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  1. I’ll take six please.....Jack
  2. Check's in the mail, Thanks!
  3. I'll take this, mail check when it clears, you ship!.......Jack
  4. Nice pics still a good day, I love the lens on the second picture makes it look like you are on a 8 foot kayak, thanx for sharing!.....Jack
  5. My spin on this is looking at Thule website a newer Forester with aero bars on factory side rails is rated for 100kg bar which is over two hundred pounds Assuming bar means whole rack you still are probably ok with the weight, as for wind load it is the same if there is one or three kayaks mounted vertically, having the weight an extra twenty inches higher might make car more top Heavy but not by much, I routinely haul two Native Propels on my rack laying flat and have hauled four lighter kayaks upright on same rack and noticed no difference. Check out Thule website see what your car is rated for and go ahead with your choices. I think the sunroof car might actually have a stronger side area where rack mounts then a regular roof.....Jack
  6. Sorry, changed mind.....Jack
  7. Maybe a couple test trips, just to be sure ,you can never go too many times, tell the wife you have to do it!.....Jack
  8. I’ve hauled four (10’-12’ yaks) on my suburban on Yakima round bars with the stacker upright in middle and two on each side, went pretty far for camping on Delaware river. Also carried three when I won a kayak by setting it upright in the middle of two sitting upside down on the bars. I always tie the front of yaks to front of truck....Jack
  9. I guess as a "Necessary" I would have to agree with some that you don't need it. I've boated a long time ,and kayaked since 2009, I used VHF myself once when boat was dead in the water and drifting towards breakers, all the other times was when I helped people a few were a sinking boat in Indian River Inlet, again when Coast Guard hailed me to assist a CC RIB vessel helping a swamped family off their boat, helping find a missing kayaker in the Chesapeake, and I called a distress signal for a capsized boat in IR inlet and was surprised how fast Coasties were there, faster then the flounder fleet which was responding. In every situation I just described the VHF radio reached out to the closest vessel or to the Coasties, in a rapid manner of contact. I feel having the radio might help me and I don't want to be a burden, but more importantly the life you save might be someone else, we need to watch out for each other, VHF does that phones let you call your buddies and coast guard, who more then likely is not the nearest vessel. So become part of a community of others looking out for each other or just mind your own business and go your own way......Jack
  10. If you are in trouble and call for help, the boats in and around there are supposed to monitor channel 16, if half of them are they will possibly respond a lot quicker then calling the coast guard, who will also get your VHF signal. If I was going to go in the drink and had to choose , I would always grab the VHF first. I have a whistle, knife, VHF small light and cell phone on my life jacket I wear all the time.....Jack PS : get the highest wattage VHF you can afford makes a difference.
  11. Thank you, PayPal sent!
  12. Marc, will you do twenty on the top one, leave the single hook on, I bought a couple poppers a couple weeks ago, we didn't get around to combine shipping and I didn't want the hooks.....Jack
  13. I have a visicarbon setup with the two LED lights plenty bright almost too much, I don’t see the need for the four LED version plus battery life will be longer with less LEDs. You aren’t really using it to see but to be seen.
  14. St. Croix Mojo surf heavy 6-16 Spinning with a Penn 706z, casts great don’t have any lead over 10oz though, throwing six can be common in rough surf or currents. Bought here used in great shape and very surprised how well it casts lower weights also, it has become my favorite heavy rod, and I have some nice rods....Jack
  15. I’m out, offer withdrawn....Jack