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  1. .. what was the story behind that, she miscarried then kept the dead fetus around? though to be fair with his cuisine choices im betting red with a little ketchup would have had the kid for lunch
  2. looks like they tossed some boiled/deli ham on top for a Chicago touch
  3. ….clip
  4. reds face need to take the dolphins place
  5. good thing he went with the extended clip
  6. it fine.. I used to make it as a kid with fresh buttermilk
  7. I blame the officer who ass rammed seal and gave him the old cool wip facial,then never bothered to answer any of his texts..he created this mess and we suffer with it..
  8. are you trying to say that pork loin is the result of reds homemade colon smoker? whats wrong with you
  9. with the traffic his ass gets you gotta expect a leaky roid or two
  10. Red's - north carolina
  11. sweet moses
  12. whats wrong with the flowers painted on that plate?