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  1. You got a deal recoil Thank you. Pm on the way
  2. To another ZB....why?
  3. I appreciate it...let me sleep on it.
  4. Thanks for the offer recoil....where are you located? Meet me half-way at $550?
  5. Thank you !! Ill get them boxed up and ready to ship...I will ship them in a new Cabelas plastic box
  6. Yes, both the box and bag are included
  7. Yes I am original owner. Never serviced was a backup reel used about a dozen times.
  8. PM on the way Thanks Surfratiam!!
  9. Near West Chester PA
  10. Surf Asylum – New and rigged. Don’t remember swimming any of them 5 Jr’s, 1 Small darter, 3 flat glide needles, 1 small flat glide needle (not rigged), 1 wide body flat glide spook (bottom left second pic), 1 danny Will be keeping as a lot. $220 shipped for all 12 plugs. Cash or check… I don’t do paypal Thanks
  11. Used sparingly as a backup reel. Typical rash and signs of use. Rubber rings around the handle knob are gone. Line is new 50 lb Suffix Prefer face to face delivery but will ship. $575 cash. Thanks
  12. Proud member here
  13. Never, ever, f-ing forget.
  14. I have this old bottle of Cutty. Not sure how old the bottle is, but receipt stuck on the side says it was purchased in North Carolina in August 1966. Bottle still sealed and corked.
  15. Hey drumfish, Ill do that...have way too much gear It'll be good to know its going somewhere to be used. I see you are in Red Bank....Ill prob be in that area over the next couple weeks visiting my folks... Can we schedule a meeting for delivery?