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  1. Doing great!!! Was only joking about the "keeper" question . . . was goofing on a volley in the reports thread regarding "keeper size". Guess I failed miserably at my humor attempt. Congrats and will shoot you a text!!
  2. What do you mean by "keeper"? If you caught your limit in the morning and got another "keeper", didn't you go over the limit? I'm not sure what "keeper" means anymore when it comes to tog. Jeepers Keepers! How you doing? That kid ready for a rod yet?
  3. Personal flotation device
  4. My son guards there in the summer. They had over 700 rescues with one death. Most with folks stepping off sandbars into deep troughs and in the Lot D and E beaches which are just south of Fishing Beach (used to be called South Beach). The litterol current there is deceiving. Very sad for this guy and his family.
  5. Very sad . . . Thoughts and prayers for his friends and family.
  6. My dad for sure, shaped and influenced the governing values I have today. And the Lord Jesus Christ continually guides me when I stray and keeps me true to His word even in the face of life's trials. I'm far from perfect and keep Him on His toes! And, last, my son. At only 22, he has exhibited great strength, resolve and courage in difficult situations. Kid has my back as I have his.
  7. If you're not opposed to building a rod, the MHX SU1087 comes in 2 piece. I have it paired with a VS150x, 20lb 832, and can throw and work a 2oz PP with no issue . . . 2 1/2 if necessary. Also, throws metal up to 2 1/2 oz. but staying inside 2 oz is optimum.
  8. Never targeted fluke at night, but have caught many over the years on BT's, woodlips, darters, you name it. And many have been decent size.
  9. They are outstanding. . . Saw them at the Stone Pony a few weeks ago. Think they are playing there again in a couple weeks.
  10. Wondering . . . The impact to hiring practices. The young, hot lady you would see at the reception desk may be a thing of the past. Possibly opening opportunities for more mature conservative (in physical appearance) women as they would not be perceived as sex objects. More same sex admins, of course, sexual orientation could still present issues. There is always a knee jerk, overreaction to something like this. What will it be ?
  11. Time for segregation . . . . males and females need to be separated in the workplace unless in full view of others (i.e. meetings, etc.). Strict dress codes need to be implemented and enforced so as not to suggest any hint of promiscuity and sexiness. Strict training and compliance needed to ensure that proper behavior is exhibited anytime a male and female must interact face-to-face. Any face-to-face meeting needs to be recorded, witnessed and archived to protect both parties. Transparency is key to any successful attempt at mitigating or eliminating sexual inappropriateness at the workplace or work related activities. Any violation and subsequent finding of guilt will require convicted party to wear some type of identification indicating they have been found guilty of sexual improprieties. Such as a scarlet letter. I see no other recourse.
  12. I would be interested in the spooks if you split. Do you know the weight? thank you
  13. It's been more than 30 years since I've used a barrel. I tie braid direct to mono/flouro leader and have never experienced line twist. I throw all types of swimming plugs, top waters (spooks, pencils, etc), BT's and occasionally metal. Suffix is my goto braid. Before braid I would go mono to mono/flouro with a surgeons knot. Never had an issue. As mentioned, I too like a longer leader so I can cut and retie the clip when needed and reel the knot through the guides.
  14. Don't forget Litecoin, up 2000% YTD. Interesting concept, but once a transaction closes, its irreversible. So if your crypto is hacked there is no recourse. The supporting block chain could be falable, though they say the miners authentication is solid. Still very confusing to me.
  15. Alec Baldwin