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  1. Looking forward to seeing everyone in the AM. Stop by Fish On!! and say Hi !
  2. I asked if you wanted them. You took the pretty yellow and orange ones
  3. I like the idea of not putting out the desserts until after the auction. I know Derrick busts his butt getting donations and I also believe the people that do donate really enjoy seeing the winner so excited to win their donation. I know I do. The look on Juan's little ones face when she won that purse I donated was absolutely priceless! The kids were great and did a pretty awesome job of keeping it moving. Attention adult ticket holders
  4. Ben Lippen
  5. Don't forget clocks go ahead Saturday night for daylight savings
  6. Thank you! I’ve had mortgage lifter and black rim in my garden in the past. Delicious
  7. I would love to try some if you have any left. Purple or yellow tend to be my favorites along with the Jersey beefsteaks.
  8. I've got some dried ghost peppers for you
  9. We’re buddies now Frank. I’ll make pineapple cake just for you next fling
  10. Asbury Park Fishing Club 26th Annual Fishing Show. Sunday March 11, 2018 9:00 am - 2:00 Convention Hall 1300 Ocean Ave Asbury Park NJ See you there!
  11. Always great to see you John! Congratulations on winning the 50/50 !!
  12. What a wonderful day! Was great seeing everyone, although we really missed a few. Food was fantastic as usual, the kids did such an awesome job with the auction that next year CaroleS and I are just going to watch and let them do it. Now I’m going to relax with a special gift. Thanks Hwsmike!
  13. Missed you too Shaky!
  14. The last couple of years there have been sooo many desserts. The Pineapple cake just got lost.
  15. OK I can't scroll back through all of this to find the quotes I need and tag them, so heads up........ JMB= I'll also make potato salad along with the mac n cheese and bring the stands and trays. Derrick= I'll have something for the auction. Not sure what but at minimum a plug or two . HwsMike= can I pay you to bring me some of your awesome sangria to celebrate my birthday? I promise not to bring the container inside