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  1. 2100 - 0000. In the back of MoCo. 5 fish ranging from 12-17 lbs. one tiny guy at ~20” and lost 3 others. Not a bad night out for my first one of the year.
  2. Nice fish!
  3. Been lucky I guess. I usually end up with 4 per tube and use plexus glass inserts to separate but haven’t had a chance to build them out yet. Works great on my aquaskinz bag.
  4. Had a similar need myself. I ended up going with the small Gear Up bag and built tubes myself. Haven’t had a chance to put it through the ringer yet but should meet all my needs
  5. What a shame. Always enjoyed reading the Friday report
  6. Very nice!!!! Is that foil?
  7. Impressive!!!
  8. Will you be selling these at Berkeley?
  9. Agreed!!! I think it was a good effort to try and ensure some order but not everyone knew the listed existed and suddenly found themselves behind guys who arrived later than them.
  10. So a topic in the N.J. Forum got me thinking....who’s the greatest plug builder of all time? Lefty, Skippy, Gary Hull, Cyclone, GRS, Musso, Pichney, Black Talon, RM Smith, Fixter....the list can go on forever. Who do you think it is and why?
  11. Lucky winner is post #14 Livefreeordie. You also get these 3 plugs. Send me a PM with your contact info and I’ll get this out tomorrow. Enjoy!!!
  12. Would like to take the opportunity to give something back. I have an extra copy of Doc Muller’s “Surfcaster” and will be giving it away along with a plug of my choosing. A simple, “I’m in” works. Random number generator will pick the winner tomorrow night at 8.
  13. This is great event. My kids always look forward to the trout stocking. Unfortunately, we will miss it this year.... Disney bound.
  14. I didn’t think the Bernie Hoyt presentation was that great. He was supposed to be talking about bucktails and mentioned him for 30 seconds at the beginning of his presentation and 30 seconds at the end. overall, I can’t complain though. A big shout out to the guys at JS ass. Another excellent show!
  15. A pleasure meeting you today. I was the guy in front of you. Black shirt green Jets hat