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  1. John makes some very nice lures and his gliders catch.
  2. Happy 4th jig man. I'll reach for a blue/white and a yellow/white.
  3. Thanks for the URI site very good pictures and info. I agree looks just like their picture of a male Lone Star tick.
  4. These are what I put on my Revo in front of the middle hatch and behind the seat. It makes it much easier to move the boat around.
  5. You may get some help posting in the Delmarva regional forum.
  6. Specs posted on Facebook said 55lbs.
  7. Agreed if your gonna have them then have them angle out.
  8. Keep me in the loop.
  9. Safety in pairs find a partner if possible.
  10. Welcome to the site and the discussion Jim. You have answered a lot of questions and concerns. I'm looking forward to checking this boat out when it makes it to the NY area.
  11. I haven't been there (Peconic) in years. Took a peek online looks there are new owners as of 2017. And yes Jim was quite the character.
  12. Can't go wrong with Mike and Gabby at Empire in Island Park. Peconic is still on going despite their annual going out of business announcement.
  13. I like the bigger volume bow on my paddle SIK ( a Coaster) it allows me to float over swells/chop easily and keeps me drier. If the boat is designed to track well I don't think a larger volume bow like the ScupPro would be that much of a hindrance in wind.
  14. I'd be interested in both sizes.