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  1. I was thinking the West Coast mainly on the barrier islands south of the Skyway bridge.
  2. Bridge Tender Since I am not down there during this period of time, I do not know how it's always been. If you do not wish to comment on this open forum, perhaps you could enlighten me via a PM. I am not looking for specific locations, I am just wondering what the Snook fishing is like now. Thanks in advance.
  3. Just wondering how the Snook fishing has been along the beaches of Anna Marie Island and Longboat Key ?? Had good luck there in April before heading home for the summer.
  4. For anyone using the Ikea bag for a drift sock, how are you rigging the line from the yak to the bag?? That is, are you tying directly to the handles and if how, are you using a bridle attached to each handle in order to keep it open in the water?? Thanks in advance for your input.
  5. Hook I Not really, just the type and color of the fly depending on the tide.
  6. Hook, the meet time was supposed to be 5:30 am, but usually either Dick or I are usually early. Stan is always the one honoring the meet time.
  7. Finally bit the bullet and planted everything last week. Only thing that was left was Romaine lettuce that went in Friday. I sure hope it all works out after reading about all the concerns about temps and weather here.
  8. Looks like he moved on to the Main Forum.
  9. I have also have made the habit of watching the fly line at the rod tip for slight grabs by the fish, and believe me, yesterday there was no such movement of the line indicating hits. I am of the opinion that bonefishdick has the innate ability to sniff out the location of fish, and the ability to catch them when no one else can, regardless of flies or tackle used. I also fish with another fly fisherman in Florida who seems to have the same instincts. There may be times where I may catch more fish, but most of the time, I find myself being the "bug rather than the windshield". Don't get me wrong, I love fishing with these guys and always learn something new when I do.
  10. Well written Bonefish and Poulin
  11. rst3, Just curious about your knowledge regarding weather. Are you a meteorologist or do you do this as a hobby? You certainly seem to know your stuff. I apologize if this question has been asked before. Thanks for your efforts in the weather forecasting arena.
  12. The Attleboro Sun newspaper this morning said that the coyotes were 400 feet away form her and the dog which makes more sense to me. She may have seen them down the path and panicked, or thought they were a lot closer than they were.
  13. ZZ, where do you get this fish? Got the one below at Longboat Key.
  14. I only use it as a backup when I am on other peoples boats or when I am using my kayak. I have no need for the advanced features. Mainly want to know where I am.