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  1. you can tell those wings are not meant for long distance flying. Nice shots all
  2. Found a similar picture in an old Garcia catalog (1973) showing a Garcia 'spin-cast reel' Abu-matic 120 mounted on what looks like the same rod, but doesn't give any info on rod, nor is there one similar in their rod section of the catalog. most of the baitcasters shown are of a lesser construction, foam handles , no brass
  3. I have a bridge for sale if you are interested?
  4. also known as blind side detection
  5. Side & Rear View Detection, upgrade option on Outbacks and I assume other models, may only be available with the "EYE SIGHT" package, not sure.
  6. Conolon rods were made by Garcia, at least from early '60's thru '70's. I can post a page from one of their catalogs from the '70's with surf models in a while, check back later
  7. had a friend with squirrel problem, he used a 'have-a-heart' trap, spray painted the squirrels with orange day-glo paint and released in the local park, drove home walked in his back yard.... strangest thing squirrel with orange day-glo paint sitting on the fence
  8. 2015 and later Outback & Forester owners', anybody having issues with SRVD malfunctioning, especially after airing down and driving on beach/off-road. 4th time it has happened to me, 1st 2 times, dealer had to reset the system, 3rd time ( which was last week), they replaced the unit on left rear side, after I showed them a Subaru Repair order that I found on line indicating the units were defective. Asked why they only changed the left, answer I got was " It was not working properly" . Took a ride to beach on Monday, same issue again "SRVD malfunctioning, check owner's manual". Bringing it back in to dealer on Monday.
  9. saw a picture at the parade, some guy spreading his father's ashes
  10. Nice shots, all
  11. Nice, PNG, was wondering same thing, what was it carrying? If you look close, looks like small feet under it's right wing,, possibly a rat, muskrat?
  12. I was just referring to 'my area', (hint, hint). postings have been sporadic, one or 2 per day, at most, more numerous further south. I didn't see one other 'birder/photographer' in my travels on Monday. Went to an informational seminar at local photo shop, presenter had some snowy owl pics, I commented that weren't many around, he said "That's what you think". So, I hear what you are saying, "loose lips, sink ships'
  13. Snowy owl e-bird has had dozens of sightings on some days giving locations, date, time even gps locations, most within 24-48 hrs within sighting