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  1. ocean, river, lake, water course sounds good
  2. Have to ask this question.. you must have spent a bit of money on a glass door, mounting brackets, sheetrock, tape/spackle/paint, carpentry. etc. for the pantry...why not leave door off entirely, not like you are hiding the pantry with a glass door?
  3. I recently purchased an EMCO (Andersen) with the roll down screen on the to section, like it
  4. Penns were green in that era, looks like Mitchell or maybe a Crack
  5. used to order from mudhole, if you placed an order for a set of guides for a rod, half of them would be sent, no word on when, if ever, the rest of guides would come income. Stopped ordering from them
  6. I take my Olympus TG with me when I go fishing, hardly ever get to use it
  7. most of the side streets away from the SSH/SSP Boardwalks are non-metered, would be courteous and respectful of the areas where you do park, no noise, litter, etc.
  8. Lucky! your snap is open
  9. that's what I don't understand either. Summer flounder lay on the bottom on their 'right' sides. looking at the pics, position of mouth, gills on both white & dark sides as they lay in water, it looks like all are 'left-handed, eyes rotated to left side of fish as they matured
  10. those are summer flounder, they are 'left handed' and that is a pretty poor fileting job, imho,
  11. Had an Oriole at the house a couple of weeks ago, put out the Smucker's jelly, haven't seem him since, I guess I should have "Please Pass the ALL Fruit"