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  1. i loved it like the other shows too
  2. excellent post
  3. wait until you meet robot me. Probably start building my robot in two weeks.
  4. whats your background can you write code? If so what languages
  5. your real doll is about to get alot more complicated.
  6. not migrant workers every one
  7. seals demise is eminent he will be banned before the end of 1018 Mark my words Bellringer Notradamus of the world wide web.
  8. thats about 25 years away
  9. respectfully offer 50 dollars less than the starting bid.
  10. Any of you guys know anything about robotics or automation? How about AI? How many of you that don't plan on having a job in ten years? It's coming and I'm talking like farm to factory disruption.
  11. sounds like bs to me
  12. I might take you up on that.
  13. he learned the true power of the mC55. I am on my last one.
  14. Fished the usual spot today with my buddy daryl in the snow. 2-5 we lit them up pretty good. most fish around 20, the fish were bigger than last week