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  1. I may have an extra BL Triflex laying around . I have an older 6625 and I have a newer 6630 the last year they made it. I think they changed it the year after, I got it from a Lami rep that held it for me at a show. I am keeping this one ,I will let you know if I decide to sell the 6625.
  2. Not looking to hijack the thread ....I recently bought a drift sock for fluke and like using it. I was wondering if it’s ever used when anchored to stop the boat from swinging over a piece of bottom. I am thinking Blackfishing?
  3. Looking In the Tri -State area for a ready to go boat trailer for my 20 ft Center Console. Thanks
  4. I saw the rods yesterday . I will pass though. I already have dedicated fluke and sea bass rods. I am impressed with the value of both those tsunami offerings(Slim Wave & Slow pitch). That rod your selling is super light! GLWS
  5. What species did you intend to use it for ? I am going to a B&T tomorrow specifically to look at that line of Tsunami as well as the slim wave
  6. flats

    Can I take you up on the offer? Looking to expand my limited knowledge of fishing the Peconics/North Fork. Plus , I may be better at BBQ & Beer than I am at fishing! I will shoot you a PM for additional info in interested
  7. Geico $300 year included boat us towing unlimited $15k boat
  8. Thanks for the advice with the tachometer.  The setting on the back was off a bit ,not on 2pole.  I moved it to two and back to normal.   Thank you for the advice, much appreciated.



  9. Problem solved.... I took advice from Fishfood and noticed on the back of the tach the setting was off a bit. Placed it square on #2 and problem solved. thanks to all for their input
  10. thanks, good to know . I may be interested in some stuff
  11. I am going to the boat early in the morning and I will give that tach a look. Thank you for your offer , mighty nice of you. I will PM you
  12. I just had the hub replaced so I don’t think that’s the issue anymore
  13. My engine is heavy as well but I never had this problem before. I don’t have trim tabs but I have the engine trimmed down to start then I gradually trim it up. Now wide open throttle is at 7000RPMs and before was at 6500. Depending on conditions like 34mph. Not a very fast boat , these are notoriously heavy outboards but I haven’t had an issue since I bought the boat in April. Like you said...why now not before. Something changed and I have to figure it out. Why cavitation now!