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  1. Thermacell works wonders when it is calm. This is an essential for hunters and fishermen.
  2. You are a mad man Kil. I am excited about this rod for the fall Albie run.
  3. No negativity here. I have the 10’ Suzuki factory rod and really like it. It is not a good choice for the canal. I cannot comprehend this being an ideal or even acceptable application for this rod. The avarage fish I caught in July was over 20lbs, in heavy current with big plugs. This rod was not built for these conditions. I am a gear junky. Most people would think my Lamiglas SS1201M or XRA1205 is undergunned for the recent run of fish. Sure I can point the rod straight and fish with ththe reel, but there are much better tools that the 10’ Suzuki for the canal. This is based on my years at the canal and owning the rod in question. If you doubt it I will bring the rod tomorrow and let you try it yourself. You will understand what I mean BEFORE you even cast. If you hook into a large, you will really understand.
  4. I fish light for the canal, but in current with the potential for large fish the suzuki 10’ is bringing a spoon to a gun fight. Sure, you can catch a fish on gear that is too light, but I couldn’t even cast the large Sebile with that rod.
  5. If yours has a side cover held on with 6 hex screws it is Generation 1. If it has the quick access knob, it is Generation 2. Everything else is the same, except for the body, reel foot, handle, knob, rotor, spool, drag cap, line rollers, etc This is a Generation 1
  6. Please don’t Kil unless you are fishing for mackerel! Great rod, but not for the canal.
  7. If you decide to make the trip down to MA maybe I can have an Asian friend teach you about changing your prejudice and bias thoughts.
  8. If you come up here some Asians may teach you how to fish. They have a simple system, they fish almost every night, jigging before the hero tides. When they make the news it is because they catch and release big fish.
  9. 90w mobile 1 gear lube is what I use
  10. Looking for another gen 1 reel. Have cash, PP or trade.
  11. I have some NIB and some rigged magic swimmers to trade for gen 1 Stick Shadd floating.
  12. My shirt says Wellfleet, is it that obvious?
  13. Forgot rule #1
  14. Just double checked, this is your third thread on the canal.
  15. Did you just start another canal thread? That is two for you.