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  1. We’ll have to dig him up.
  2. Yessir Dog, the Bishops do most of the wet work, but we’ve reached the point where a Cardinal or two needs to go away as well.
  3. Good American (some South American) barbeque. I’m talking good now, not the crap you guys are always half-assing on your Webers and strutting off about in here. Followed by Italian, Thai, and Scezuan chinks, in no particular order.
  4. Terry, the guy that got me into hunting (my dads bud, dad didn’t hunt) was big into trains. Thought he had an impressive setup but it was nothing like what your Dad had there, wow. Hope things are getting better for you bud, dealing with all this must be difficult beyond words. Best.
  5. Lol. At least ten years older than me. The mother must have been in her 90’s.
  6. Who gives a ****? What company do you work for? When I was with AT&T I had a chance to go to three but wasn’t lucky in the intra regional lottery we had. I can think of about 10 broads that did go and didn’t know who was playing until they got there. The Super Bowl is attended by 99% casual fans today. Actual fans know this. Thanks for making my point. I revise my earlier post, you couldn’t name two teams from each conference. You should really give this up.
  7. Keep emoting your nonsense.
  8. If we were in person (can't do it online he'd cheat) the OP and the rest of whiners here wouldn't be able to name five active NFL players, the positions they play and the teams they play for. Fake fans. Faux outrage. Give it a rest already.
  9. It’s becoming an annual tradition like no other. Non-NFL fans ranting faux outrage and boycotting games they don’t watch in the first place.
  10. Thanks. She gets a lot of looks when we’re out and about, she’s a perfect specimen and we live in pretty good bird country. Can’t overstate how much she loves people. One day a woman saw me walking her in a restaurant parking lot and asked me if I could bring her over to meet her mother who it turned out was aging and sickly (she’d spotted her and was a big dog person). Took her over and almost on cue, like it was planned, she gently put her head right on her lap (she was in a wheelchair). We visited for a bit, didn’t really think much of it as it was happening but as I was loading her up to head home the daughter came back over to me balling her eyes out and hugged me. She said her mom hadn’t smiled like that in over a year. There is simply nothing like a dog.
  11. *edit. like kicking a kitten, I’ll stop.
  12. Watching vagina hating Prog fuqboys like you fail to engage Ann Coulter on anything beyond her slender build will never not be funny.
  13. Effen Raider made me look. I could post it but I like most of you.
  14. Didn't realize he was ten, he really does still look like a pup. ^^great pic Red. I've told you before, I don't know how you do it bud. The balloon analogy is perfect btw.