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    Love to fish have 3 kids going upstate
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    Fishing,Hot Rods,Knives
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    N.Y.S DOT Safety inspector
  1. I havent fished the saltist just yet. It is much more norrow than the fathom.
  2. Im going to keep theae and them to my son. To loose.lol
  3. Bought these never opened most likely I will never use em. $25 shipped or trade for rod building stuff
  4. Yes
  5. Lots of zippers and pockets everywhere
  6. If dont find one I got the red xps from basspro great bag hold alot pockets and zippers everywhere even small spot to hold 4 uncle josh containers. Has a handy small cooler on top enough for 5 bottles of water snacks and a sandwich. Or bait. I got it on fathers day sale 50 bucks free shipping with the 3 or 4 medium tackle boxes included. Really comfortable straps and all padded. Glw your search.
  7. Thats the reflection of the light on the handle in the 2nd to last pic . Not silver coming threw.
  8. No problem the reel is well taken care of . Should be home around 4:00. I will post up some pics. Thanks Don
  9. I have a really nice fathom 12 loaded with #50 suffix braid used around 8 times or so . caught some nice seabass. I have the box and what ever came in it. I can take pics when i get home. I like the narrow spool i have a maxel with narrow spool . I'll offer $60 and the fathom. Let me know thanks. Don
  10. I will wait it out its only 135 not going to break me . Hopefully its all just some kind of crazy mistake.
  11. Yep same address he's been on here a long time I never seen a fake usps money order maybe some how he got a money order from someone else im really trying to give the benefit of doubt I Googled his name and address and his telephone number comes up but I don't want to cross that line just yet
  12. For sure fake just called the bank they its fake im going to give Yosco a lil time before I go to the police.
  13. Just got a returned money order bank said it was fake...should have delt with you nick..whats up yosco. I pmed you
  14. One more try