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  1. mine, mine, mine, mine!!
  2. As usual, Allen , Great Shot
  3. looks like Cooper's
  4. Aren't you glad you went shooting...
  5. , that is the best Charlie Brown Tree ever.
  6. Door is probably located by sewer pipe to have access to water main , which usually is right next to the sewer line, almost always run in same trench from street
  7. My wife felt it here in Seaside, thought a truck hit something, when she turned around, to look out window, plants on the shelf were still moving.
  8. Jim, did you feel the earth move yesterday?
  9. I could pass for Sam Elliot on a voice over
  10. I saw reports on e-bird of owls as early as mid- October, in PA, NY, CT and out west. Reports are that it was banner year for lemmings up north and lots of hatchlings survived.
  11. I use HQ-spotthestation@mail.nasa.gov. It gives Date, time, visible viewing time, Max. Ht. in degrees, "Appears at" in degrees with compass direction and "Disappears at" compasss direction. Jim, tx for the tips, maybe now that I have some idea as to how to shoot, I will take a shot at it, probably not tonite though.
  12. I guess your license plate is upside down again!