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  1. The right leg is definitely weaker than the left. Tried walking on tippy toes and couldn't even do it. Have appointment with real back doc tomorrow.
  2. Not much for sales, but could spend hours walking around JR Cigars lol. They do have some good deals on sampler packs once in a while
  3. Yes that's how I feel right now, sucks.
  4. Borrowed a TENS unit from my dad, used it last night and seemed like it helped relax it, but today the pain is even worse, the muscle relaxers just make me groggy don't do much for the pain.
  5. I only take the Taurus out, the explorer has an even worse seating position. The center console we have has been recycled for years, when it was in the crown Vic it was fine, penlty of room in those things. I tried doing the lumbar thing in the car, but it didn't realize seem to help
  6. When I was going to PT after shoulder surgery, i mentioned to my PT that I had back problems, and if there it was a slow day he would put me on the spinal decompression machine. That thing felt amazing, basically strapped you into a table and had a harness around your waist that was attached to the machine that would winch your hips and stretch out the spine.
  7. Best thing in life brother! God bless your little guy
  8. Amen brother, that belt is a killer. We have been trying to get the tac vests approved to be able to alleviate some of the weight from the belt to the vest but looks too scary for the town. I have a foam roller, just never use it because it hurts lol. Going to have to dust it off. I went to the accupuncture guy before, it actually helped a little. The office he is in has a chiro who is useless, but the massage therapist is awesome and brutal, but she wasn't in today unfortunately. Great info guys, much appreciated
  9. Thanks guys, got some relaxers from the doc. My buddy who had surgery for it gave me a list of stretches that helped him. Right now I found that leaning my lower back against the wall with my legs extened in front of me feels great, so that's what I'm going to do for a while lol
  10. No, but I did 2 20 hours stints in the patrol car with only a 6 hour break in between this week. The gun digging into the hip in that cramped seat I'm sure is the culprit
  11. Yeah made an appointment already, just like to hear how people that have it deal with it, besides just taking muscle relaxers. I went to doc two years ago, and mri showed 2 bulging discs, he told me it's not that bad so I don't recommend getting an epiduralz better off just dealing with it.
  12. I knew a guy that fished for them at the hook years ago during the summer, he would get some monsters, but this was before it was cool and social media, so no one knew about it. Craziest thing he got was a 3 ft Mako.