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  1. What the heck, it's for a good cause, you guys gonna let me win this, really? $25!
  2. A 9' frenzy kills a 14' ultra, as a bay boat and a 9' boat is good for a beginner who is worried about water getting in his yak to go out fishing in the Chesapeake bay? Thanks for the lesson, I didn't know, bye......jack
  3. Where in the Chessie Bay are you going to fish, area like Kent Narrows can get real rough real quick, I myself would go longer at least 11’ Trident or Scrambler if you are set on an OK brand boat. I have a twenty foot Whaler and a 14’ Trident ultra that I was worried out in the Bay already......Jack
  4. I'll walk with the Juniors! Might just be the angle to get some attention, J-Bay is my fav tourney / hangout! Be kool my Korean Bro!.....jack
  5. The bow is the stand up bar folded down, and electric anchor pole on stern, only thing I noticed on video is when pulling the fish and getting hits the boat leans pretty much with light weight people in it, but I never really noticed how much my boats lean when I'm getting fish, probably just my perception of it. I'm thinking this boat is going to be a hit.....Jack
  6. Seems odd that Swell would call their kayak the "scupper" when Ocean Kayak had a "Scupper Pro" that was nine inches longer, one inch wider at 26", and four pounds lighter at 55lbs. and they look very similar including the hatch straps.The composite version at 37lbs. sounds neat though.....Jack PS Researched more, Swell has every right to the Scupper name as their designer is Tim, the designer of the original scupper and founder of Ocean Kayak.
  7. My favorite ride is still my OK trident Ultra 14, only improvement I wish they would make is to put a pedal drive in the center console area. Most all the pedal drive boats are not what I would consider rough water hulls with rocker and bow flare, and as much as I use my Native Slayer pedal drive, I must admit I really enjoy paddling, not as boring, feel more connected and if a wave comes up suddenly I can brace for it....... I think every kayak ever made needs some improvement and most people buying kayaks are not going in the salt after fish, so they need to build for everyone, but hey whattever floats your kayak, right?.....Jack
  8. Good to see lighter boats showing up, I assume the Pro Angler type of rudder is a huge improvement, clears the rear deck, no snagging on lines and the "tunnel hull" rear might handle following seas better, no front hatch for me isn't kool but hey that's me, seat seems pretty low, maybe not low enough. Killing the Outback sales I see, as for killing all the propeller drives, I think I'm still going with the Liquid Logic or Native Manta Ray 12, specs are about the same, same weight about, price is within a buck, front hatch, and no matter what I've run into the drive is awesome, no repairs yet....But I'm going to check out the Compass.....jack
  9. KISS........Kool Is Still Superior? Sorry couldn't help it!......Jack
  10. I made under hood loops, easily made just take a 12" piece of tie down strap , fold it in half, hold the ends together, then use something like a heated phillips screwdriver to melt a hole through both. open hood on car look along fender edge for a bolt holding fender on, take it out, put bolt through straps with folded loop facing towards engine, reinstall bolt, now hold loop out away from engine, close hood, and you have an excellent tie down point, been using mine on a suburban for years hauling up to five kayaks on roof and no wear marks. I have one on each side. You can do this in about the same time as it took me to type it, and looks way more kool then a pool noodle or rag, and we all know I'm way more good looking and kool then my Bro Kinghong!......Jack
  11. I have a Trident ultra 4.3 the made in New Zealand early version. The good, I think the Ultras are awesome paddling yaks, she performs excellent in snotty water, has good rocker to hull, the the narrow flared bow does pop over waves better then about anything else out there, the enclosed center hatch area is a good idea, I also have some options the Ice Pod, a custom center hatch non rotating, and best of all the New Zealand built in seat with backrest, very comfortable. I have been in water that waves were rolling over side of yak, times waves came over front and hit me in the chest, the boat is way above my capabilities, but is something that I highly recommend. The bad: at 235 I had a wet seat in the 4.3, ( I have heard the 4.7 doesn't have wet seat as bad), the factory rotating hatch for my big legs rubbed them, I bought a New Zealand hinged hatch kit and made a starboard hatch that improved function a lot and gave a lot more leg room. I won a Thresher 14 at J-Bay two years ago and gave it to my best friend, and have paddled it, they are awesome boats also, very similar, not as much rocker, and about 76 pounds I think compared to my Ultra at 68 pounds with the seat (yes I weighed it). I prefer the Ultra over Thresher, but that could just be me, Thresher has a nicer center hatch, although not enclosed inside like Ultra. My ultra doesn't need a rudder and I never saw the need for it , but if you are used to rudders whatever. I don't use the Ultra hardly anymore as I peddle a Slayer in open water, but loaned my Slayer to a nephew at J-Bay last year and kept up and trolled all day in the 4.3, but the paddle was in the way a lot after being used to not having to fiddle with it. The Ultra is a step above the standard Trident in everything as far as I am concerned......Jack
  12. Leaky hatches are not a good thing, people don't latch them and some rely on elastic to work but when up side down in water they leak. I am glad he posted, he admits he screwed up and if one guy sees this and it saves him it is all good. Having a pump is a good thought but using it in that situation would have been difficult, making the hatches more watertight would be better.....Jack