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  1. Thats weird because the bait i seen had no profile .
  2. I guess a White one would be like catching a Unicorn
  3. I got your picture . LOL . After Prostate cancer surgery i could be a Circus Freak
  4. Black Sea Bass lives don't matter when I'm eating them . There Yummy
  5. Flipper i couldn't spell Pourpisses
  6. One of the auto shops i was working at the uniform delivery guy came in all bandaged up on one hand . I joked what did the other guy look like ? He went to grab a bluefish by the neck and it had a Monster Plug hanging out of the opposite side of the fishes mouth . Messed him up good
  7. I only fish for Black Sea Bass .
  8. It was Scup City on the reefs of Watch Hill late afternoon after the rain moved on . Lots of Rain bait on the electronics as well as visible on the surface . Some small bass on them
  9. Islander and I went to SeaFreaze last Wednesday . $1 a pound for #3 tubes 26 pound box . Tubes are 6-8 inches . I have way to much Squid now . There nice size and the tubes are Thick . Well worth the ride .
  10. Hammered Sea Bass at Block on Tuesday . Limited out on Jumbos in 2 hours 3 guys fishing . Fluke was slow but there . Dolphins near the wind farm . Tried to go back Thursday got about half way and was looking up at waves in a 25 foot boat . Turned around fished local . On the Bait note . Islander and i went to SeaFreeze on Wednesday Squid was $1 a pound 26 pound box of 6-8 inch tubes which are #3 size on there chart . I have WAAAAY too much squid now .
  11. I jumped in 3 times on Monday roughly where they dragged the shark up to show my Cousins kids that there not going to get eaten by a shark . They were down for the week in Westerly . Small craft on Thursday kept us local. A small 5 gallon bucket size Sea Turtle ran into my line on the surface at Old Reef so that was cool to see .
  12. I tried playing water polo with a bunch of 20/30 year olds down the Dominican . Shoulders haven't been the same since that was late May .
  13. W wind 5-10 wave 2-4 as of now