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  1. guessing they put out a storyline , never thinking it would be this popular and now they have to put things together as they go
  2. this takeoff was great
  3. its like that old joke.. so i was effing this guy in the *** and he turns around and kisses me... what a f ag
  4. i suspect the real(original) morty died- or is in a reality where hes no longer welcome.. thats why in one of his memories hes at a birthday party were mortys age doesnt sync up..he created the mortys to replace him then ,perfected them for sale
  5. im kinda like a cold sore but not yet herpes
  6. well then maybe a compromise is in order...if you would please say sorry to the frank you love
  7. do you all just make things up and repeat them until they become facts..your post never happened..but never fear..the cool winds of fall will soon come and perk up all those nips at the school yard
  8. that was his first try at making a morty..unity leaving and beth(another creation going against him) made him realize he's not in control
  9. why do you hate mikemc
  10. he's the original morty (think Pinocchio) angry that his creator(rick) only thought of him as a product to sell other to other ricks instead of loving him like a grandson(ricks daughter/grand daughter are also creations)
  11. yeah.. in 1969 they flew a tin can to space and the guys shi t in their suits jammed in side by side for a week.. good luck then there was the mission that flew back with no power … and here we are"space troops".. fuqing idiots
  12. grow up
  13. "otter here gona hafta blot up some of his ejaculant"