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  1. It's rare I've had to bend lips, usually when a lip becomes bent from hitting rocks or simply lots of fish. But I've cut lips on 40's and Jr's many times to change the action and keep them on top. For the the most part, a well built plug will not need the lip tinkered with, tweaking the eye is usually all that's needed as many have said. But, if you believe bending or cutting a lip can make the plug more effective, why not?
  2. That's not always the case. I sat on a HS BOE and we had a resource officer . . . the town police dept would rotate a new officer in each year . . . the broad brush you use does not paint the entire canvas.
  3. He's on a great path and congrats! Know how your feeling . . . my 22 yo graduated college last spring . . . enlisted in the USCG . . . did his boot camp and then hopped on a plane and after 4 flights ended in Sitka, AK and reported for duty. He's acclimated and doing great! I miss him a ton, but so grateful he took control of his life and has direction and purpose.
  4. Not sure I would consider it hypocrisy, but maybe ignorance. There is/was so much to learn from past generations. So much of their guidance and life experience was lost on our youthful ignorance. As I tell my kids, you may be smarter than me, but will never know as much as me until I die and you reach my age. No replacement for life experience.
  5. Bunch of surf rats Mako! I have one living in Rincon and the other stationed in Sitka, AK surfing some great breaks.
  6. Saw a redwing over the weekend.
  7. They would more easily adapt then us placed in their environment and timeframe.
  8. Great shots!!! The 12 yo is looking good . . . maybe starting to show-up dad?
  9. NFL seems to be full of opinions nowadays. It's becoming confusing what constitutes a TD. Go to the booth and wait for an opinion!
  10. I'm curious, how do you define a sport?
  11. Feds bust twin brothers from the Bronx for trying to build bombs By Shawn Cohen, Larry Celona, Caroll Alvarado and Chris Perez February 15, 2018 | 9:14pm | Updated Modal Trigger Tyler and Christian ToroFacebook Cops have busted twin brothers from the Bronx for allegedly stockpiling explosive materials and crafting bombs inside their home — with help from high school students. Christian Toro, a former teacher at Harlem Prep, and his brother, Tyler Toro, were arrested by the FBI on Thursday as part of a joint investigation with the NYPD. The two 27-year-olds had been forging explosive devices inside their Pelham Parkway apartment since last October — using gunpowder from fireworks as the base for their bomb-making, according to the complaint. A search of the residence turned up a slew of dangerous chemicals, including 20 pounds of iron oxide and aluminum powder, which form thermite when combined. A “diary” was also allegedly found — which contained disturbing, handwritten notes, such as “WE ARE TWIN TOROS STRIKE US NOW” and “WE WILL RETURN WITH NANO THERMITE.” As if that wasn’t enough, federal agents then discovered “a yellow backpack in a living area of the apartment, which contained, among other things, a purple index card with handwriting that reads, ‘UNDER THE FULL MOON THE SMALL ONES WILL KNOW TERROR.” The complaint, obtained by The Post on Thursday afternoon, outlines numerous allegations against the Toro brothers — including how they’d been researching the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings and paying teens to construct their makeshift weapons. Christian allegedly met the youths through his job as a teacher and offered to pay them $50 per hour to “break apart fireworks and store the powder that came out of the fireworks in containers,” the complaint says. Investigators spoke with “multiple students” who said that at least two people had agreed to work for the Toros in exchange for cash. “Based on the interviews, it appears that the students visited the apartment between in or around October 2017 and in or around early January 2018,” the complaint says. Authorities were tipped off earlier this year by officials from Harlem Prep after they found instructions on how to construct explosives on Christian’s laptop. The FBI had launched an investigation back in December after the school received a bomb threat, but they didn’t start probing Christian until after the information was found on his computer. “This case likely saved many, many lives,” NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill said at a press conference Thursday night. A female student, who was having a sexual relationship with Christian, was arrested for making the threat against Harlem Prep — and the young man resigned soon after, according to law enforcement sources. He turned his laptop in after stepping down, and a technical specialist at Harlem Prep later found the bomb-making info, the complaint says. It included an online document known as the “Explosives Book” — which “provides instructions for, among other things, manufacturing explosive devices.” On Feb. 8, federal agents questioned Christian about what was found, but he maintained his innocence. “[Christian] stated that he had never built a bomb and had only looked at the Explosives Book’s table of contents,” the complaint says. It wasn’t until investigators