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  1. Top is 1oz and 5.5 inches and bottom 2 are 2oz and 6.75 inches. $35 shipped for the lot. All payment forms accepted.
  2. I aquired this in a plug trade and has not seen any use by me. It is in excellent condition. $55 shipped. All payment forms accepted.
  3. I don't think so, but I'll look.
  4. Thanks! PM coming.
  5. NIP. $18 shipped. All payment forms accepted.
  6. All 3 are new. Super heavy duty hardware. 9oz and the body is 7 inches. $11 shipped each or $28 shipped for all 3. All payment forms accepted.
  7. OnTheFish gets these.
  8. I have this one.
  9. Let me know which one/ones you want and PM your mailing info. Thanks!
  10. All are new. Bottom 2 are earlier run. 2oz and 5 inches. $23 shipped each. All payment forms accepted.
  11. Thanks! PM coming.
  12. $25 is the lowest I want to go on the Super8Slick. Thanks though.
  13. Going to drop prices. $19 shipped for the 20lb and $25 shipped for the 50lb.