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  1. Great Guy . You aint so bad either Animal
  2. i even got Unlimited on my Tow Boats US . For the reasons above . Knock on wood have never used it yet. My brother is retired USCG and I'm A automotive Master Tech. So we are pretty ship shape as far as boat reliability . I just put Simrad 12 inch evo 3 with 4G radar last year . Unbelievable how nice that is
  3. Thats what i do i have a 25 foot well craft Cuddy . I been out but not quite that far but getting closer to the 50 mark .
  4. Justin with his Jiffy Pop popcorn on the left
  5. Cool video . love the gas can pick thats always a fun time .
  6. Last year i put the simrad 12 inch evo 3 with 4g radar . I Love It so much I'm thinking of getting the 7 or 9 inch and removing my furuno Fcv587 . I put there all in one transom mount transducer on works great
  7. i use the $129 Trevala rods and Avet sx for everything . Fluke ,sea bass and eels for stripers at night . Great all around set up . Then i have the Penn Carnage Rods with the Avet Lx for trolling . i would see what you have for storage as far as length . Its always nicer having a clear deck on the way in or out
  8. Did you move or are you on vacation ?
  9. I think when subway started they used to do that but i could be wrong . Im definitely going to use your Dead Donkey Meat Line . My family is half Italian .
  10. I will only buy it where i get my homemade sausage because it has the Pistachios in it . Its kind of a filler meat for me a sub . Hot Capicolla, Genoa salami , mortadella and provolone cheese . Of course some sort of really good roll
  11. Whats the Mater Paul You Constipated
  12. You are the one that posted the Above . So these Douche Nozzles Keep everything . Good looking out for the Future right there
  13. You can be in it and not catch a fish . All that is is a Win A Boat Lottery . HERE is the Kicker Every Googan and we have all been one gets a Fish 36 inches and thinks he is going to Win Kills that fish . Chris Megan and the rest of that on the water gig should be Publicly Stoned . I got cash says Megan couldn't get Fish in a Fish Market