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  1. You could try soaking them in WD40.
  2. I'll take #4 and #3 please.
  3. I disagree with rathrbefishn's opinion on 2wd. I understand about the front wheel drive being further away from the waters edge but I think you want the tongue weight on the rear wheel drive for better traction on the ramp.
  4. Brutal conditions. Congrats to the winners and finishers.
  5. Sounds like they tried to cut between the lighthouse and the point. Very lucky guys and a BIG thanks to all the responders good job!!!!!
  6. We used to hit the rock piles and lighthouse blackfishing but I remember some crazy guys going out into the gut with the skiffs. Was always amazed they made it back alive. I still stop out there at the end of the street when I visit my mother in East Marion. As frazerp says the east end is changing and not for the better but I still consider it a pretty special place.
  7. Remember the launch they had out at Orient Point that was crazy? Load yourself and gear in the boat and then they sent you into the water on that railroad track sled contraption.
  8. My preference is to share my info with a few good friends.
  9. Sorry about your father passing. Sounds like you have a lot of memories to hold onto and treasure.
  10. You guys think Mayfield is a franchise quarterback?
  11. Same here.
  12. #2 please
  13. Hope the weather warms up a little next week forecast calls for highs below 50o some days just 44o for a high.