    Love to fish have 3 kids going upstate
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  1. Sold to Yosco. Thaks SOL
  2. How about 135 its going to cost me alteast 20 to ship.
  3. I recently lost around 50 lb so I no longer need these they're too big. Grundens large Hercules bibs about 3 years old grundens and a Gage jacket extra large I'm 5-10 was between 210 and 230 lb at the time I use this gear. Everthing fit great with plenty of layers. No rips or tears cuffs and all elastic and pull cords all in great shape everything works fine. $175 shipped tyd conus. Thank you
  4. If you can do 350 I'll take em . paypal. Thanks for the consideration Don
  5. I have had those plano container for aleast 4 years now never had any problems. I have dropped banged them around no complaints for me. Little pricey thats about all.
  6. Caught one on a wreck about 200 ft or so out in the south shore of L.I about 3 lbs what nice tasting and pretty good fight.Think your allowed one a day. They dont come up often seen like 2 my whole life.
  7. Lol a friend sent me this.
  8. No problem mix them up gulp colors dont run.
  9. You got it best bottom fishing reel around glws. Take care
  10. Fyi the M after the number stands for 4.1 ratio. If it were 3.6 it would be on the badge unless someone changed the gears. Have a nice day.
  11. Guess you can do 1. 1/2 in and 1. 3/4 would be great thanks.
  12. Like the rings to but gotta look that up. Looks nice
  13. A little to far for me to travel how about I take a couple of each and if its eva no big deal .If its the right stuff I'll get back to you for more. Ill take 2-18=$12 2-16=$8 2-14=$7 2-12=$6 2-6=$3 2-4=$2.50 Comes out to $38.50 . pm me and I'll send over paypal payment. Thank you for tour time.
  14. Pretty sure the decorative stuff is eva.
  15. Well hypalon is very dense. Much heavier than eva. Definitely looking for hypalon have enough of eva. Where are you located?