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  1. It can be hard, but get on the list as possible as people do drop off every year. I dropped off after going three years because of heart surgery , RV spots seemed to be harder to get. It's a great tourney, with people helping you find the fish and if you see a bunch of nut cases hanging around eating awesome food you found the Yellow Eyed Devils.
  2. I'm sorry I stand corrected again, I'm not sure why I post, but this will be the last in the this thread, the Trident Ultra is a unimpressive battleship or even a barge, at 29", putting rods easily below deck is not really a smart thing. You do have to cut a hole with a hole saw to put rod tube in, an although an expert considers it a barge, I wouldn't say it is a "beamy" stand up fishing boat. If stand up fishing is what you are looking to do, I would look for something else, although there will disagreement there also. Good luck with your choice, you can PM me if you need anything else, take care boys!.....Jack
  3. One more thing Black dog, the center hatch is about as water tight as they get ,with a large air filled gasket all around and four rubber straps the make it tight,.....Jack
  4. There ya go Al, I think I have one buddy!
  5. I have a 4.3 with the rod pod, New Zealand seat like in the picture, and ice pod. Naysayers all beat up on OK yaks, but the Trident Ultras were built in New Zealand by OK staff that lived for the surf, good rocker, and a bow flare that is scary amazing how it pops up on waves. They are nothing like the Trident 13, the center compartment is a molded tub, that if hatch were to leak or get torn off it can't fill the hull with water, they were the first yak with the now standard OK twist lock front hatches (another new zealand thing), they have molded inserts all over. Not a light weight boat but it is a 14' kayak that with seat comes in at 69 lbs. ,yes I stood on a scale holding it. Most I put in my rod tube were three casting rods about 6.5' to 7', tight fit, I have my fish finder battery mounted at the front and that is where my rods butts sit velcro strapped down, the rod tube is not as heavy as people say , that was a guy here saying how heavy it was but corrected himself later. Beats the hell outta tying stuff down on the deck, or trying to put rods in the front hatch.You can probably tell I love this yak and it is my favorite of the fleet, I fish mostly with a peddle kayak (Native Slayer 13), but I enjoy Paddling much more, feel more connected to the water and less bored, reading to brace in rough water. The biggest con I had with it is the flip flop hatch wasn't needed by me, and was too wide, I ordered the New Zealand optional hatch hinge and built a much better setup for me. So there I just wrote another book about a yak, but you need to know I was commenting on line with Ocean Kayak New Zealand while they were designing the boat, and ordered one as soon as they were available in states, your 2014 is a New Zealand boat should say so on the stern, OK US changed the molds after shutting down the New Zealand branch, not as much rocker and no way to put the Necky/ New Zealand seat in it. Want to see something neat goggle Trident Ultra 4.1, it is the New Zealand version of the original Prowler 13, I wanted one so bad and just couldn't get one shipped to states after they closed. Wow whatta book, gotta go!......Jack
  6. I have four Mustangs we used on the boat, they deployed on our tests (jumping in), automatically, and were very buoyant, I tested them occasionally an they always worked. Fabric is very tough, I didn't have a concern about damage the way they wrap up, I also assume they had an expiration date where the fabric is too aged to be usable. I have not had the Whaler out in a couple years (should sell her) and would test and rearm them before putting on boat. I remember screaming to my friends on my boat to get them on as we were coming in a nasty inlet, they were very easy to put on. All that said I'm a firm believer in standard , as few pockets as possible PFD, as I don't want to assume the "risk" of it working when I need it, and consider them pretty big and in the way trying to get back into a kayak, and they are a once and done thing, if deflated until you rearm, or can blow up partially. If they are the only way some people can kayak , then it's all good. It's not that big a risk in my mind, but I like my vest with VHF radio, small light ,knife and cell phone on it nothing else......Jack
  7. Search Yak-Quacks, my son-in law and God son hunt ducks from yaks a lot, there are some U-tube videos they did in past, they have the boats pretty camoed, as for stainless shotguns I have an all-weather Ruger over and under which is all stainless and synthetic, only made a couple years because of the cost, I love it but have to tape the shiny barrels when goose hunting. The boys usually set up the decoys then drift into a bank for more cover, it's fun jump shooting them on the river, you have to have a "Dog Yak" to fetch downed birds before they go too far......Jack
  8. 12 foot or 14 foot?.....Jack
  9. I have a Native Propel, and the drive is real tough , I have driven into rocks and stuff and it pops out of it's lock or just stops the kayak dead. What you are describing, I'm amazed how well the Native Slayer paddles for the barge it is, but I would stick with a paddle yak, upgrading to a longer thinner yak will make a huge difference in paddling. I went from a OK Trident 11 to a OK Trident Ultra 4.3 (14'), and yak was far superior in every situation, Wilderness makes some nice yaks if that is what you like a Thresher 14 comes to mind, keep the Ride as your backup......Jack
  10. Pedal drives will outperform paddles on similar kayaks, I fish some tournaments and in windy and rough conditions paddling along moving slowly towards your goal, or maybe just holding your own while some guy in a pedal drive kayak passes ya while drinking out of a coffee mug , pretty much cued me in by perhaps the fourth time. I was and still enjoy padding my kayak more then the pedal drive boat I have, but usually take the pedal drive boat out. The two things you brought up clearance and weeds are two of the three biggest drawbacks to pedal boats, third is less reliability and lack of easy bracing compared to a stick with two blades on it. .....Jack
  11. Get the 12 footer, it’s 18” bigger not that big a difference in getting around but will be nicer in the water......Jack
  12. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE and thank you Plumfishing!
  13. I would think buying tomorrow at the very end of the sales month and year , in the very cold weather when no one is really thinking about kayaking is the best time to buy. We need a volunteer to try this out and see if it is true. It also can be the worse time of the year to buy as you are going to be staring at your new ready to go fishing kayak for months until you break down and go out in cold nasty weather, flip, drag it ashore frustrated and sell the damn thing, only to go through the cycle again and again! Guess you can tell I had open heart surgery to install a new valve to increase my kayaking performance ,only to find out doctor said kayaking, lifting, hunting and surf fishing were off my list of things to do until end of year....... only two more days!....jack
  14. You can buy the Scotty mounts both ways sealed and unsealed , I have in the past, no Scotty mounts as picture have a molded bottom they have a cap, hard to tell and checking it can break it. I’ am electrician so weather it is a Scotty mount or a badly cut finger , 3M #33 is the only real electrical tape everything else is crap, tape the mounts.....Jack
  15. Let me get this straight, I see this in the beginning and think I'll jump it to $280, then see it fly up quickly and compliment Belmo and the guys bidding and I've insulted you, for that I'm sorry, but to keep at it when you don't have any idea who I am , well that just ain't right! I wish you a Merry Christmas, and hope this gets back on track for families it helps......jack