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  1. I have noticed the same thing.
  2. I have the 5 Black and the voice control works really good. I just keep it on video and hold a fish up for a few seconds,highlight it, then get the pic later. I have a mount on the yak and and head mount. Not sure which I like better yet.
  3. Just curious about the stability.
  4. Have you tried standing in it yet?
  5. Thanks everyone I'm going to try the Simms
  6. You will love it. I just got a 7TI and the 7" screen is really nice.
  7. Got it thanks. I've always worn the long sleeve shirts but never gave my face a second thought until now.
  8. After my buddy came back from the Dr with a chunk cut off his face Im thinking its time to get a sun mask. Was looking at the Gillz and Aftco. Should I be going crazy researching or are they all pretty much the same?
  9. Sorry thought this was locked..they are long gone
  10. Well its certainly been a learning experience so far. Tying those small 12-14 size flies is interesting! It took me a while but I'm starting to get the idea.
  11. Interesting..I'll give those a try too...
  12. Thanks for the ideas..I tied a few tonight. Should be enough to start with.
  13. Great thanks everyone. I thought I was going to need some real tiny hooks.
  14. Can you guys suggest a few patterns to try for some stocked lake trout? I've never targeted them before but want to give it a shot. The smallest hooks I have are #10.
  15. Yep. That's my situation exactly. Only store nearby is Orvis. I have a Recon and like it. I'm looking for a new 6wt and will either get another Recon or take a chance on a Sage or Scott without casting it.