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  1. Thanks to everyone for the advice. I spoke to St. Croix about the broken tip and they will send me a new one for $35 without my having to send in the broken one. I'd heard that they would not replace broken rod butts, but will contact them again to see if I can get a full replacement.
  2. My Mojo Surf (MSS110MHMF2), purchased from a third party, was broken as shown (and in the tip portion) during shipping via the USPS and I will file a claim. I have ordered a new tip from St. Croix. In the meantime i'd like advice on how to try to repair the break shown below. Thanks.
  3. I generally fish two rods, both in sand spikes, one close in the surf and the other further out. Both reels are baitrunners and I use circle hooks. I sometimes have a different bait on the rods such as a bunker chunk on one and a live eel on the other.
  4. Great use of those old FIJI water bottles.
  5. I am a big fan of the Knipex and carry a pair in my 4X4 and another in my bag when on a boat where they were once used to get a treble out a friend's ear.
  6. Payment sent.
  7. I'll take it for $40 shipped if TravisVT does not.
  8. What's the VIN for a Carfax report?
  9. Thanks for the info. I will give them a try this season.
  10. Just purchased Breakaway Impact Shields as part of a package. Does anyone here have experience in using them? Thanks.
  11. The Bluefish Cookbook, by Jane Alexander (the actress) and Greta Jacobs, contains dozens of recipes - some very creative - for preparing bluefish. Recipes include chowders, fish cakes, fritters, smoked bluefish, bluefish pate and many more.
  12. Just saw your picture with the 44.8 pound striper you caught in 2015. I hope the surf belts come with some of that mojo.
  13. Just saw your picture with the 44.8 bass you caught in 2015.  I hope the belts have some of that mojo!

  14. I have been using only Super Strike darters but like the look and reputation of CCW's darters and will try them this season.