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  1. Yours
  2. All new. $95 includes shipping & fees.
  3. All new. Never swam. $32 each add $7 for shipping.
  4. All new. 2.5 oz needles and a Wadd $32 each Wadd is $35. Add $7 for S&H.
  5. Got out for an hour before work in Monmouth County. Saved the skunk with one 14 inch bass. Caught in the wash on the shad. Water was clean and bait was present.
  6. Very cool. Thank you for the information wasn’t looking to sell it as much is looking to understand what I had. Thanks again for the education
  7. Boat Report - NoMon for the last hour of outgoing. Tons of birds working the surface. Managed 5 keepers, 1 short and a blue. Biggest was 27lbs. Thought they were gonna make a move towards the beach then a boat cut through the center. I have a feeling the fish will be here for another couple of weeks.
  8. Looking for any information you guys can tell me about this reel manufacturer, value, etc. it was found in a pile of my father in laws fishing equipment. He used to do a bit of fishing in upstate NY as a kid in 50s. Thanks!
  9. Got out on the hook tonight for an hour on either side of slack water. Wasn’t expecting the wind that’s for sure. Weather Underground said <10 but felt like it was a solid 15+. End of the day big ole skunk for me. Hoping I can catch some daytime action in the next 72hrs.
  10. Had one experience fishing a bar at night on the walk back into sure I veered off my original path took one step with my right foot next thing I knew there was no sand underneath me and found myself in moderate current. Luckily I had awaiting belt on so my waiters only filled up from my waist. I was able to use my rod to dig into the sand and bring myself back to shore. Definitely the end of fishing for that day and vowed never to wade a bar at night without someone again.
  11. Last night 830 to 1130. Hit two spots in MoCo, threw the bag, and ended up with the skunk.
  12. Good info. Thank you
  13. Thanks for the info guys. Definitely looks like it could be storm protection but why move them in temporarily??? Another waste of money
  14. Can anybody provide info on the rock piles running parallel to the beach just before the entrance to the hook? I also saw some construction equipment there. Is there hope that they’re building a jetty? I know I’m probably wishing for miracles