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  1. I have seen porpoises at Block in late September last year if that helps .
  2. I would be all over that i used to fish in front of Taylors since the 80's and there was never even a light on at the property . Now it looks like the ocean house at night . Taylor's security must be afraid of the dark
  3. You ever notice the muzzi don't like to touch your hand when they hand you your change ? They put it on the dollar so there is no direct contact . I always make sure to reach to far to touch them when they do it . Some Americanized ones don't but the New ones do
  4. Watch Hill security can only stop cars not foot traffic and Taylor's can only patrol her property not the sand trail to the Beach
  5. Fell in the rocks at the canal 1 hour into fishing in the day light . Worrying about wrecking the rod and reel and not myself . When i got up i said man my left hand hurts . I pic it up and extend my arm like I'm pointing across the canal my Pinky finger was pointing at the Moon at the second Knuckle . I put it behind my back in disbelief when i looked at it again it was still pointing at the moon . I took a deep breath and put it back into place . Note a Deadly Dick with the hook removed makes a nice splint
  6. You never know when your rig hits bottom thats why we got in it . Cheap money and laughs is what its all about . Tossing down a Grand to the Big boy Tourney . I don't think i can compete YET . The Sol Tourney . Maybe this year we can give out a Feather for the Cap LOL
  7. my boat is 20 minutes from Waterford SpeedBowl . That being said we are Racing in the American Canadian tour 150 Saturday night at Waterford and then i will travel back down on Tuesday to fish . The things we do for Loves .
  8. Fluke till ya puke . Your up against some stiff competition. All the charter boats are in it so they are pretty much pre fishing all week . You never know when your sinker hits bottom though . Get in all the Calcutta's/side bets because they only pay for the biggest Fluke in the tourney . We didn't catch Shat last year hope you do better . All in all it is a great tournament tip for beers so like buck a beer . Plenty of food the day of friday i think its pay food but tip beers . The Fluke Fling is a Shats and Giggles for fun thing . In the past it was Bragging Rights for the top boat/angler
  9. I just got back from the Dominican . Splashed the boat before i left but that was all . My brother took it out local and I'm going next week and will most likley run to Block and or all the way down to Chucktown from Watch Hill . If all is good I'm In . Only thing is i mostly fish weekdays
  10. Tim has a new store that you can get discounts with all the Infraction Points you Collect
  11. Years ago my little one was in a tourney in Plymouth Mass. I had to carry her off the court and no foul was called . They were in 6th grade . She took a breather and i said now go pay that kid back . One of the other girls on her team repaid the favor . The ref must have had a relative on the other team it was so one sided on the calls
  12. He must not of had his dive gear on the boat .
  13. Wow ! Shocked to read this RIP .
  14. Im looking at that storm right now . I think we will be ok flying into Punta Cana at noon