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  1. All-star 1418 , if you can find one.
  2. No, to much is no good, it's ok to wipe em. I'm gonna pm you.
  3. Do you have the schematics for that reel, the 7500? Make sure the first two washers off the drag are sitting this )(
  4. If you have another Abu, borrow some shims from it, and add to your 7500 to see if that helps.
  5. As fish happy said, have you looked in the end caps for the shims....sounds like there not in there, usually around two/ three in each
  6. I'll take it
  7. If that's $25. Shipped, I'll take the mixed lot
  8. Is there any validity to the direction of spiral "It should be opposite" of your reel handle ?
  9. Morning, I can't help with a rod, but I can help with a reel. I have a daiwa emblem pro x 5000 in Very good shape, the newer model, only one spool. The spool is filled with what seems to be 40-60 lb. power pro. I switched handles with an older em pro, but it is perfectly functional.(different color). 5-1 ratio. The reel is 9/10 appearance and mechanical. You're welcome to it.... Just PM your addy, and I'll get it out ASAP
  10. I don't use em much, but when I do, and what I've seen others do is a steady fast retrieve skipping across the surface...blues love em.
  11. Pretty sure there's solar chargers out there..
  12. That rod will be just fine, if your new to conventional, I would spool the reel up with mono and practice, practice, practice...
  13. Black n white striper Thanks
  14. I'll take the abu
  15. Skeeter,.. St Croix Mojo's... 9'- mss90mm2 - 3/4 - 4 10'6- mms106mm2 - 3/4- 4 Both of these rods are moderate action, to the best of my knowledge, both have composite tip sections (glass, graphite). Might serve you well..