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  1. Hopefully he was paid to sit through this disasterfest of Irish caterwauling.
  2. Get out of the 70’s old man.
  3. There was a hilarious vid on twitt yesterday (I know, being there lowered my testosterone level ) of a group of "migrant youths" at La Guardia who had just been flown in from a TX concentration camp, all of gang-banger age, strutting through the terminal with matching black hoodies pulled up over their heads as far as possible. I'd go and check YT to see if its there yet but I'm fresh out of tampons.
  4. The one in the middle is crew?
  5. Outstanding.
  6. Ya but c'mon, didn't she preface it with "put a shirt skirt on" or something? I forget the exact quote but it was something like that.
  7. Pretty sure it's an oblique reference to the the whole "Trump wants to bang his daughter" thing. Again.
  8. Fox is doing a one hour special about him tonight at nine, they've already run some cool retrospective stuff of his life. Incredible that he could drive, they had some hilarious footage of him in his tricked out van that he drove with basically one hand.
  9. I made it to about the halfway point and that was when he mentioned her.
  10. Uh, no.
  11. Another brilliant troll by AC, mass triggering the insane Left with their own content.