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  1. Knew it was just going to be a coattail ride from the first one.
  2. Get a Z06 and smoke the doors off your buddy's
  3. I love fishing in the rain, until the next day when the car smells like a Turkish bathhouse from the wet seats and rain gear I was too lazy to take out.
  4. Lol. There coming your way
  5. Cooler is ruined
  6. I had no idea there was a royal wedding until you guys started talking about it.
  7. If I can resist the temptation, I'm going to bypass the stupid fishing and try and focus on getting a big girl, I'll be happy with just one lol
  8. Shoot down to fish after work tonight, hoping to find some peace in the rain. If it doesn't decide to rain all weekend going to try and wrap up the patio and do some landscaping.
  9. If I could afford it I'd add a vette or something cool as a 3rd car.
  10. That is pretty interesting. Maybe just following the bunker trail?
  11. with this group of fish you know there is a decent chance of an absolute hog being mixed in with the others
  12. If they were smaller fish, I'd agree, but these were all solid fish, I don't think I could get bored of that ever lol
  13. Used to find them at the shows, but I'm pretty sure you can find them eBay in any color you want. Biggest weakfish I caught was on a black shad...
  14. Cool, think that's the first tagged bass I've ever caught
  15. I have no idea, I didn't even notice that until I saw the pic lol. Looks like it might be a lesion or parasite? I was throwing them back as fast as I could to keep catching