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  1. Agreed ..... but it’s the midterms that concern me. If you get a swath of obstructions in Congress, the agenda becomes that much harder to accomplish....
  2. Seriously..... how can the Dems win anything with the message this b*tch pushes as their leader ?? Seriously now ....
  3. You can lay your bet on that now! If you won’t think Trump will be sleeping with one eye open, you’ll once again be underestimating this man !
  4. That be it right there
  5. So’s Mueller......
  6. I was going to go there Jim ..... but I stuck with the BS Maxi was throwing out there. We all know Hannity is right wing biased..... but when he started having legitimate guests like Sara Carte and John Solomon break these FISA abuses stories, people started tuning in.... to the point where he currently ends up being the most watched host in “cable news”..... Hate getting in the mud with these libs, but I’ve never been one that can ignore b*llsh*t like that ....
  7. Nice try Maxi ....
  8. Lol ..... your sorry ass keeps trying Maxi ..... but Hannity is THE MOST WATCHED CABLE NEWS HOST...... PERIOD !!! Liberals ....
  9. Right here ^^^^^
  10. I was thinking the same Little......but a successful summit with “Rocket Man” would trump anything the libs have up their sleeve (no pun intended) ! You can Book that !!
  11. Good point
  12. Good question....... but Rudy’s got some confident words there, nevertheless....
  13. Lolol.....
  14. Lolol...... yuse guys is too much !!