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  1. Im thinking the same thing on my Boat have a few things left to do to launch May 1st . Do i wait longer or put it in the water when i get back from Punta Cana in June ? Last year i put it in the water in April and didn't really catch fish till June .
  2. Stripers should be Chasing Shad up the CT River . I live 2 minutes from the holyoke dam where the shad lift is . I don't see anyone fishing yet because the river is so high .
  3. Im going to start to uncover my boat today . Last year it was in the water at this time .
  4. Great thing but i can imagine Brian saying . All you want is Cheese . Oh and 1/2 Peperonni
  5. Keep that pic and i bet you will move right to the front of a Breachway rotation .
  6. $2200. Westerly/Watch Hill on the Pawcatuck River . One side is Rhode Island the other is CT . New owner wanted 1/2 up last October and remainder by January . This Cat wants to measure with engine up and tip of anchor/pulpit . 1 Car per slip . Been at this marina for 30 years this is most likely the last
  7. 2nd what Kima said . Bought them for when we go to the Dominican. Keeps those fancy drinks Ice Cold in the 85 degree heat with 90 % humidity
  8. Just snowed again in western mass last night . I doubt May 1st will be the splash date
  9. Oh i could post something but I'm real sure Big Brother Tim would edit it . Then i would get more of those go away points with no store to spend them
  10. I live 2 minutes from the Holyoke Dam . My wife asks why i go to Rhode Island to fish ? Simple to get away from her
  11. IF you have the girl in your avatar sit on it like the Pulpit in your Avatar you wouldn't have that problem 6 feet down
  12. I do the same with the collinite fleet . I didn't use the cleaner figuring more wax would be better . I have been using collinite for years Grumbling like a homeless guy under a bridge while I'm applying it
  13. Another Swingers Party ?
  14. So you apply and remove by Hand ? I bought the porter cable that was mentioned on the 1st page last year . Thought it worked pretty good compared to the wool DA style
  15. Boat fish don't count