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    Love to fish have 3 kids going upstate
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    Fishing,Hot Rods,Knives
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    N.Y.S DOT Safety inspector
  1. I do sometimes my friend lives in levitown i can give it to him and you can meet up with him. Let me know
  2. Ozone park. Queens would meet up somewhere in a reasonable distance
  3. For sale a conv lami surf king used like three times. My friend dropped it in the parking lot and 3 of the guide inserts fell out should be a easy fix at the local bait n tackle. Has a nice chevron wrap for a store bought rod. $60 meet up somewhere shipping on buyer should be around $20 bucks
  4. Maybe not is the price for each or for the lot.sorry for the confusion
  5. Sold to Passiton.
  6. I have a ll bean 4pc travel rod 8 to 17 lb. Nice rod with pretty good backbone. Great shape $65 shipped to rhe lower 48 States
  7. Is your VS150 Silver Power Knob still available ?  I will take it if it is.


    1. Queensfisher


      The one i have is aftermarket not sure it will work for a vs150 or any other vanstaal . you didnt ask a  vs one before i answerd you. I have one just like the extra one i have on my newell.

    2. Mike Jamiolkowski

      Mike Jamiolkowski

      Okay thanks - never mind then - need an original.

  8. Brand new in the package.
  9. I have this one in silver $25 shipped
  10. I think i got some also I'll check tomorrow.
  11. No need for over night your going to pay big. I will box it up tonight as soon as i get the money order i will send it out
  12. It doesn't really matter a money order would be fine. Pm me and we can exchange info. Thank you big
  13. I can do $190 shipped would be the best going to cost me around 15 to ship plus paypal fee. Theres really no p235 around flee bay got a beat up one for 225 plus shipping. That should leave you a little room to get a frame. I also have some extra abec 5 bearing for if you buy the reel I'll give you the bearings for extra 10 bucks if you want to upgrade those. Let me know