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  1. Been using this for a long time tough as nails, over cork tape or right over the blank. And like hobobob l run a rough sand paper through the whole wrap a couple of times. horizontally, and diagonally if you want some texture if thats what you want..
  2. This was my mentor in the late 50s his name was Moishe owner of Moishe's tackel shop in Coney lsland NY where l also live at that time as a teenager , look at what rod blank he is using, he made me my first surf rod on a Harnell 9ft blank before l new how to make rods,
  3. Turn one of the solid body the into a flap tail, l did that they cast great tail lays flat to the body on cast, tail make quit a bit of splash when retrieving the plug. Couldn't find a picture of one that l had made.
  4. As a young boy in 1950 l went to Sea Cadet classes, l was let in but l couldn't attend all the functions because l couldn't afford the Sea Cadet uniform. But as farther l did do the Boy Scout thing with my sons, couple of years of it. Yes bag still going strong, was sewn with clear fly tying tread. Water runs right though it being it's a mesh.
  5. Memory lane with that Creek Chub darter.
  6. Can you post a video from your PC video file that you made and add it to your post, or must it go though a second party, and then use the link.
  7. Looking good.
  8. That is a great idea, would go well with a ghetto rod reel combo low cost. Once when going bass fishing one early morning passed a big beach umbrella one that you could see though on the side off an off ramp, hum what could l do with that, while fishing it hit me a surf bags, made three one for each of my fishing sons only 2 fished and one for me, shoulder strap car set belts with quick release, that was in 1995, all 3 bags are still in use, and when l fished others new who it was by the bag, good or bad thing ? Almost wreaked my wife's sowing machine.
  9. Form Ben

    **Edit - I would still like you to tell me where we are missing the mark..

    Not going to make any more comments on this reel, that's why i'm PM you.

    Missing the mark is when you come out with Slammer 1/2/3 and so on even with other models, you seen to miss the mark on the inner working of your reels, i'm not going to type a laundry list, you work for Penn so you see first handed what needed to be done to upgraded the reels. 



  10. Second picture for the bottom is a bait runner reel more parts to the inner workings of the reel like a bait runner drag system, bottom is a regular reel no bait runner drag that's the weight. different.
  11. Your putting words in my mouth, all l said was lt's not out yet give it time, l hope to be proven wrong, l wish Penn great success with this reel.
  12. One bearing that the pinion rode on was not enough in these reels, that was one of the reasons the rotor would wobble after the pinion bore and shaft wore out as water and sand got in, lose nut would also do it, but that wasn't the case with the guys l fished with, there was two groups 10 to 15 in each group, soon as we started having problems with rotor wobbling and had to change pinion gear and spool shafts it got costly, because no pinion support, so they come to me because of my back ground, what can we do so this wont happen again or at lest prolong it, that's when l can up with what i'm going to show you and what l showed Penn 30 yrs ago. Things l had to do and buy for the fix. No coast out my pocket other then my time the group payed for the reamers and l did the rest no charge to them the first time around. And if they bough a new reel the mod was done before it had seen water. 1) make line bore guide bushing so l could bore bridge support, 2) order 2 step reamer, 3) bore pinion half way, then line bore bridge using line bore guide bushing and 2nd reamer, almost there, next make pinion sleeve long enough to fit in the pinion that l bored and also lone enough that it will engage the bridge, make support brass bushing to be pressed into bridge, now put it all together and you have a pinion that is supported on both ends. Now to the picture part, you will see pinions before and after with sleeve and without, houseing that was line bored and bushing in place, this reel is a Penn 650ss, also did the mods 450/450. What you see is what l showed Penn but on a new 650ss it also made the reel a lot smoother with the support, so from here on i'll let the pictures do the talking. even did double dog mod on these reel, last picture all in place other then the rotor, now pinion rock solid. l know that makes a reel tick and l'm able to see weak spots, from these old work horses the basic reel has changed little, oh yes water proofing a AR bearing.
  13. Ben will be right back have to dig out my Penn bin box. to show you the mod that l did back then.
  14. When you don't know that things do or why it would make a different that's the kind of answer you would get. lt's not out yet give it time, l hope to be proven wrong, l wish Penn great success with this reel. Like l said before l stop buying penn in the 80s, wait l did buy the SLAMMER when they came out, that lasted a week went back to the store. l'm not going into details as to that is wrong with there reels and what could be done to fix them, they know well ahead what could fail. lf they didn't learn form there past shame on them, this will go on year after years. ln the late 90s to the early 2000 l bough 2 reel still have them today and fished them hard back then, just did the math for twenty years it brakes down to less then 20.00 dollar pr reel for year, and spent less then 200.00 in parts, over that time, all inner parts are what can with when l bought them, wore out some line roller and the line roller bearing changed some seals and to day still going strong. So with that lets see what time will tell with there new reel.
  15. Got it. l bought up that subject with penn in the 80s when l was working PA, there 650ss reels had no pinion support and there was bridge, rotors would start to wobble within one years time, l had the answer and made the mod to the reel, bought the reel to the plant seen a engineer showed what was done to eliminate the problem and got brushed off with it fine as is. That's when l stopped PENN reels. l would buy one when l think they it right.