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  1. Besides a Bucktail I've been using a small minnow, probably about 4.5 inches in white. I have no clue who makes it but it looks like a bomber or a yo zuri. Slow retrieve got me 23 rats yesterday.
  2. I may or may not have met him a while ago at a burger stand in la Brea. He is/was quite the von doucher.
  3. I've read a little about them but I'm very skeptical about them as their valuation is not tied to anything concrete. Am I missing something?
  4. https://www.homedepot.com/p/TrafficMASTER-Light-Grey-18-in-x-18-in-Slate-Peel-and-Stick-Vinyl-Tile-Flooring-27-sq-ft-case-41264U/206367637 This might fit your bill. I've found with vinyl, the primer is the key to it staying down.
  5. I did ns today. Only got one bass but it was bigger than the micros I've been getting on the south shore.
  6. I used a medium grey grout, if I remember I think it was platinum. I sealed it and have had no problems.
  7. Agreed. Laticrete or mapei is a million times better and cheaper too!
  8. I bought the groutable peel and stick 2 years ago for my kitchen. The stuff has stayed down very well. I primed the floor before putting the tiles down. The grout is a little bit if a pain but not horrible. With the grout there is no way for water to get under the tile and loosen the glue. Look into it.
  9. After the past few days of very sporadic rats on the western south shore and a huge blow today I decided to start looking at the western north shore/east river area. I've never fished these areas but I have a few spots scoped out. Does the east river/western North shore hold fish this late in the season or should I stick with the rat race. Not looking for spot burn just don't wanna waste time spitting in the wind.
  10. The tax plan looks like it will have a provision eliminating the mortgage deduction for all new home purchases but current owners will be grandfathered in. This puts a decent amount of people in a intresting conumdrum, and im part of it. I bought my house 4 years ago. I deduct about 12 grand of mortgage intrest each year. Do i stay in my current home with the intrest deduction but high SALT. Or move to a low tax state but loose the mortgage deduction?
  11. My wife came downstairs a few weeks ago and found broken glass in the sink. She thought she must had dropped a glass the night before. A few days ago I went to change the led above the sink and found the litter glass missing. Now I know where the glass came from. Seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen
  12. I think the circumventing ebay is a scare tactic but have you been in correspondence via ebay's system or through your own email? If its your own, the seller may claim you were trying to circumvent ebay's tos and try to make you out to be the problem here. Since you contacted them via a service outside ebays system they had no choice but to respond to keep good customer service so they should not be held liable.
  13. Are they being discontinued?
  14. If you notice along the center if the dragging area is a ridge where the split in the tail would be.the fellow was carrying on his right hand walking towards the pic as the ridge is closer to the left side. As a ratio of boot print length vs drag track width I would put the fish firmly at 35.3". And I'm not sure if he was drunk as witnessed by the side to side jerkyness of the track but I sure am.