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  1. It happens here too.. I get your point of view..People just show up and don't appreciate when they catch a big bass...It sucks that they ruin it for the people that DO appreciate it.
  2. Don't send them here!! We have our quota....In addition to other assorted jerks and slobs...
  3. Google it..its a
  4. ****ing Out Of Towners..Another term for Shoobies here in South Joisey
  5. My son is 13 and lives fishing. When he doesn't have a line in the water he's watching vids of fishing. He's dying to go. He doesn't even care if he catches, he just loves to be around anyone fishing. I would love to take him but it sounds like FOOTs have a bullseye on them.
  6. Who cares..Hillary didn't win #winning
  7. Schools of rays and I'm assuming flounder since I caught one right as I took the screenshots
  8. Yep been seeing them the last 2 weeks in Great Bay..Really cool to see them gliding just under the surface.
  9. Brand new. I used it once on the front lawn for my PA 12 but don't like it. $110 Local Pickup Hammonton/Folsom
  10. Thats pretty slick..Wonder how it will hold up
  11. Nice catch! I love my classic IMX's
  12. I bought a new pack of Gulp and one of them was cracked...Probably a day past the warranty..stupid Hobie..LOL
  13. Really sorry to read that...
  14. Exactly. 3000 size is perfect.
  15. I agree the EX6 are kinda strange. I have a GLX JWR, Greenwater, and 4 original IMX rods and they all balance perfect (if it even matters). I fished the EX6 and didn't notice any extra distance or ease with the weight forward tip design. I like the Greenwater a lot and will be picking up another soon. I don't worry about balance much. I like the lightest combo I can get.