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  1. I doubt anything Kings over Queens says will make a dent in the willful ignorance of that post.
  2. They have to find this little crap that may have happened 10 years before he ran for Pres because they have nothing on him.
  3. 55555s.....well done my friend!! Liberals suck moose cock
  4. No, no and F NO
  5. Yup. Not a shred of substance from him...ever. Must be exhausting to be so willfully and blissfully ignorant.
  6. Why dont you?
  7. Agreed...laughter is good!
  8. Please close
  9. My guy is Pres for the next several years...MAGA. You my pathetic ignorant punk are the one who should suck it up.
  10. Ultimate ignorance. Youre a coward.
  11. Yes
  12. Of course not.
  13. He did contribute....what was ok for you under your queen and the muslim for years is now called out by you...hypocrite whack job
  14. I asked you yesterday to list them...
  15. This is one of Dave Rose's originals from 2007-ish. He made it himself for me. Bag is in very good condition. All the Velcro on the bag is in excellent condition. There are no rips tears etc. There are some stains on the inside of the bag from normal use. Black Sharpie on the lower right front of the bag where I blacked out my name. Name is stitched on the bag and can probably be removed with a razor. There are two side pouches, adjustable shoulder strap, belt loops and two D-rings. The tubes are not cracked and glue is as tight as when the bag was new. $375 I dont do paypal...cash, check or Postal Money Order. Can meet up for sale or I will ship Priority mail with Insurance.