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  1. Well played sir
  2. Thank you jimmy The dating world has been a lot of fun
  3. Thank you Widge, I appreciate that. It was harder for me leading up to the split than it is now that we are done. We are still parents 1st and foremost, there is very little animosity between us if any. I think in the long run we will all be better off. My son has taken to the news quite well, we did our best to explain to him that life is still normal. We tried to share that being happy is the healthiest thing we could do for all of us . He is such a sweet boy, he seems happier now that the tension is gone between his mother and I. Part of me wishes we split a while back, but then we wouldn’t have my daughter. I still get to tuck them in, or wake them up... We both love our kids very much so, they come 1st. Fortunately their mother values family, even though we are not together we are still family.
  4. Glad to see your okay!! Thank you for the well wishes. Yes we we ended our marriage of 9 years, we were together for 15. We grew apart, it wasn’t going to work. We decided that 2 happy parents are better than 2 together parents. I’m still very much involved with both of my kids, the ex and I are better friends now than we have been in a long time.
  5. I’ll take the under
  6. Most likely What mike said, and thank you. I’ve been with the same woman since 2003 never been with a girl shorter than 5-7 I do find short attractive...
  7. Her eyes have multiple colors
  8. She makes me want to be better in every single way... like I said im fuqed
  9. No way she is triple digits Way out of my league but somehow I’m pulling it off thus far
  10. Because of how quickly I’ve fallen for her im all torqued up inside, she is my alarm clock everyday at 5:30 i place too much of my own happiness in a person I’ve know for less than a month but I can’t help it
  11. And she’s 5’ tall im so fuqed
  12. She looks like this but prettier, and younger and prettier
  13. I’m not sure she would appreciate that.. the only pictures I have of her are just of her if I can get one of us I may share. Think rashida jones with white skin and Champaign/blue eyes. And a smile that could end a war
  14. Not my type i like lady types this one is a school teacher, 5’ even, same exact age as me, has a child the same age, lives in the town where I want to live, her family owns scallop boats ( love me some fresh sea scallops ), oh yeah and she effin gorgeous ive been single for less than a year and I’m already nailing my coffin shut
  15. I think I have a keep-her on the line, I’ve always had a hard time with catch and release