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  1. The only thing better than this is the XRA1203 (or old 1204) 7/8-2 1/2 oz. best light rod I have ever used.
  2. How often have you regretted buying quality gear? Personally, I like flatlander. After trying many other sailcloth bags, Jamie will build anything you want.
  3. The best part of paying retail is the freedom to be honest.
  4. I had mine customized as well. D-rings in the top with a shoulder strap, hunter orange. I dont love the strap/clip. Unnecessary with the Velcro. Also, The stock tubes/space just haven’t fit my needs. It is the only flatlander I don’t love (yet). I will figure it out.
  5. I use some rear differential gear lube. Mobile 1. Some use royal purple, but my NAPA doesn’t have it.
  6. They have been using the blue for a while. The corrosion X is good stuff. I use rheolube and some 90w gear oil. I have some Z Lube that sits on a shelf. Post a picture of the mystery o-ring next to a quarter
  7. Are you looking for first or second generation Sebiles? I have first generation.
  8. Damn, even fox has fake news now.
  9. Dude with “wresting background” stabs a 70-80lb coyote that jumped on his back
  10. Please tell me someone else is watching fox 25 right now.
  11. Crazy small reel huh? I think I got 300 yards of 20lb 832. When I cast I lose almost half the spool.
  12. Strip it and cut it from the butt. Build a killer 9’
  13. Built an S-glass for my son. Great blank
  14. Did you have the bailed version? If so what was the problem? I own a few, and although I have sentimental attachment to the older designs, the new design is far superior for actual fishing conditions.
  15. Hunter series was built in USA. Probably the reason for the increase in cost.