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  1. Casualties once semi auto rifles are banned will skyrocket. Say hello to all the truck attacks and homemade bombs
  2. Snook is another excellent choice for tacos
  3. Not to mention all the time and testing I'm sure it takes just to get a consistent design that actually swims good and lasts more than a couple of bluefish. There is a reason Afterhours, Fixters, GRS etc. are so sought after by guys that actually fish their plugs, there all tough as nails and catch fish, it's just a shame the prices have been driven up by the flippers and collectors.
  4. ^that looks awesome. I like em simple, last summer with all the porgies I was grilling them, putting em on the tortilla, top with home made salsa and shredded lettuce. Can eat those things all day
  5. I wouldn't blame him for selling it that much, the flippers are getting 70-80 for darters.
  6. That much huh. Glad I went home and slept then
  7. Wish I would have went just to get a AH darter at cost, I don't do well with crowds though
  8. That sounds hideous
  9. I was just talking about this with my buddy last week. His son is 9 and started wrestling last year, he said at first he was kinda just going through the motions, then this year something snapped and he became super aggressive and got the competitive mentality. (I've seen videos and the kid is pretty good!) But yeah I think it's possible for kids to turn on that switch.
  10. L.A. Noire, another classic for ps3 and Xbox 360. Post WWII LA detective. The best part of the game is studying people's faces while interviewing them and trying to figure out if they are lying or have more to tell etc. They recently released a remastered version for the new systems, definitely worth checking out.
  11. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiceeee.
  12. PS4 Pro + Samsung 4k you can absolutely tell the difference in picture quality in the games that are optimized for it, not only the higher resolution but faster frame rate. Same goes for watching 4k content on Netflix and Amazon, even though it's not mind blowing there is a noticable difference when the resolution dips from 2160 to 1080.
  13. Great game. Like living in an old Western movie.
  14. You should try snow boarding...on the highway at 2am with zero reflective gear on.
  15. Damn I was thinking about doing a patio by myself. Was it just the amount of physical labor that was hard?