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  1. China is mad at JJ Reddick this morning:
  2. The are both equally insufferable douches, probably should just get married. Pretty sure she doesn't like the D though.
  3. Navionics. One time charge 10 bucks, it is outstanding.
  4. Its what Laura Ingraham told LeBron to do. Now she's a racist of course.
  5. Technically RI requires photo id but they’re not fanatic about it? http://sos.ri.gov/divisions/elections/Voters/voter-id
  6. “More Guns Less Crime” By John Lott.
  7. Absolutely agree with that.
  8. Yup, just did some googling, I wasn’t imagining it, they are going there. Interview with the dude playing him: https://www.google.com/amp/s/bc.marfeel.com/amp/www.spoilertv.com/2018/02/waco-rich-ting-interview.html
  9. Not sure if you’re watching this Waco series that’s running now but I just watched episode 4 (recorded) last night and I’m pretty sure they worked it in. Scene with an Asian looking sniper who was asking (repeatedly) for permission to cap one of Koreshes’ followers who came outside to bury his gf’s fathers body (permission was denied btw). Dont think I would have noticed it if you didn’t mention it yesterday. It’ll be interesting to see if they bring it up again.
  10. I’m blaming you for this. Your’re the official assbaby doorman/bouncer.
  11. Not sure about the “his” part.
  12. Red you wearing diving flippers? It lightens up on the paddling and gives ya more control.