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  1. Wish I bought more when he sold them last time he was at Berkeley.
  2. Peanut Walker I think Andrew calls it.
  3. Any chance you may be planning a run of either of these?
  4. Thanks! PM coming.
  5. As far as the pencils, can't go wrong with white/redhead!
  6. How about $20 shipped each?
  7. Both are new. Some minor storage marks on chin of pikie and some light rust on hook. All other marks are camera glare. Danny weighs 3oz and is 6.25 inches and pikie is 1.8oz and is 5.25 inches. $22 for the pair. All payment forms accepted.
  8. New. 1.6oz and 8 inches long. They will be furnished with VMC 96326PS 4X strong trebles and a dressed VMC siwash tail hook. $25 shipped each. All payment forms accepted.
  9. Thanks! PM coming.
  10. No, it actually swims and they have caught as well.
  11. New. 12oz and 10.5 inches. Ships as is. $75 shipped. All payment forms accepted.
  12. Thanks! PM coming.
  13. Both are NIP. 1.5oz and 5.5 inches. $21 shipped each. All payment forms accepted.
  14. New. 1.5oz and 4 inches. $21 shipped. All payment forms accepted.
  15. Thanks! PM coming.