spoke with students at Harlem Prep that they found out the truth — and were able to get a search warrant for Christian’s apartment, where he and his brother live, the complaint says. Upon entering the apartment on Thursday, agents allegedly found the explosive materials, diary and backpack — and promptly arrested the Toros. “Information from citizens stopped a significant threat to public safety,” said FBI New York division assistant director Bill Sweeney. “We have no indication that there is any additional threat from these individuals.” The brothers both face federal bomb-making charges, and Christian is facing an additional count of distributing explosive materials to a minor. He was previously arrested on Jan. 31 for the rape of a 15-year-old girl. Sources said she is the same teen who made the bomb threat to Harlem Prep. Neighbors and friends of the Toro brothers described them as “normal people” — who went to work and stayed out of trouble. “They were very nice and respectful,” explained resident Juan Chico. “They were into normal things. I think one of them liked basketball. It wasn’t anything weird.” Chico added, “I’m shocked right now because you don’t think it’s something that would happen right next to you. When they got arrested this morning there were a lot of cops and [the brothers] didn’t have any expression on their face. They were talking to the cops.” Maria Torres, who also lives nearby, said the twins were “always together.” “The mom used to tell me she was so proud of them,” she told The Post. “They were her pride and joy. She told me one of them became a school teacher and the other was traveling. Recently, one of them shaved their heads and grew a beard — but you don’t think anything of it.” Torres added, “I think their mom did a great job raising them. They went to college, they worked, they were always so polite, to me at least.” Cecilia Valdez, another neighbor, agreed — saying she “can’t believe this.” “I was just with them yesterday in the elevators,” she said. “They were college educated, they held the door for you whenever they saw you.” A spokeswoman for Democracy Prep Public Schools, which oversees Harlem Prep, told Tsche Post that Christian Toro hadn’t been to work since December, and formally resigned on January 9th. “After he resigned, Democracy Prep did a routine review of his laptop and was deeply disturbed by suspicious content. We immediately notified law enforcement of the content on Mr. Toro’s laptop,” said Rochelle Ritchie. “We have been cooperating with the New York Police Department and the FBI since the beginning of their investigation and will continue to cooperate with authorities and provide any information we can.” Additional reporting by CJ Sullivan
  12. Come on, give them a break. Working on the validity of the Steele dossier and Russian collusion takes up a lot of resources.
  13. Just read this, is it applicable to the US?
  14. That's a good play, Baccigalup. Purchasing permanent life insurance in lieu of actually having ample assets to cover LTC is a good approach. Of course, you need good health and the ability to pay the premiums for this strategy to work. But, be careful that the pricing of the policy is reasonable. Most, if not all, universal life death benefits stay level. It is important to have an IRR (Internal Rate of Return) ledger prepared. In some cases, if your IRR at age 80 is 2-3%, you may be better off taking the chance and saving those premiums in a suitable investment and allowing to grow and be available for LTC. Of course, that takes financial discipline to both save and not be tempted to utilize those funds for other purposes.
  15. LTC is an issue for everyone. Lots of people with modest assets that may have to be spent down to cover long-term care costs. Medicaid only covers facility care . . . so at home care would not be covered and the majority of care is delivered at home. You're correct, the insurance industry completely underpriced policies initially and now it is causing financial issues. Much of what caused GE's poor Q4 report was a result of their subsidiary's, Genworth, hemorrhaging because of the long-term care business. Many companies have completely pulled out. Almost every stock insurance company has increased rates on both existing and new issue policies. Mutual insurance companies have only increased premiums on new issue, keeping existing policy owners at their initial premiums. LTC is a daunting issue facing baby boomers as we are living much longer and not necessarily in perfect health the final couple/few years. In addition, much attention needs to be addressed to the caregiver of the spouse needing care. Many times the caregivers health is put in equal jeopardy because of the physical and emotional stress created by the situation. My mom fell victim to that even though there were means to pay for help, she continued to be the traditional Italian doting wife. So, back to that number floating around regarding health care costs in retirement. If you include LTC, $250-300k is not unreasonable. I believe it to be prudent when budgeting for retirement to consider that as a valid number. Most of that will be in the back end of retirment. You're right JMB, it's a depressing, morbid issue, but won't go away just because it sucks.