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  1. I don’t want to deal with the tax burden of PayPal anymore. The owner is an older guy without PayPal. I undestand and how you feel. I have been around the site a long time and have done many Van Staal and ZeeBaaS transactions.
  2. Good morning. Can you do USPS money order or meet in person? I live in MA and I will get a 1099 tax form if I use Paypal. The reel is my friends and I don’t want to deal with that crap.
  3. Headed back home Monday and want to get this sold for a friend. $475
  4. I just bought it earlier this year. I can verify condition when I get home Monday
  5. Sounds good. Thank you
  6. I may be interested. Please post picture and condition. Also, you need the offshore handle to clear the bailed rotor.
  7. It seems a lot of people want a 7oz rod, 9oz reel and a 4oz GRS plug. Funny how that works.
  8. Son caught a small blue, and saw some gators swimming with incoming water.
  9. My son landed a small bluefish this morning. That 10’ does a nice job with sp minnows.
  10. Does the commando have loops for a shoulder strap? is the Ebbpoint old (nick)?
  11. Mine was riveted to the handle. (Not removable like VR). Not sure if they all were
  12. I would have to dig it up and I am packing for a fishing trip to Florida (leaving today). The first generation is a very different design than current design spools.
  13. Going bump this, going to close this afternoon when I leave for Florida. $500