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  1. Sold to Dave f pending payment.
  2. Let me set the record straight 1.Multi grain for grilled american cheese 2. Country white for PB&J 3. Rye for something with swiss and/or roast beef 4. Potato for dogs/burgers 5. Hawaiian for beef patties If you veer from these uses your probably from east germany, Suriname or some other ****hole country.
  3. Oh and mention something about the new 50 shades movie. You don't have to watch it. Just bring it up and hope she's not part of the 2% that hate that series.
  4. If you can't keep full on eye contact just glance at her t!ts every now and then. According to my wife it worked for me.
  5. Selling 1 crack 300, 1 luxor salmon mer and a ton of extra parts. For those that don't know they are the same reel with a different name in them. The black one is the luxor. The body looks to be repainted and the spool defiantly was. Both work fine. The luxor has a chip in the reel foot but it should not affect the fit in a reel seat although I won't guarantee it as it probably depends on what reel seat your using. There is an extra body, parts to convert both back to bailed. Extra shafts, traverse guides and miscellaneous parts. The pic of the pinion assembly shows the puller I made to remove the gear and replace the main bearing with an instant anti reverse. I'm asking 100 bucks shipped to your door.
  6. I'm gonna pull it down for now. I found a few more things I want to include.
  7. While I think a good amount of it is marketing gimmick there is a practical side. 30 years ago if you wanted to go surf fishing you used a 704 sized reel, maybe a 710 if smaller fish were around. You loaded that reel with 20lb mono minimum. The drag was proportional to the reel size. These days we are fishing with much smaller reels because braid is so much thinner. 30 years ago a 4000 sized reel would have been unthinkable because of line capacity and drag limitations yet today its doable. My point is the increased drag has allowed us to drop some reel sizes and still feel confidant we will not get spooled.
  8. Maybe not a Nazi but...well...close?
  9. Sounds like red made the news tonight
  10. Ez off oven cleaner. I've used it on cast iron and my stainless stuff to get all kinds of burnt on stuff off. Make sure you get the sodium hydroxide stuff, not the environmentally friendly stuff. Wear gloves and NEVER use it on aluminum or copper. Ez off will mess it up quicker than you can say monkeys uncle.
  11. Maybe she had a run in with Tim " the hook" mccracken
  12. I do it almost the same as EB but I brown an all sides first. In addition to his veggies I add a rutabega and 3 parsnips. Since it was browned at the start cooking time is reduced to about 2-3 hrs but still at 275. Its a can't miss recpie.
  13. Its a project reel that I just keep modifing. The handle and drag nut are heavy so I might try making a handle out of carbon fiber next. Not sure what to do with the drag nut. I wanna get some aquashield and see if that might make it a bit less coffee grinderish. I still take it out every now and then. For some reason i like the way it feels when using pencils. It seems like I can do a super slow retrieve with it better than the other reels I have.
  14. It works great. If I remember the mitchell roller does not fit great on the crack mount hence why I had to make a custom bracket. Ill see if I can get better pics of the bracket when I get home.