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  1. Well said Shop!
  2. You got the wrong urban redneck jackass I don't make plugs and dont have a website
  3. I'd let the women have first shot you. I dont need to insult you turner...you did a great job of doing it describing yourself above
  4. My fathers entire family settled in Bayonne and lived there for decades after arriving here from Poland. I guarantee every last one of them, including the women...would kick your ass around the block without batting an eye
  5. Ha! Lesbian trapped in a mans body...love it. He would have gotten a laugh from me
  6. Perfect!
  7. Good luck Charlie. I live in Newtown Square just east of west chester. Real nice area
  8. Do you actually believe all that crap? Man, you are lost in the sauce.
  9. Typical actions of the low-life scumbag lib. Whoopi is a pathetic human. Hero of the left
  10. They are well into their 2nd hour....not one thing has been answered. Only a complete POS would sit there smugly and say he didnt mean what he wrote All the Dems want to is to disrupt the whole process Complete farce
  11. Keep thinking that...pansy