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  1. Probably the most turned on she's been in years.
  2. Do you want me to bring beers? We can work on your smart home project, ill double check your sunroof then smash your echo and take your blanks.
  3. Seeing as the pb I was supposed to go on tomorrow got wrecked, new plan. I'm ona take a trip to Philly, steal belmo's blanks then bash him over the head with the echo. Make sure I destroy the evidence
  4. Also are you aware of how long they live? They'll probably out live you, which isn't really saying much
  5. On the plus their agreeable to you and you won't get flack from us morans.
  6. Just some fyi. From what I gather from the buffs, if its just track nailed to plywood, no landscaping and a basic transformer, it may be worth a few hundred bucks at most. If its got intricate landscaping with mountains, bridges, computer controlled switches and routes, price might go into thousands. I bring this up because lagerheads idea might be a good one if its just nailed down track that can easily be moved. If it's landscaped it'd be very hard to keep some without rerouting stuff and adding on to what you keep.
  7. Half the plan rooned! Just got a call from the capt. Someone smashed into their boat last night!
  8. Smart devices make for dumb people. When I got an smart gone my iq went down by like a thousand.
  9. I wanted to flip it around. Surf tomorrow boat Sunday, but she's sold out Sunday and only had one spot tomorrow.
  10. Put the wires 18" high. Your foot problems will soon be solved.
  11. Their catalog only shows the 9' and 11'4 mudhole same deal. I was thinking of getting the 9' and extending it.
  12. Its Friday roll call time. Lets hear it. Wife is gone for next 12 days so ill be on a all day trip for fluke and sea bass Sunday ill be making up for all the surf fishing I have not been doing this summer.
  13. I want a 10ft glass plugger. I don't like the way graphite handles pencils. Petri has them? What brand?
  14. If you do run overhead, can you please film the part where you leave belmo's rod upright in the truck, forget that its there, then accidently drive under the wires.
  15. Right now I'm home with the kids. I work nights. My job is shut the phone off for an hour, do the job then half hour break, rinse repeat.