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  1. Very rare Pichney eel skin Conrad
  2. These work great in the old Van Staal bags as does the five compartment “square” tube set from FJ Neill Co. for about $20.
  3. Swivel, I got used to casting a very long leader ( 4 1/2' plus). Tying complicated knots on a rock in the middle of the night with waves and wind beating you in the face isn't the ideal setting for tying said knots even though I can tie most of them fast during perfect conditions. The palomar and improved clinch knots are easy and I can tie each blind folded, and I trust them. Plus, it may only be my perception but I've got to believe that knots going through guides hundreds of times suffer wear a little bit?
  4. I store pre tied leaders/with quality snaps and swivels too and rinse them after every trip. I have reused them many times but when snaps ( Berkeley cross lock and Breakaway) get older and have some continued stress I toss them out. The barrel swivels are used over and over but check them for stress. I retie used leader(s) too after each trip and check my knots and snaps/swivels by pulling them as hard as I think a big bass will. If they pass the test I put them in a small zip lock bag.
  5. I have two Kevlar Nor'easters and I would say they are medium/ fast action particularly the 8 footer. I primarily fish the 8 for schoolies and lighter stuff and the 9' for rigged eels. Great rods.
  6. They look perfect. Slim body so you don’t need a giant eel.
  7. What does your unfinished one look like??
  8. Correct, John Haberek RI plug maker passed away about 12 years ago and his son made plugs for a while after father passed but gave it up a few years later to pursue his career. Great guys and great plugs !
  9. My first choice too
  10. Habs stubby needle
  11. That’s the one!!!
  12. The white slope head conrad and the small white danny are BMs imo. The white darter looks like a older run BM too? The mullet( blue/silver) conrad is definitely a Pichney. All great plugs. I was just looking for Pichney conrad in blue/white as it’s kind of a rare color combo for Pichney
  13. Thank you very much for added pics. I’ll withdraw my bid on blue /white conrad as it is a Beachmaster. Thanks again
  14. Blue /white belly with three trebles
  15. Beachmaster maple spin and 5” Red fin