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  1. I take it you guys in jersey got it bad? Sitting in the rockaways drinking beers and saw some heavy lightning towards sandy hook.
  2. Pretty sure that's sop for any fd. Got a stuck elevator, bring the axes. Cat stuck in the tree, get the axes. Downed power line, never know when an axe might be handy.
  3. I'm gonna play a little devils advocate on this. While yes its the same amount, for marketing purposes its not. A half gallon insinuates one container while 2 quarts means 2 containers. I used to go through this with paint all the time. Someone would ask for a half gallon of paint. The price of 2 quarts is about the same as a gallon, so would you rather possibly be short a few oz or have way more.
  4. Nothing a little duct tape can't fix. Or perhaps do a drop ceiling. Oh wait you did that already!
  5. I'm confused. I'm a big ass lover but there's something unnatural about that. I feel like a noncommittal bass chaseing a plug, that takes a swipe and swims away. I might have to see her on all fours to decide.
  6. Curious if anyone has tried aquashield grease in older reels such as a mitchell or crack. Stuff looks tacky enough that it may reduce the Geary feeling, but wondering if it might stiffen the cranking too much.
  7. Did you see members of the uss eldredge or have flashbacks of montauk circa early 80's? Perhaps visions of giant bass?
  8. I hate the jamaica one and rockaway Blvd is not much better. Whitestone is hit and miss. I've had a lot of luck at freeport. There's actually a good one in Manhattan that only does licence and registration renewals. I was in and out within a half hour.
  9. Second the sanding before seasoning. I have a griswold that has the smooth bottom and prefer it over lodge. Nothing sticks to the Griswold while stuff like really sugary bacon will stick in the lodge. Once a patina has built up in lodge you'll have to strip the seasoning off and you'll go through a lot of pads just to get through the seasoning.
  10. That sounds really good I was taught the proper application of it and its pretty good. Most Americans look at it like peanut butter and slather it on. Toast then butter then a very light scraping of vegemite is a beautiful thing. Also imo vegemite is a hell of a lot better than marmite.
  11. Its why I never trust elevators. They have the ability to interrupt the vertical integration of the space-time continuum. They also mess with gravitational space dilation. Never know when the door close button will open a worm hole.
  12. Don't sand first. Sanding will just grind the contaminant into the finish. I would give a good wipe with alcohol before sanding.
  13. Doc, I think you missed the joke I was trying to make. Dr booty- plastic surgeon my ass. No? Swing and a miss.
  14. Wife is out all day tomorrow so taking kids to the zoo then the lemon ice king. Small bbq Sunday but gotta pack it in early as I gotta be at work Monday at 5:45 am
  15. apperantly yes...maybe not yours in particular.