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  1. For stripers, blues and albies - Super Strike darter (stripers) Daiwa SP minnow " YoZuri mag darter " Acme Kastmaster (blues) Hogy epoxy minnow (albies)
  2. I'll take them for $55, paypal, shipped to 10024.
  3. Rocco, Small world. That's a picture of the plug you gave to Ed on the Vineyard.
  4. Thanks. That's it.
  5. Looking for help in identifying the maker or model of this lure. Thanks.
  6. Great ingenuity and craftsmanship and an inspiration to all tinkerers.
  7. I offer $100 for the Shimano Ultegra 5500 (as a back up for mine that has the regular bail).
  8. How about meeting halfway at $37.50, shipped, for the Rio Outbound Short Floater?
  9. How about $35, shipped, for the Rio Outbound Short Floater?
  10. How about $40 for the 247 shipped to 02568?
  11. How about $70 shipped to 02568?
  12. I'll take lot 1. PM details.
  13. How about $20, paypal, shipped to 10024?