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  1. Something as simple as using the the term “ fuq boy “ or stating random tidbits of celeb gossip can be a dead give away. Also so proudly admitting attraction to a woman’s head on a mans body... yes it is gay if he blows you
  2. It is usually understood, no need for questioning some.
  3. Rowan is hot!
  4. Cat selfies are worse. cute puttey though, looks well cared for
  5. It’s all how you work the rake. Where there is one hog there will often be more, once I feel One I work the rake further in. Standard rake has always served me well
  6. Agreed
  7. Yes it’s an app. i can play with my buddies I went to school with. They ship out for 6 months out of the year. it is different in a way when played online. It is a video game after all. As long as the players don’t cheat it’s pretty fair. its great for beginners
  8. It was an overreaction, but honestly good for her. She’s probably had to deal with a lot of bullchit, that guy ate all of it with a swift left
  9. Love them raws
  10. He has all the inside scoop on celebrity gossip too. me thinks he licks dinks Definitely one of the more snooty homos in this forum
  11. Don’t poke the bear or in this case tug the gorilla
  12. Clam pies at robs house for dinner, then a shucking party after for our canal cod trip 2018!! Even Greenland cod will know of our chum slick. if we shuck them, they will come
  13. Winner