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  1. I would bet my life that some dip **** Millennial drew this up. Gaming and social media are as critical as oxygen in their dimly lit existences.
  2. Excellent. Can we talk about a custom Redfishkiller blocker now?
  3. iPhone Tim, nothing yet, no ad blocker.
  4. Well done Mr Bagdall. Didnt feel right about slapping Dog until it was moved.
  5. T it should save your text when you get back to the thread. It it saves my curses last night.
  6. Scroll down to the bottom left and click theme and change it to the help me find this ad thing and let him know here if you get a pop up
  7. Lol. My special insight tells me that when the slutty blonde in the black frilly hat there that everyone wants to bang starts kicking out illegitimate rugrats and at least half of the other deadbeats in this pic default on their free money mortgages that old Georgie will simply rub his uncle's lucky crow and everything will pay for itself, yes? Have a great turkey day Steve.
  8. My favorite part of this whole "Net Neutrality" kerfuffle is reading the hysterical shrieks of the dim-witted Millennial hordes who have swallowed hook line and sinker the whole "They're gonna THROTTLE US!!!!" narrative that has been live-lined to them by their god-like Lib triumvirate of Obama Leftists, Facebook, and Twitter. Altogether now, in the whiniest 21st Century self-entitled little bitch voice imaginable: "I LITERALLY CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE THAT THIS IS HAPPENING TO ME RIGHT NOW...." Calm down kiddies, everything is gonna be fine, its called free market competition.
  9. Or just throw Moles down to Franks room.