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  1. Would like to take the opportunity to give something back. I have an extra copy of Doc Muller’s “Surfcaster” and will be giving it away along with a plug of my choosing. A simple, “I’m in” works. Random number generator will pick the winner tomorrow night at 8.
  2. This is great event. My kids always look forward to the trout stocking. Unfortunately, we will miss it this year.... Disney bound.
  3. I didn’t think the Bernie Hoyt presentation was that great. He was supposed to be talking about bucktails and mentioned him for 30 seconds at the beginning of his presentation and 30 seconds at the end. overall, I can’t complain though. A big shout out to the guys at JS ass. Another excellent show!
  4. A pleasure meeting you today. I was the guy in front of you. Black shirt green Jets hat
  5. Mojoe great profile pic!
  6. Nice haul of Fixters. Really impressed with the Big Rock plugs.
  7. Another great show put on by the guys at JSS. Yes, it’s crowded but they do a great job putting quality vendors out there and providing a great set of speakers. What were your thoughts on the speakers? Let’s see what you guys walked away with.
  8. Thanks for all the information.
  9. All depends on your reason for attending. If seminars or stocking up on normal gear are your priority then arriving on time should be fine. If you’re looking to score some hard to find plugs then you definitely want to be there early.
  10. No problem. Incredibly sad. What ever happened was near instantaneous and occurred without warning.
  11. False. A boat operating that far offshore is required to have them.
  12. I was looking for something similar and found the Shimano Coltsniper Walk110 As a possible option. Unfortunately I haven’t had an opportunity to throw it yet to give you positive or negative feedback
  13. Yours
  14. All new. $95 includes shipping & fees.