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  1. I'm jealous.
  2. wake me up when it hits 50.
  3. i will take you up on that. My one big issue is we definitely need to have one night of beer drinking at the camp site. maybe saturday.
  4. this is how i role throwing a buck in there at a place i eat at once a week makes it so my order is right and if i ask for extras they give it to me free usually. A little kindness can go a long way.
  5. i was thinking about getting the one they have on sale now for trout and crappy.
  6. that is the plan. At least i think it is. Im targeting the the 13th to the 17th for now. I may have to change it so i don't want to commit once i know i don't have to change it i will put a crew together. probably do a couple week days at the canal and then fish the area those guys fish on the weekend.
  7. what did you get?
  8. I'm talking philly area.
  9. Guys with all of the new people getting into fly fishing we could use some fly donations for the food fling. We are looking for any pattern for any type of fish. Even if your not a great tier the Flys would be appreciated. A new guys just need some to fish with in the past the fly donations and fly fishing stuff were a big hit. This year there are even more members getting into fly fishing. You can send the flys to Derrick or even better you can bring them to the fling. We have a chines style auction the proceeds go to two great causes the SRSA KIDS fishing and the berkley striper club youth fund. thanks.
  10. It's mostly a bait game starts off with blood worms and moves to chunks once the herring show up. I don't usually hit the river that much because i don't like wait and bait and during the time the bloods are the bait you end up blowing through them because of white perch and cat fish. Back when you could still catch herring chunking them was pretty good for big fish. I bet once the herring show up you would have a better chance of plugging.
  11. You left out Super Bowl champs.
  12. Dude was from delaware typical suburb trash.
  13. it's also going to kill the other river guys chances because every one gets them confused.
  14. Som logos i made goofing around for troll fest