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  1. What size? bigger than 100 sq. ft., NJ Building Code requires foundation/footings.
  2. Robo calls I get are the same as you described, last 4 (line number) are always different, first 3 ( 3 digit central office code) same as mine, I don't answer them, if it someone who needs to talk to me that I don't recognize, they can leave a message, if they don't, leave message, I block them. I find that if you answer the 1st time they call, they will continue to call with different line numbers. I answered a strange call, it was from a time share company in FL. offering a free week to come down and listen to sales pitch, hung up, next time I answered, I blocked them, from that call , any calls I get with the same 3 digit central office code, I never answer and wait and see if they leave a message.
  3. "The two boxes are now ONE. The wires are not buried. It is completely open from the top to the bottom. There will be a cap installed over the one on top. Then sheet rock in front of it." I believe that is the definition of 'buried'
  4. Nice pics, All
  5. Have at least 3 more Swallowtails in various stages. Monarch caterpillars that we had on milkweed all disappeared, I am assuming birds or wasps got them.
  6. So if you need to access the upper box in future, you have to remove drywall, do repair, install drywall and re-paint...doesn't sound like a good idea, why not just get a gang box big enough for outlets, switches, etc.
  7. whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. welcome to the group
  8. Saw #2 emerge from chrysalis this morning
  9. Numbers 4 & 5 found today, this caterpillar is about 1/8" of an inch long
  10. No. 3 morphed today, still waiting on #2