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  1. Tried something did not work. l'm in the wrong place.
  2. This is going good and on the positive side, keep posting as you use the reel. l guess l will never get one don't have dumb luck. .
  3. From the album 55 Years of Stripbass Fishing

    Early VS side cover removing tool (round cover) VS100/150 & VS200/250.
  4. Very little lose if it doesn't work, box of dye, and if it does work spray the knob with a clear coat and remove excess with cleaner on a rag enough will stay in the pores to seal it. Post if you do it.
  5. l like you have been using PP for a long time but l never got a bad batch, in either 20-30-or 40# test but l guess it could happen.
  6. OnTheFish nice jig, seems like everyone is putting a lot of work it there plugs.
  7. That was a shame, you had it going and you did a nice job making and painting, once painted never put in the sun or oven, as pint starts to dry and and skin forms and plug starts to heat up gases will start to build up from wood and what left of sap in the wood then you will get blisters and paint job is shot.
  8. Try the dye, take handle knob apart de-grease nobe then wash with hot water & soap rinse with hot water, then go with what l told you to do in my last post. lf it don't take then go to paint, and if it take it will look like the rest of the reel. lf you decide to try wear rubber gloves other wise you will have matching colored fingers.
  9. l did rod building, and rebuilding, from 2000 until 2010 as a hobby, been building my own rods since the 60s. Complete build up to 9ft with all your component parts $100.00, above 9ft $125.00, rebuild $150.00. w/your components. There was no warranty on my part for any of the component parts that you bough, once it's in your hands it's yours. l have replaced a tip, a guide or two because the owner had broken it for free, glass brakes take it up with Blank Mfg. Rebuilds have no warranty's at all, you cant see if the blanks is on it's last leg, and the customer has to under stand that. Had a good following and did good as a pass time.
  10. Pant wont hold up, you could try to dye it, after it was part made and anodized at the factory and if it wasn't being dyed they don't have to sealed it being it is silver , sealing only lock in the dye other wise it's not needed, buy a box of Rit - dye any color you like and give it a shot, all that is needed is a pot, box of dye a quart of water ( best to use distilled water ) this will only work on alum. that anodized, regular alum. stock and nothing will happen. l have done anodizing and coloring, the easiest part is coloring (dyeing Alum.) Glass pot to hold a 1 quart water Box of dye One quart of distilled water heat water to 180 deg. mix in dye keep water at that temp. hang part on wire swirl part around ,the longer the part sits in the dye the darker the color will get. There is a sealer that is done after dyeing, same way as the dyeing, don't remember name of seal, do a search on you tube, that's how l got started, your not dealing with anodizing process (no acid involved) just the coloring and sealing end of it, if it doesn't take it will look the same as when you started you can not harm the anodizing. lf you try hope it take. Found this, what l have anodized, black tools l dyed, also gold (penn gold that i mixed to get that color) VS tools that l made a while ago for early VS100/150 will work with later reels.
  11. Nice catch, had that happen to me in 1995 once, now make my own and never had one fail since.
  12. All that is missing is the weight of the reels, great info, there is a big jump between 3000 / 4000 / 5000 it means a lot when pairing reel to a rod. My 2 cents but still great info. l would be looking at 3000 or 4000.