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  1. Show is becoming unbearable, but at least koral is going to be dead, hopefully.
  2. Iron fist is absolutely THE worst show I've ever watched. The piece of crap actor they got to play him could have at least did some sit ups to match the role.
  3. Best character, the fight scenes in Daredevil with him we're nuts. The other marvel shows suck pretty bad
  4. Surprised this is still going on. It was a bad shoot instigated by poorly trained/inept cop, however due to circumstances not murder. Hopefully the shooter never works in law enforcement again, because he seriously does not belong in the position of having someone else's life in his hands. JoeyZ, while I appreciate your position, you are horrible arguing it, no offense.
  5. Spermecetti before it got filled in
  6. I don't think there is anything warmer then the army surplus green thermals. Smartwool is definitely more comfortable though.
  7. The kast gear are no where near their worth at $80, and they are just like any other "waterproof glove" once they get wet it doesn't take long for the cold to make it's way to your hands. If they were 30 bucks they would be a decent buy, but only if you went up a size and wore a glove liner underneath.
  8. My problem with the situation is the severe lack or improper language and communication skills used by the cop on top of the really bad method of getting them close enough to secure them. Simple lift your shirt up and do a 360, hands on top of head and walk backwards to the sound of my voice would have been much easier and tactically safer. Partner would have cuffed them while you covered the door way. This kid just oozed rooky and cockiness, (even when his partner says clear, he responded no your not clear. Wtf) wouldn't be surprised if he had less than 5 years on and a laundry list of IA complaints.
  9. The **** if I know, never seen or heard anything like that before. The whole thing is bewildering
  10. Prime example of someone who should never been hired as a cop
  11. Caught a 40" bass that weighed 18lbs and and a 34" bass that weighed 21lbs within a few casts of one another, difference was the 34" bass had about 4 full grown bunker in it's stomach and looked like a little pig. A 20lb 32" bass is possible
  12. I couldn't find my thermometer so was going by the probably highly innacurate thermometer on the grill itself which was reading around 200, probably was closer to around 150-170 though
  13. It's addicting, just want to smoke every thing lol
  14. PVC tube is the way to go
  15. Learned from my mistakes when I smoked salmon, second go around this time with steelhead. Brined overnight in water/kosher salt/ brown sugar/black pepper/garlic powder/onion powder/ ginger powder/ chilli powder. Got a really nice pellicle by leaving it outside to dry on a cold windy day, smoked for 2 hours on the charcoal brinkmann. Came out great, wish I had more than 1 fish!