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  1. 1st American Shad! thank you to TYBYRD
  2. Insane good for you me furgeson! great catch
  3. Oh my goodness! How long was the big girl? What state? Congratulations!!!
  4. Now I hope he gets it i vote sea worms
  5. Early April was great i got my new personal best largemouth at 9lbs 2 oz my son smashed his PB by 2lbs with this 7lb 8oz Larry
  6. Never give up!! Teach the young bucks how it’s done!!
  7. Thanks, I’ve been lucky to be able to commit some time to it. my son is a damn bass magnet. My best days are with him. im so glad he was able to land that fish. He has no idea how truely special a fish like that is
  8. Thank you official weight was 7lbs 8 oz 23.25” long
  9. My son with his PB largemouth. He landed a 5lb 9oz the day before
  10. I’ve seen it, smelled it I’d never smoke it... it’s similar to Potpourri
  11. Hi Carl, sounds great! I have it some where if it isn’t saved in my contacts already
  12. Pm sent!
  13. Carl, I’d like to take a look at this i will take it pending inspection also I’d like to look at your lead stash!
  14. This website has a search function. With a little effort you can find answers to any question you may have. The best advice I can give you is learn to make your own decisions, don’t look to others to make them for you. You won’t learn anything otherwise.
  15. You sir are today’s leader of the hen house your mother should be proud